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So I registered this domain, started writing in my spare time, figured I would keep it to myself until the writing & design was mostly finished, then spring WM3truth.com on the world. That was naive. Google found the site, then people found the site. The moral of this story: write your rough drafts offline, not online.

In other words, this site is under construction. Imagine one of those “Under Construction” street sign gifs here. All finished soon, hopefully.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to WM3truth.com”

  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion and for bringing attention to the West Memphis Three. Anyone interested in putting the evidence here to the test and deciding whether it’s (a) sufficient or (b) all rebutted thoroughly, should visit the website co-run by Mark Byers’, the father of one of the victims of (Terry Hobbs’) crime… and one of the most vocal WM3 supporters out there. Get involved and stay up on the case: http://www.wm3blackboard.com

    Justice for 6 = Free the 3 & arrest the 1

  2. Well, you call this a blog, but you seem to have gone through each page and shut off the comments ….. and deleted those that were left. I assume this post will have the same fate when you notice it.

    It’s indeed sad that you’d start a website with “truth” in its name, then go through and delete all the posts that point out the inconsistencies, impossibilities, and absurdities of the “evidence” you post.

    Kinda like you have an agenda, eh? If you’re confident of their guilt, why delete the comments instead of addressing them…. oh, that’s right, because there is no answer to the questions raised as to the WM3’s false convictions.

  3. The “case against” section is not a blog, just my writing about the case. It was never intended to have comments enabled. Since I’m not very handy with WordPress, one of those pages had comments left open for a while. I’m working out the kinks.

    The blog section is indeed a blog. Comment are open on blog entries, like this one.

  4. Well, my friend, if you’re going to present “the case against the WM3”, why not also permit people to post rebuttals? None of the evidence you’re citing stands up to reason. I’m not a support of Mumia Abu Jamal (guilty), Melanie “chop my husband up” McGuire, or may of the other cases I’ve reviewed over the years … but there is not one shred of evidence against the WM3 that stands up to questioning — so why are you doing this? The people are living in hell on a BS case … if you want to debunk support movements, join me on the Abu Jamal (etc) boards – there is no basis for the WM3 to remain in prison, and every reason to arrest Stevie’s abusive stepfather Terry Hobbs….

  5. Fishmonger Dave, aka David Perry Davis is a *************** who’s ************* led to a very public and bitter divorce.

    [Editor’s note: potentially libelous material deleted. Cmon folks, let’s keep it clean.]

  6. Hello. My name is David Jauss, and I am a member of Arkansas Take Action, an organization dedicated to the release of the wm3. I have followed their case closely for many years and read all of the available evidence, and like countless others, I have reached exactly the opposite opinion that you have about the guilt of the wm3. It’s clear to me that you’re not willing to be persuaded that you’re wrong, so I won’t bother disputing all of the inaccurate and misleading statements on your website, or your strategic omission of evidence that contradicts your assumptions. I will, however, ask you to have the courage of your convictions and reveal your identity (or identities). Many of the wm3 supporters you attack on this site have put themselves on the line by making public appearances and writing books, articles, and letters, and they have done so openly, often at considerable risk for their businesses and livelihoods. You, however, attack these good, honorable people, and the wrongly convicted men they support, under the cloak of anonymity. Do you have the courage to reveal who you are and what connection, if any, you have to this case? Or are you going to continue your gutless attacks on people who have the courage you lack? If you want to call Lorri Davis, one of the most admirable human beings on this planet, “Echols’ murder groupie wife,” and say other similarly despicable things about people who disagree with you, at least have the integrity to do so in the open.

  7. David Jauss says:

    “I won’t bother disputing all of the inaccurate and misleading statements on your website,”

    Because you can’t.

    Its really just as simple as that.

    But don’t take it that hard, there are supporters who have followed this case far longer than you have, and they can’t either.

  8. “Editor’s note: potentially libelous material deleted. Cmon folks, let’s keep it clean.”

    Libelous as in “Stevie’s abusive stepfather Terry Hobbs….”?

    If Dave can make public accusations then he should be subject to them as well.

    Kinda my point.

    1. I agree completely with your point. The smear campaign against Terry Hobbs by WM3 groupies is disgusting and cowardly.

      My point is I want to run this site without getting sued.

  9. Fishmonger, you should put a disclaimer under your first comment linking to the blackboard advising that you won’t be allowed to post there unless you tow the WM3 is innocent and Terry Hobbs is guilty line. I personally posted on that board that I thought the 3 were guilty and was subsequently banned. You are directing traffic to that board as if someone who is just getting started on this case should visit that site, which is disingenuous. That is not a board for discussion for people who have not yet made up their minds and your insinuation that it is is nothing short of absurd.

  10. Bear in mind that 4 years ago Fishmonger Dave here spent all his time flat out demanding to anyone who would listen that Mark Byers murdered these children.

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