Casey Anthony and the West Memphis Three

The Casey Anthony trial is the big crime story right now. Headline News has become the 24-hour Casey Anthony Network. And everyone (including me) considers Casey Anthony guilty beyond any doubt, even though the prosecution case is largely circumstantial.

Now imagine a Bizarro World version of the case.

In addition to the circumstantial evidence, Casey Anthony has given Bizarro World prosecutors two long, detailed confessions in which she describes exactly how she killed Caylee and disposed of the body. These confessions are on tape and available online for anyone to listen to. Casey gave a third long, detailed, tape-recorded confession to her Bizarro defense lawyer, and that confession has been played in open court. Police officers who drove Casey Anthony to Bizarro jail report that she spent an hour describing the murder. Several friends of Casey Anthony give detailed statements to the police saying, “Casey Anthony told me she killed her daughter”. Several other people report hearing Casey Anthony brag about the crime in public. And yet . . . nearly everyone in Bizarro World believes Casey Anthony is innocent. Celebrities rally to the “Free Casey” cause. Bizarro Nancy Grace spends every night denouncing law enforcement for mistreating poor innocent Casey Anthony rather than searching for the real killer.

The West Memphis Three live in Bizarro World.

That’s one reason this case both fascinates and infuriates me.

8 thoughts on “Casey Anthony and the West Memphis Three”

  1. The number of errors and inconsistencies in Casey’s statements to police clearly indicate that she was coerced. She is as innocent as Jessie Misskelley.

    1. I hope you are not serious. Casey Anthony was in no way coerced. She told one story about the nanny, and it stayed pretty consistent until the trial began.

      1. Hey Brad,

        I hope YOU are not serious. JESSIE MISKELLY was in no way coerced. HE told one story about the MURDERS, and it stayed consistent until HIS ATTORNEY FOUND OUT HBO WOULD BE FILMING THE TRIALS AND HE COULD ADVANCE HIS CAREER BY CLAIMING HIS GUILTY CLIENT WAS “COERCED.”

        The case against Jessie is MUCH stronger than the case against Casey Anthony, but I bet you are convinced she’s guilty, aren’t you? I wonder why that is?! My thinking is that she doesn’t have a child killer PR team working for her.

        Jessie’s story was consistent every time he told it (which he told several times, did you know that?). He did, however, clarify after his conviction that the inaccuracies in his original statement were thrown in there to try and throw off the cops or give himself an alibi. HE ADMITTED THIS. Did you know that? The child killer PR team is pretty good about keeping that particular fact off their website, including Arkansas Take Action (right, David Jauss?). Further, Jessie also admitted to actively participating in the murders more than he originally admitted to. The supporter LIARS would like you to believe that Jessie was so mentally handicapped that he’d tell anyone anything they asked for, yet his own lawyers couldn’t convince him to shut the fuck up and stop confessing.

        Why do you think that is, Brad?

  2. Everyone look here you can not say one way or the other in this case without ALL the facts. the bottom line.

    Two Points:

    One: can you say after yearw and after you see all the evidence that you think the WM3 are 100% guilty?

    Two: If the case was tried today would the outcome be the same?

    As for me??

    Well I’ve seen it all and after 4 years…. I have to say: GUILTY

    But the case was handled bad I mean shitty!!

    You know it as do I…

    Bottom Line: After over 10 years no one else comes close as Damien Wayne Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin sorry guys Damien Echols will die… sonn there is nothing that can be done… RIP Damien Echols

    1. You haven’t seen much of anything apparently. They are all getting a new trial, along with multiple DNA test results as evidence that show that they have absolutely no connection with the murders that took place. That’s right, DNA… not spoken word as evidence. If you truly feel that they are still guilty after that, then you are either corrupt in the head or you are pretty insecure to not trust a professional that provided those test results. You sound like the original court members, backtracking and spitting the same words that have no real value, because you know deep inside you are wrong and you lack the courage to admit your mistakes.

  3. They are NOT getting a new trial, they are getting a rare hearing in December to see if it will lead to a new trial.

    Absence of DNA is not Absence of innocence.

    Jessie Dodson killed 4 people on Lester Street in Memphis in March 2008 and his DNA was nowhere to be found and guess what…… He’s sitting on Death Row.

    The WM3 ARE Guilty…….

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