New pages on Bojangles Man and Christopher Morgan

I have added two new pages to the “Case Against the WM3” section, Alternative suspect: Christopher Morgan and Alternative suspect: Bojangles Man.

A commenter at WM3 Underground thinks that “alternative suspect” should actually read “alternate suspect”. I’m a language stickler myself, so I googled “alternate vs alternative” and read up. As far as I can tell, “alternative” is actually the correct word here.

2 thoughts on “New pages on Bojangles Man and Christopher Morgan”

  1. Thanks for the new pages. Very well written and researched.

    I believe ‘alternate’ means a substitution–like, ‘we need an alternate juror member to sit in while this one’s sick.” And ‘alternative’ means additional or another (thereby different), but not necessarily similar (to the replacement).

  2. Hi Dave……………I finally got around to visiting your WM3TRUTH.COM site, and read the new entries, including Mr. Bojanges! Great job, as usual. Thanks for including this as an ‘alternative suspect’ on the case. With this one exception, I agree that the WMPD did a very good job, overall, on this very complex case, particularly with all the lies being thrown out by so many ‘witnesses’, trying to cover tracks of JJD! I must say, when I started doing my research on the case last year, I was almost convinced Mr. B was connected to the crime! It just seemed too coincidental for him not to be! Until, of course, all the other evidence against JJD started pouring in………..Seems Mr. B was just in the wrong place at the wrong time to shed ‘doubt’ in some minds. Bob

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