Were the WM3 victims of a witch hunt?

Witch hunt comparisons are a common theme in “free the WM3” propaganda. The murder investigation was a witch hunt from the beginning. The trials were witch hunts. Angry locals were like a pitchfork-wielding, witch-hunting mob. West Memphis in 1993-94 was just like Salem in 1692-93.

Sometimes WM3 supporters use the phrase “literal witch hunt”. Jive Puppi claims, “the case became a literal witch hunt eventually ensnaring three teenagers”. A Facebook page proposing a presidential pardon demands, “Mr. President, PLEASE use the power of your office to END this LITERAL modern Day witch hunt!” Googling wm3 literal witch hunt, I was dismayed to learn that a writer I admire, Julian Sanchez, fell for this “literal witch hunt” nonsense.

There’s one big flaw in this “literal witch hunt” claim. During the investigation, West Memphis police interviewed several people who identified themselves as witches, talked about the witchcraft they did, gave the time and place of their coven meetings — and the police didn’t arrest them or anything!

On May 11 (six days after the murders), WMPD interviewed Deanna Holcomb (age 16), who told them, “I was a black witch. It was a game people got into for the power and stuff. … I hate I was stupid enough to get involved in this stuff.” Holcomb was an ex-girlfriend of suspect Damien Echols. Despite her brazen admission of past witchcraft, she was a witness for the prosecution at the Baldwin/Echols trial.

On May 10, detective Bryn Ridge interviewed Chris Littrell (age 16). According to Ridge’s notes, Chris Littrell said he belonged to a group called Order of the Divine Light, which practiced a “witchcraft religion/religion of nature” known as “Wicker”. Littrell mentioned the book Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, described some of the group’s rituals, identified other coven members, and revealed that the Order met in his friend Murray’s bedroom or backyard. Another interview on May 27 covered much of the same ground.

Murray Farris (age 18) went to WMPD on May 9 for an interview (report 1, report 2). According to Ridge’s notes, “Farris stated that he was in a group of so-called White Witches and was wearing a star in a circle that he claimed he had just bought. He explained that the group believes in harming no one and gave a list of 4 members.” Farris took and passed a polygraph; the polygrapher’s handwritten notes include “says he is a white witch”.

Holcomb, Littrell and Farris were not arrested despite telling police officers they were witches who practiced witchcraft. If this was a “literal witch hunt”, West Memphis authorities really sucked at witch hunting.

Here’s my crazy alternative theory:

There was no witch hunt. West Memphis authorities were not hunting for witches, they were hunting for child-killers. They arrested and prosecuted Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley for murder, not for witchcraft. Police did not arrest any other local witches because the others did not kill anyone.

6 thoughts on “Were the WM3 victims of a witch hunt?”

  1. I would like to say that if you were to TRULY investigate this case, you would find that these three young teenagers are innocent!

    I guess you have been blinded by the media hype at that time and by “gitchell”!

    I suggest you read mara leveritts book and review the case more!

    Listen to John Mark Byers, and Pam Hobbs, what woman would say she thought her husband killed her child if she didn’t BELIEVE that!

    I think you are a bunch of ignorant people. Yes I say ignorant, because the research you have been reading is totally untrue!

    Why would people like Johnny Depp, the Dixie Chicks , and the Methodist Church of Little Rock be supporting them if they thought they were guilty!

    You are a bunch of uninformed ignorant people because you haven’t read the true facts of this case!

  2. You people really need to do more investigating into this case!
    If you did you would learn these three young teenagers are innocent!
    If you prefer to be hypnotized by “gitchell” than listen to the truth then may god forgive you, because you are digging graves for these three young men who had nothing at all to do with the murders of these children!
    Why would all the DNA evidence point toward someone else if they were guilty! wouldn’t there be some so called “Dna” evidence against them!
    Also, anybody could hold onto blood evidence in a murder case, but according to the wmpd the blood evidence from Bojangles “just dissapeared”.
    Please get a grip on reality and look at the TRUE facts about this case!

  3. Maybe……YOUR views are the ones twisted. I think three innocent men were freed today and I’m glad for it. I think Gary Gitchell was a smug bastard who panicked and pinned the crime on some weird kids! And you talk about evidence condeming the WM3….what’s YOUR evidence because I’ve never heard of any or seen it presented in court. I also think that because of people like you….there’s a killer walking free and I hope you sleep well at night knowing that little nugget of knowledge. Nothing you can say can convince me WM3 are guilty of anything other than being smart ass teenagers that were weird.

  4. These kids are guilty and no celeb will tell me different. Only in America can a celeb influence idiots like yourselves.

    Why confess so many times???????????? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lol let me tell all the supporters out there what a history teacher told me in seventh grade about ignorance! ” the root word of ignorance is ignore” which is what all the supporters are doing! You ignore some facts but yet accept others. It just so happens that the “facts” you choose to accept are media hyped. Try thinking outside the box! Can the courts prove them guilty? maybe, maybe not. Can ANYONE prove their innocence? HELL NO!!! I watched paradise lost just to give them the benefit of the doubt ( which open minded people are willing to do ) and the whole thing seemed almost scripted with a little improvisation. I find it horrid that anyone could see doing something like this for personal gain at the expense of the victims and what they went through. It seems to me if the wm3 were really innocent then every expense and effort would have been put towards finding the one’s who did do it instead of boo- hooing for the wm3. Supporters scream “look at the facts, look at the facts” but the truth is NO ONE knows ALL the facts! I mean let’s be realistic for a few minutes! Can you honestly say that maybe there are some things that went on behind closed doors that might not have been disclosed to the public? It seems to me that this is a simple case of “oh mass media says they are innocent, hollywood says they’re innocent so they must be innocent. Lets jump on the bandwagon too!” Now if you want to say this is all bs, that is your right as an american citizen but let me drop some stone cold FACTS on you. Have you been locked up for any amount of time? I have. Do you know how many people that are locked up proclaim their innocence? Uhhhh, EVERYONE! The biggest thesis about the wm3 seems to be centered around the basis of “oh it was pinned on them for how they looked” and all this other bs. Well let me tell you something, THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS LADIES AND GENTS! I am tattooed all over and all of my visible ones are questionable to say the least. I am also pierced up as well. I also dress a certain way too! Every time i get a new tattoo or piercing I understand it is going to carry some weight in regard to what people think about me but I still choose to do it. I understand the fact that police will see me as “suspicious”. I understand that when I get up in the morning and get dressed, it carries weight as well. I DO NOT hide my tattoos or piercings simply because I am proud of them and it is a way of personal expression and expression of belief. I understand that, even though it shouldn’t, people are going to form an opinion about me based on the way I look alone. When a cop stops me while walking down the street and asks me who I am and what am I doing in the area, I do not blame them because they are doing their jobs. I have even been a “person of interest” in some burglaries in my area and detained in a squad car because people had seen me walking around. I still do not blame the police because if I was a cop I would do the same thing to me too! I expect things like this to happen because, out of my own free will, I choose to look a certain way and I know the repercussions of the way I choose to look. The difference is, I AM NOT A CRIMINAL AND THEY HAVE NO SHRED OF EVIDENCE OF ANYKIND TO LINK ME TO ANYTHING! They verify who I am, where I live, run my liscense to make sure I have no warrants and then cut me loose on the spot. Please stop using the “it’s because they were different” excuse! It is such a cop out. Now before all the rants start coming in, read carefully what I said. IT IS ALL, INDEED, FACT! I will conclude with this, all you supporters got what you wanted! They are free! Now shut up about it and lets start worrying about solving the damn case and serve justice to whoever it was that did do it! WHOMEVER it may be! If the wm3 are, indeed, innocent it sucks that they lost 18 years but instead of being selfish consider this, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ALSO LOST 18 YEARS BECAUSE THE PERP(S) HAVE NOT BEEN BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!

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