Jessie Misskelley’s “Bible confession” transcript now at Callahan

The WM3 case archive at posted a major document today: Jessie Misskelley’s February 8, 1994 confession to his defense lawyer, Dan Stidham.

This statement has been dubbed the “Bible confession” in WM3 case lore because Stidham left the prison meeting room to fetch a Bible, then had Misskelley hold his hand on the Bible while he confessed.

Misskelley had been convicted and sentenced four days earlier. Stidham and Misskelley were alone in the room for this confession, which Stidham tape-recorded for his own use. For many years, the general public knew about the 2/8/94 confession indirectly from the transcript of a 2/22/94 pretrial hearing. In November 2008, Stidham’s tape-recording was played in open court for the first time. Newspaper accounts of that court session revealed more detail on what Misskelley had actually said. But until today, a full transcript of Misskelley’s 2/8/94 confession has never circulated publicly.

Two longtime case debaters known as Rudder and Dollparts tracked down the trial transcript in hopes that Stidham’s tape-recording had been transcribed and entered into the official record. And it had! They purchased copies of the relevant pages, scanned them and sent them to Callahan.

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4 thoughts on “Jessie Misskelley’s “Bible confession” transcript now at Callahan”

  1. If ever the WM3 case needed a ‘smoking gun’ to satisfy any doubters once and for all that these 3 teenagers, Damien, Jessie and Jason, were responsible for the brutal killing of the 3 little boys back in May 1993, then this 2/8/94 bible confession is IT! With the recent Alford Plea deal of ‘GUILTY’, the case is now finally closed and the killers have admitted it, their release to freedom not withstanding.

  2. This entire case was handled shamefully by all of the investigators involved. I just pray that non of you who support this railroading ever meet an investigator who decides he wants you to be “guilty” at any cost. Whether he has to twist facts, lead interrogations, or completely ignore inaccurate details. There is far more evidence disputing the WM3’s guilt than there is to support it. What do they have? A repeat after me confession by a mentally disabled teenager, who was scared and tired and being asked the same questions over and over again until he gave them the answers he thought they wanted to hear (albeit inaccurate answers, until the interrogators guided him to the answer they wanted). Or 3rd party he said she said confessions. “Well Damian told me he done it”. The hysteria surrounding this case had people in a panic, and no one can deny the fact that some people just want to be involved. I’m sure the $35,000 reward didn’t influence people to make things up. Beyond a reasonable doubt was completely thrown out the window in this case. If you support this injustice, then you should begin praying that you don’t ever get stuck in the middle of an investigation as biased as this one.

  3. truthfully reading the “bible confession” I still don’t see their absoloute guilt.Jessie still seemed to get facts wrong and with the new evidence that shows that the injury to byers penis was most likely animal predatation.It still doesn’t hold up.I choose to believe michael Bodan in his theorys with as much experience as he has had.This was one crime investigation that was flawed from beginning to end by investigators and people wanting their 15 minutes of fame (vicki hutchinson) and it is hard to look past the fact that most murders of children are commited by someone they know usually a relative or a step parent.

  4. I thought this website would be objective. I’ve noticed an obvious bias against the original wm3. Calling things a ‘stretch’ is not journalism. Show us facts, and let us determine what is a stretch, or not a stretch.

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