WM3 Meets LoTR Fan Fiction

West Memphis 3 supporters have written some loony things over the years, but this might just be the looniest.

“Larner”, a frequent poster on pro-WM3 message boards, has authored a Lord of the Rings fanfic called “Murder Most Foul” based on the West Memphis child murders.

One prominent supporter theory posits that the murder victims were not assaulted with a knife and that their wounds were instead the result of postmortem animal predation. And sure enough, Larner’s story includes a long, gruesome account of woodland critters gnawing on the children’s corpses. There’s an otter, an owl, a muskrat, a fish, rats, a wild dog, a snake, a badger, “father turtle”, smaller turtles, weasels and finally “mud-dwelling crustaceans”. Larner describes each animal’s feast in repulsive detail.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? If supporters want to write Damien/Jason slash, or maybe a good Damien Echols/Jason Massey/Rod Ferrell crossover story, fine. But leave the murdered children out of it! For that matter, leave Tolkien out of it!

UPDATE: Many fellow WM3 supporters find Larner’s story “inappropriate”, “creepy” and “heartless”.

2 thoughts on “WM3 Meets LoTR Fan Fiction”

  1. Damien stared up at the full moon, it’s silvery rays seemed to beam down directly at him. Even through his bulky trenchcoat, he could feel their coolness through the warm Arkansas night. It reminded him of when he first saw ‘An American Werewolf in London’. That in turn reminded him of his philosophy: “People come in two classes, wolves and sheep; wolves eat the sheep”.

    Sometimes though, the wolf needed comfort only a sheep with the instincts of a wolf could give…

    “Tonight is going to be a busy night”, he said to himself as he approached Jason’s house. Jason was there waiting for him.

    Jason picked up Damien’s necklace and brushed it across his face.

    ‘Damien” he said, and ran his fingers through his friend’s raven hair.

    Just then, a crazy black man with his arm in a sling came at them with a hateful look in his eyes. He undid the sling and revealed he had a third arm, each of them good for killing kids with. He had a machete in each, he was set to kill.

    Just then, Jason Massey leaped out wearing a Charles Manson T-shirt, and so did Rod Ferrel, dressed in a vampire costume and armed with a crowbar.

    They then fought off the 3 armed negro, and cut his extra arm off. He ran away so scared he shit himself.

    They all celebrated by drinking Evan Williams whiskey and smearing blue candle wax all over the woods.

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