The West Memphis Three are free. Appalling.

At this point, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes to make this happen. There were no leaks or hints about a deal in the works until the special court session was announced last Thursday. I don’t understand what the prosecution got from this deal, aside from making bad publicity go away.

WM3 supporters should be congratulated on running the best PR campaign for mass murderers of all time. If Richard Ramirez or the Chicago Ripper Crew had their own Paradise Lost, and Eddie Vedder, they might have gone free years ago.

The misinformation spouted by mainstream media over the last few days is likewise appalling. This shouldn’t surprise me after all this time, but it does. We heard yet again about the 12-hour interrogation (never happened) of a mentally retarded (he wasn’t) kid. We heard plenty about Misskelley’s original confession, but nothing about his many post-conviction confessions. The freaking New York Times called Damien Echols “a troubled yet gifted 18-year-old who wore all black, listened to heavy metal music and considered himself a Wiccan”. Technically true (except for the “gifted” part), but wouldn’t it also be relevant to mention that Echols had been institutionalized three times in the year before the murders and diagnosed as “homicidal” and “psychotic”? That he had a history of setting fires at school, torturing and killing animals, threatening to kill his parents, sucking blood from people’s wounds and trying to gouge out a classmate’s eyes with his sharpened fingernails?

I wouldn’t have minded a deal that freed Jessie Misskelley in exchange for an honest allocution and testimony against Baldwin and Echols in the event of a new trial. Misskelley was the only one of the three who showed any remorse back in 1993-94. He probably did not participate in Echols and Baldwin’s premeditation (though that’s not 100% clear). He confessed over and over without getting any deal for his confessions. According to many sources, Misskelley continued to confess his involvement in prison. But freeing Damien Echols, a dangerous psychopath who masterminded the killings and bragged about them afterward? Freeing Jason Baldwin, the one who actually wielded the knife to torture and mutilate two young boys? Both of them deserved to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

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  1. You’re just mad that you believe in a “justice” system that is warped. THEY WERE INNOCENT, and if the courts of Arkansas actually thought they were guilty, they would still be in prison. However, the silly hicks have too much pride to admit not doing their job right, so they settled for the Alford Plea. Sweep it under the rug, and they’re out.

    Your statement on the main page is hilarious. Describing how they were singled out as a result of good police work! Ha! Biased little hillbilly.

    1. Why do people keep portraying the police in West Memphis as a bunch of backwood, incompetent rednecks? Just because one of the Dixie Chicks, Johnny Depp and Henry Rollins tells you the WM3 are innocent doesn’t mean they are.

      1. ‘Why do people keep portraying the police in West Memphis as a bunch of backwood, incompetent rednecks?’

        Because they were. They convicted three innocent boys.

          1. An Alford Plea was all the only deal prosecutors would allow. They got to maintain there innocence while pleading guilty to be released on time served. What it boils down to is that the state couldn’t admit their wrong-doing because so many people involved in prosecuting and keeping them behind bars are now political figure in Arkansas. It wouldn’t look good if it came out that they put and kept three innocent men in jail because they wanted to quickly close a case that was scaring the public. This entire site humors me. I still haven’t read or seen one legitimate piece of evidence against Echols, Baldwin, or Miskelley.

          2. Steve,
            If misconduct was the reason, then why include Misskelley in the deal? By all accounts, there was no misconduct in his trial.

          3. Yes, innocent people go directly back to prison if they commit a minor infraction, don’t ya know? The slawjawed, ignorant lemmings who lined up to support child murderers who are now convicted twice are am amusing bunch of cretins. They unload on people down in Arkansas when they apparently come from an even more shallow gene pool.

            You won’t find one of these gullible idiots who admit they have blood on their hands when Echols, Misskelley or Baldwin murder again. They will be off to prove UFO conspiracies.

  2. I would also like to thank you for your work in getting this site going. Please continue to speak the truth about the WM3. Some day, idiots like Joana will realize just how gullible and naive they actually were in supporting such trash. It was ultimately politics and popular opinion that set these monsters free. The WM3 support sites should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

    1. It was ultimately politics that put the three guys in jail in the first place. This site is ridiculous. A site calling people murderers with no evidence is kind of dumb, don’t you think? I’m not ashamed to have been a part of donating thousands to their defense fund, you should be ashamed for being so blind.

      1. So you donated “thousands to their defense fund”? Steve, do you have SUCKER tattooed on your forehead by any chance? 😉

        I feel sorriest for supporters like Steve. He’s been had, hoodwinked, run amok and led astray, to quote brother Denzel in Malcolm X. I mean, wasn’t the whole point of the supporter movement to clear these guys’ names and finally get justice for them? This Alford Plea business is a massive SLAP in the face to WM3 supporters! It screams guilt louder than anything else they could have possibly done but supporters, like Steve, just keep lapping up the lies like pigs at a trough! Well, it matters little because the case is now closed, the murdering scum have pled guilty and the money keeps rolling in! Next stop, Hollywood and a bullshit movie about these three douchebags! If there’s any justice in this world, the parents of the REAL WM3 (Michael, Stevie and Christopher) will be able to bring a civil suit against everyone’s favorite child murderers. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction!

          1. “Hahaha, a deal that lets people out of jail while covering the asses of the prosecution screams guilt?”

            Damn skippy! I repeat: “Wasn’t the whole point of the supporter movement to clear these guys’ names and finally get justice for them?”

            The Alford Plea accomplishes none of this. They are still not exonerated of these crimes. They have pled GUILTY! They will never be seen as anything but child-murdering scum in the eyes of the law! And, let’s not forget, the prosecution had NO part in engineering this thing. It was all a strategy of the WM3 defense team. Thank Damien’s attorney Patrick Benca for making your heroes look like the guilty, worthless shreds of debris that they are! Hope I’ve cleared that up for you sunshine!

            “Are you a retard? Be honest.”

            Well, I would define that as someone who has looked at the evidence in this case and come to the conclusion that these three degenerates are innocent widdle lambs! I’d say that’s you to a tee! But hey, look on the bright side, you have something in common with one of your heroes! All you need now is a clock tattooed on your head!

  3. If the state of AR actually thought they were guilty they never would have let them free. The new trial was under way. They could have spent taxpayers money and LOST or just let them go now, while still keeping the image that they “pleaded guilty”.

    I hope that the WM3 never gives up and the real perp is brough to justice some day. That sad reality is that you hicks think the right men were brought to justice. I feel bad for each and every one of you.

  4. Your logic doesn’t make any sense to me. He didn’t get any deal because he refused to testify. If you really believe he wasn’t offered a deal way back when to testify, I want some of what you’re on.

    The key question: if he was so remorseful and saw the atrocities he says he saw, why wouldn’t he agree to testify against them? Why not say it under oath in trial and subject yourself to enhanced penalties for perjury in an official proceeding?

    If you truly have absolute faith in his alleged confessions, you should feel nothing but animosity toward him that he would let these “monsters” be tried and released without “officially” telling his story.

  5. The 3 could admit their guilt now and the supporters would still say they are innocent.

    UNREAL but only in America- Casey Anthony verdict should have prepped me for this nonsense.

  6. This kind of thing happens more often than what we hear about. I believe they are guilty all the way. I think the hype of the celebrities, the movies, and book and plus it being a death penalty case is where people got confused on the facts. Somehow I believe supporters want to see a movie of the killings, but that’s not going to happen. It’s a circumstantial case with each defendant confessing. Echols has quite a violent history. Whenever I hear plea deal my skin crawls because I know justice won’t be served. BTW good site.

  7. Well, id already read everything available and made what I consider is the only sensible conclusion that the Wm3 are guilty! But really wanted to say thank you for this site, after being venomously set up on within more than a few forums because I wasn’t bleeting the same bullshit supporter mantra,it good to see a site like this. Its tragic that they have been set free and more tragic that so many people are too lazy to do anything other than watch Paradise Lost! and then donate money and support to child killers!. Shame on Eddie Vedder and the like too!. I can only hope Jessie blows this bullshit out the water once and for all! or Justice finds the other two at some point down the road.

  8. “If Richard Ramirez or the Chicago Ripper Crew had their own Paradise Lost, and Eddie Vedder, they might have gone free years ago.”

    except for the fact that those murderers were actually guilty & it wasn’t hype & fluff that set the WM3 free, it was their innocence.

    celebrities also rallied around ‘tookie’ williams, but even the pope pushing texas to spare him execution didn’t work. celebs always rally around something, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, or every law on record in AK would require the populace to become vegan, PETA- supporting scientologists that vote for anyone running as a liberal democrat.

    if your assertion is that ‘celeb/ media pressure’ is the cause of the wm3 going free, then west memphis truly is a redneck, backwater bastion of injustice where the guilt or innocence of anyone is subject to the winds or henry rollin’s opinion. f***, i hope i never get picked up for speeding through that town, i might end up on death row for kidnapping!!

    according to the fine contributors on your forum, dna evidence is overrated & untrustworthy, especially when it contradicts pet theories.

    wow, get an IQ, already! get an informed opinion, not just an one that attempts to grab attention!

  9. Why did they make a bargain to let jason out if he would rat out damien? bc in Jessie confession Jason was just as guilty. They wanted Damien dead. What time did this happen bc jessie obviously didnt know… They even asked a 17 year old boy, Do you know what a penis is?” Please go have a conversation with someone with his IQ. Even with our justice system he had no right being questioning without parental consent. So Ar is not above the law. Im so happy my brains is not limited like yours. Just one question what other evidence did they have besides the confession that would convict them? I can go in the closet right now and tell you my hair will not be stuck in my kids shoe laces. I guarantee step daddy was hight off meth.

  10. Never mind my friend’s hair. Its more likely that a step parent who fails to care about not seeing his step child all day would do it, than 3 teenage boys… Also, with a crime like that there would have been a mess everywhere if it was done at that site. If it was santanic ritual why would one child have it worse than another?

  11. It seems like post release, Jessie is on his own and Jason and Damien celebrated together.

    I get the feeling Baldwin and Echols are worried about Jessie running his mouth again and have their fingers crossed that he just keeps out of the spotlight with his mouth shut.

  12. Nice work on the site.

    You idiots proclaiming the innocence of the WM3 make Jessie Misskelley look like a fucking genius.


  13. This is far from over…One of these 3 animals are going to show their true colors again (I’m thinking either Damien or Jason)…then what are you people who worked to free them going to think of yourselves…

  14. This site is mess of half-truths, outright lies, and general disinformation.

    The State let them go for one simple reason – the new prosecutor knew Judge Laser (who all but proclaimed himself a supporter of the men in his comments) was going to order a new trial and that he had ABSOLUTELY NO CASE to prosecute. I can’t blame the men for taking the deal. Even when found not guilty in a retrial, they wouldn’t be any more exonerated in the minds of nitwits like you and would have to spend even more wasted years in prison.

    Either join with those of us who want the killer caught and prosecuted or give it up. Those poor little kids deserve justice and their families deserve the truth. And dishonest sites like this do nothing to further truth or justice.

    1. I understand your point, and I am kind of a tweener – I am not certain of their guilt or innocence. However, it is hard to prosecute any crime after 18 years – evidence and memories do not age well.

      I don’t blame them for taking the deal. I think the whole thing is a prime example of the adage that a good compromise leaves everyone a little less than satisfied.

  15. ….your site is the reason EVERYONE should not be allowed to right a blog!
    You state all of your conjecture as if it were fact, but you post refuted sources or facts to back them up. Just a bunch of conjecture and circumstance, and how you feel about it. Blah Blah Blah!!! I can’t believe I saw at some other site that your’s was actually a good source for “reliable” information regarding this case. I’ll probably read the rest of your blog, as I’ve promised myself to cover everything before making up my mind. But….with all due respect, I have to be honest and tell you that you and Mr. Sinclair are so far nothing but a bunch of…… opinionated nothingness. Justice is blind. The TRUTH is not.

    1. Sly, you got it all twisted buddy. The truth is staring you in the face if you take the blinders off and base your opinions on the evidence which has been collected here. A great deal that has been posted can be found on the Callahan site, which is totally neutral and deals only with the facts and hard evidence in this case. The Bible confession, in and of itself, does not equate guilt. Damien’s “Exhibit 500” documentation, in and of itself, does not equate guilt. Baldwin’s confession, in and of itself, does not equate guilt. But all of this, taken as a whole, paints a DAMNING picture of the WM3.

      Yeah, you’re looking for “reliable” information as long as it conforms to YOUR version of the events and reinforces YOUR belief in the innocence of these three scumbags. Beliefs are a funny thing. A few years ago, I believed the WM3 were 100% innocent….. until I was pointed to the Callahan site and read up on the details of the case. I then realized I had been suckered. They did it, they plead guilty and they will now have to live with it. I hope to God it tortures them to the grave.

    2. I can’t believe that supporters are calling confession, court transcripts and medical records (Even Echols own homicidal-suicidal admission) “conjecture” and “refuted sources or facts.” Truly unbelievable. I guess it goes to show how powerful media and celebrity worship is.

  16. The DNA testing shows they did notb do it. Every legal expert who looked at Jessie’s confessions have stated that it was a false confession, given under duress and was obivious the police feed him facts. The medical examiner on the case admitted it would be impossible to kill the boys in the woods, in water; at night. The witness that testified that they had admitted to it all turned out to be liars. The theory that it was a santaic killing was a joke.

    1. “The theory that it was a santaic killing was a joke.”

      Your statement is a joke because the prosecution NEVER said these were satanic killings.

      From Fogleman’s closing argument:

      “This satanic stuff–satanic picture in and of itself does that mean they’re Satanists or anything like that? No. This mean in and of itself, Satanist? No. But, why present it? Why present this stuff? And by the way this doesn’t have anything to do with Wicca, doesn’t have anything to do with it. The reason to present it, is that to try to inflame you all and make you all so angry because it’s something different–because it’s something different and something we don’t understand? Is that why we would present it? No, not at all.

      When you looked at those pictures of what was done to those three little boys, could you understand it? Could you have any reason to understand why someone would do that to three eight-year-old boys? Well, you’ve got three eight-year-old boys done that way, and then you got the defendants looking like choirboys during the trial–during jury selection. In fact, think back to jury selection when the defense trying to say, well, as they sit here right now what do you think about them? And either you or your fellow juror–you heard a fellow juror say, I think they look like typical kids. Well, think how hard it would be for you to conceive of typical teens doing what was done to these three eight-year-old boys. And I think you’ll understand why the need to put on this evidence.”

      As you can see, it was never a cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. I believe Damien merely dabbled in this kind of stuff, like a lot of rebellious kids. It was included in the trial because it touched on the character of the defendants.

      Here’s an excellent thread dealing with the “Satanic Panic” angle:,8968.0.html

      1. Can’t see the forest for the trees huh? Those closing statements are exactly meant to imply satanic ritual, and illicit thoughts of “otherness” in the minds of the jury. Just because the prosecution presented their words in the manner that they did, doesn’t stop the buzz words they wanted to hit the ears of the jurors from landing. The jurors heard, “satanic”, “wicca”, “not typical teens” etc.

        it’s an age old verbal trick and apparently the people who believe the drivel on this site are very prone to it. Here, I’ll use it on you…

        I don’t think calling you guys idiots is productive, it wouldn’t be wise to call in to question the lack of rational thinking done by the average poster on this blog. I mean, to suggest that everything on this blog is pure garbage would be going a bit too far, after all, there are many paragraphs in a row that don’t contain spelling errors. Is it a mental deficiency that allows people to ignore facts and point to conjecture as evidence or is it straight up ignorance. Well, it’s not my contention or my place to call into question the mental abilities of people here, I only bring it up because, well, think of the children!

        1. Perhaps your lack of coherence and deficient intellect prevents you from the accusation. After all, you do have to be a fucking stupid idiot to support three blatantly guilty child murderers. Not to call names or anything…

  17. I find it interesting that the ‘supporters’ of the three convicted killers are the ones resorting to name calling and rudeness. I would think that if they are so confident in the innocence of the convicts they would not find the need to come here but to go out and find the “evidence” that will prove them “innocent.”

    1. Prove a false negative huh? I contend that you called a little girl on the street a hooker a few weeks ago. Prove that you didn’t. Where’s your evidence? Guilty as charged.

  18. The police had targeted Damien all along but they could not get anything out of him. They could not get anything out of Jason either so they had to lie to and confuse a mentally handicapped kid. They told Jessie there would be a reward if the killers were found. The told him that he passed the lie detector test. All lies which can lead to false confessions.

  19. Thank you. There were too few voices of reason and too little objective reality and three child murderers now walk the streets ready to re-offend. One day, and I’m afraid it will be after one or more of these monsters kill again, many who supported and donated to this massive hoax will regret their complicity.

    As a sidenote, it appears at least one of the celebrities who embraced this fraud appears to have had second thoughts. Mr. Depp’s silence is defeaning. He’s probably the only one with enough intellect to realize he was had.

  20. Does anyone really think that the state, which so massively messed this all up and as a Criminal Justice student in the 1990’s I could see right through all of it… does anyone really think from the Governor to the DA to the cops… if anyone had a shred of doubt these guys were even close to guilty that they’d be let free? Of course not. They knew they f-ed up. This is a way with the Alford plea to try and sweep it under the rug and claim they didn’t ‘really’ make a mistake. If anyone in the courts or government believed as this blogger does, they’d still be in prison, no questions. The state, even when they don’t fully admit a mistake, does not let anyone free just because of a bit of new evidence. It takes a TON to do this. The fact they were let go at all and even had this chance at the plea tells me that Arkansas admits they made a mistake. (Hell in Criminal Justice classes we even did units on all the glaring mistakes the police and prosecution made, errors in tactics, and absolutely falsifying of evidence… and this was while it was happening.) The DNA evidence proved they weren’t there… someone else was. Perhaps this blogger was on the O.J. jury and doesn’t understand how DNA evidence works, is collected, tested, or analyzed.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion… and I’ll be the first to line up to personally end the lives of anyone that truly did this. It just wasn’t these boys (now men).

    Someday the true killer(s) will be found and blogs like this will likely still not believe it. I’m sure a few bloggers out there think O.J.’s innocent, there was only one shooter of JFK, and we never landed on the moon.

    Glad they’re free. It’s 18 years overdue.

  21. No, Scott, the DNA evidence was not exculpatory at all. As a matter of fact, it was a wash. Two hairs that belonged to other people were found, one on a shoelace and another recovered from a tree. This didn’t mean in any shape, fashion, or form that the West Memphis Three, who are guilty as hell, were not at the scene.

    The defense initiated a plea bargain before the evidentiary hearing was held. While it could have won a new trial, it had to get past that hearing. And this DNA evidence likely wouldn’t have done it. The State couldn’t be certain, of course, so it took the defense’s plea offer.

    It is time for supporters to quit lying. The public now knows these three are guilty. One or more of them will kill or hurt someone again, and I bet we won’t be able to find a soul then who thought they should go free.

    1. “The State couldn’t be certain, of course, so it took the defense’s plea offer.”

      Really?! Well, boys, we can’t be certain that we can continue to find the WM3 guilty, so let’s not even try. Get them to sign a document and let them go, it’s the only rational thing to do.

      Wow. Just wow. Sometimes I weep for humanity.

  22. Well look at all them northern IDIOT devil-worshippin morons ssaying these boys are innocent. you find me someone else in that town who worshipped satan (wearing black, listening to black sabbath, practicing satanism) and i’ll say okay maybe coulda been someone else because we can all agree this was an act of satanism. and okay okay, i know misskelly was border-line retarded and that they didnt have the DNA facts but SO WHAT!!! it’s not like police can simply make someone say somethin they didnt do. all these smart alecky liberal a-holes can say whatever they like and take they’re innocent and proven guilty and shove it up their stupid asses. i know the truth, and bless your heart so do you whoever made this site. thank you, the good lord, and his son jesus christ. amen

    1. Not everyone believes the same fairytales that you do. To some, “worshiping Satan” can mean doing drugs, abusing alcohol, beating children, sexually assaulting their own flesh and blood, etc. There are many ways to arrive at the truth, and if Jesus helps people to that truth then so be it, but BELIEF alone is nothing but that, belief. We live in a world where facts and evidence trump feelings and emotions.

      1. look at this liberal loon saying evidence and fact does NOT trump jesus. clearly this yahoo has never read the book of john.

        -born again AMERICAN!!!

        1. Ok “Huck”, perhaps you can enlighten us heathens. Please tell me what you think you know about Jesus. I’m guessing you have a selective and minimal knowledge of the subject, yet you feel that’s enough for you to spout off at the mouth as an authority.

          When facts and logic fail start calling people names. Oh wait, you already did.

          1. You have to be a brainless cretin to believe these three are innocent, so he does a fairly good job for a mindless lemming.

  23. If Jessie was coerced during his initial confession, how do you explain his confession after his conviction where his attorneys were BEGGING him to shut up and stop talking? Who coerced him that time? What about when he confessed again to his own lawyer? Did his own lawyer who made the initial claim that Jessie was coerced, then in turn coerce him into admitting it again?

    If Jessie told the police everything they wanted to hear, where the hell did they coerce him into saying that he chased down Michael Moore after he tried to escape? No one led him to say anything of the sort. That was all Jessie.

    Jessie tells in 3 separate confessions that one of the boys was still moving when these bastards threw them into the water to die and he stood there and did NOTHING.

    This is one of the guys the supporter movement freed. The supporter movement freed a man who described, without prompting, 3 separate times, that or stood there and did nothing while a boy who was just tortured and mutilated to near death was tied up and thrown into the water to die while conscious.

    Yet, all we ever hear about the confessions is that “poor little retarded Jessie got the time wrong, he is innocent!” Funny how very little mention is given to the fact that Jessie was clearly traumatized by the fact that this boy was still alive when thrown into the water.

    Once again, the real victims are barely a blip on the radar.

    1. Exactly – I just don’t understand how so many people can be duped into thinking the confessions were coerced or that 3 innocent teenagers were sent to jail because they listened to heavy metal music and wore black. People somehow politicized this whole thing which is an atrocity. Anyone who looks at this case objectively has to see how blatantly obvious it all is. I would honestly say that I’m as certain that these 3 did it as I am that OJ and Casey Anthony are guilty- and that is 100%.

  24. Guess you all didn’t get the newsflash:
    Casey Anthony was found NOT QUILTY
    Let’s find an article that reveals the real killers in both these cases so that all minds can rest and (4) children can rest in peace.

  25. Casey Anthony was found not guilty, which doesn’t mean that she’s innocent. It means the state did not prove to a jury that she was guilty.

    The state DID prove, to 2 separate juries, that the WM3 are guilty. 18 years later, the WM3 finally admitted that the evidence was sufficient to prove guilt. They are factually guilty and by their own admission.

    Not guilty does not equal innocent.
    Free does not equal not guilty.

    What point are you trying to make, Idunno?

  26. Point, well point is, why relive over and over again something that cannot be changed. The cases are well over with and it’s a done deal. In regards to Ms. Anthony, I never saw her as guilty, but I do have suspicions of who is, but again why spend time rehashing. eom

  27. Well, it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you’re on, the other side will hurl nasty insults at you and shake their heads in condescending pity at how stupid you are because THEIR understanding of the available information couldn’t possibly be wrong (e.g., read the comments on this site or the mindless vile thrown from both sides of the 9/11 conspiracy jerk-fest). So, I’m not going to say anyone’s stupid or try to change your mind about the case; I’ll leave that to all of the “smart” people. But since it’s my conclusion that the West Memphis 3 are innocent: Fuck you, my side won.

  28. Your side won?

    First, they plead guilty to the crimes and were sentenced to 18 years. If that’s a win for you, thats kind of appalling.

    Second, I’m on the side of Christopher, Michael and Stevie. That’s my side. That you think that the WM3 are the victims in this horrible, horrible crime makes me think you never really gave a damn about the 3 children.

  29. You know after reading the Exhibit500, big freaking deal. Many adolescents have problems, nothing to see here folks. BTW, they need to revise the Exhibit (because there are so many duplicate documents over and over again that it really isn’t 500 pages)
    It is very sad that 3 young males were sentenced to something that they did not commit. Thank goodness the prosecution came to their senses that they didn’t have any tangible evidence. It is our hope now that they find the real killer(s) and that the 3 “now men” who lost their youth to this tragedy that they will enjoy the rest of their life in peace.
    Also, we knew it was coming sometime down the road that some of these persons that spew hate need to have their Internet connections shut down and visit a few head doctors themselves.

  30. Deflect deflect deflect. Poor West Memphis 3.

    How do you explain that Jessie correctly identified which boy was cut on the face, which boy was cut on the genitals, and which boy did not have any major cutting?

    How could this retarded kid have possibly picked up that information?

    Why don’t you believe Jessie Misskelly? That’s the absolute absurdity of all of this! He practically begged his own attorney to believe him that he was there and participated in the murders! That is not coercion in any way, shape or form.

    Tell me Idunno, where were the West Memphis 3 on May 5, 1993. Each one of them claimed to be doing something without any of the others, yet all 3 of their alibis were proven false. Why would 3 people who were not involved all need to lie about where they were that night. A mistake? All 3 of them made a mistake? You do realize the odds of that happening, don’t you?

  31. You already know full well about Mr. Misskelly, no response needed here.

    Let’s just say that there were MANY Arses requiring coverage and the words corruption and botched are on full board in the case.

  32. It is amazing how this website tries to act as if this is such an open and closed case based on circumstantial evidence. If it was so obvious, like you state here, then the state would not have been so scared to try these boys again. The reality is, what you present here is biased. The reason the three have so many supporters, is that the case against them was weak and full of flaws. I noticed that you never seem to talk much about all the crappy detective work on this case. Losing hours of confession does not simply happen by accident. Losing blood evidence against someone in a bathroom does not just happen by accident. If it is an open and closed case, show some actual evidence that convicts these three!

  33. Who knows if they were innocent or not You cant convict someone with a crime with no evidence. Please do not compare the ripper crew to the Wm3. Sorry but the ripper crew was not convicted with no evidence. Dupage gather evidence before they arrested them. Different case ! I grew up in Elmhurst IL.

  34. I did want to add the state had no choice but to offer them that deal. The police dept handled the evidence badly. It was stored in paper bags. All the evidence wasn’t gone through. And died with the case. But they are free and Dameim said himself quote “If I had to go through everything I did in the last 18 years to be with Lorri and to be in this situation, no, I wouldn’t change it,” Echols said. “I would go through it again if it meant being with Lorri.” And that he had a wonderful life on paridise 3″. Guilty or not …..They have a new movie with accusing Mr. Hobbs of doing the killings and lying. What I think is everyone was lying at the end when the dream team came on board.That money was a big part in people changing their mind. Byers is trying to get a book deal. They are trying to make people believe that one person killed the 3 boys. Not buying it. The ripper crew claim they are innocent I am sure they can poke holes in their case too. But I do believe that children shouldnt get the death penalty or life with no parole .

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