Celebrity WM3 supporter Peter Jackson

Celebrity funding and publicity played a huge role in getting the WM3 released. When the plea deal went through, the WM3 celebrity groupies were all over the news, including some I’d never heard about before. For example, Peter Jackson Helped West Memphis Three Defense.

Describing the case against the trio as farcical and a miscarriage of justice, Jackson also confessed to having to “suppress a deep anger” due to the circumstances of their release.

“Let’s not think for a second that justice was served today. Far from it,” he wrote

“So the ‘Alford Plea’ was entered, and Damien, Jason and Jessie walked free this morning – all that was missing was justice. Justice did not play a role in the proceedings this morning … not to the 3 men who have been robbed of 18 years, not to the 3 young victims and their families, and certainly not to the people of Arkansas, whom the system is supposed to serve.”

“There’s also a triple child killer who has walked free for the last 18 years … seemingly an unimportant detail in today’s white-washing job,” Jackson wrote.

Peter Jackson is full of shit. Like other celebrity supporters, his only knowledge of the case comes from Paradise Lost and movement propaganda which parrots the Paradise Lost version of events.

In other words, the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy cannot tell the difference between a movie and real life.

Jackson’s expression of concern for the victims and their families is particularly sickening. His financial support helped pay for vicious campaigns of character assassination against the parents of the WM3’s victims.

Mr. Jackson, read the actual evidence against Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley. Read Misskelley’s 2/8/94 confession to his defense laywer. Read Misskelley’s 2/17/94 confession to prosecutors. Read the trial transcripts. Or pay someone to read them for you, I don’t care. But in the name of Gandalf the Grey, do some due diligence before putting your fortune and reputation behind thugs who raped, tortured and killed children for kicks.

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  1. First off, let me say that this site is fantastic. I thought I was the only person in the world who believed these three men are murderers. I’ve been a fan of true crime for the past 10 years or so, and this case has always gotten under my skin. It is so insanely obvious that Jessie, Jason, and Damien killed those three boys – it’s right up there with OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. The amount of celebrities that have flocked to the defense of these psychos is so appalling and irresponsible. People like Peter Jackson need to do some REAL research. Whenever a celebrity is interviewed about how they heard about this case, they all say the same thing “Paradise Lost”. So they’re all admitting that the only information they’ve gotten is the most skewed piece of crap ever compiled. Let me also add that I have no political or religious agenda since I’m an atheist and an apolitical person. I always let logic and reasoning factor into any decision or conclusion I make. Any person with half a brain in their head can see that these three scumbags are guilty and deserve to pay for their crimes. I’d like to challenge any supporter of them to debate me on any aspect of the case….

    1. There probably always were more people who believed in their guilt than there were supporters. There just isn’t a need to pipe up as much if you think killers are where they need to be. I understand since they pleaded out, people in Arkansas have switched back because they know they are guilty. Duh.

      There is no way a person with a modicum of intelligence and no political or religious agenda can look at the actual facts of this case and not realize these three are guilty as hell.

      You aren’t alone by any means.

  2. I do think it is deplorable that so many celebrities got involved in the way they did…I mean Eddie Vedder and Natalie Maines were at the hearing…thats just sickening. Even if you think they are innocent…its just out of line IMO. If you wanted to help them…fine help them…but leave your high profile name out of it. Oh wait…attention whores cant do that.

    I mean Maines even ranted against Hobbs publicly at a concert…thats so irresponsible its sickening.

    …its like when that annoying chick in PL2 grills Byers about what happened to his wife when there is no proof of wrongdoing…does she realize how despicable that is in the case that he might have done nothing to her? Its just so insensitive and uncalled for…if he was found to be a cause of her death…whatever…fry him…but thats not the case.

    Die hard supporters and those celebrities make my head spin.

    1. Honestly, Maines and Vedder combined likely have a lower IQ than Misskelley. Even more stupid are the trashwads who believe this scum has the intellect to comment intelligently on breakfast let alone fine points of law.

      The upside is that after Misskelley, Baldwin and/or Echols re-offend, cries of “baby killer” will greet Vedder, Maines, Jackson and the other dirtbags any time they try to appear in public. Watch the clock. They are finished as public figures although Jackson can hide behind the scenes and keep quiet.

  3. I actually watched ‘Paradise Lost’ last night. Not only was it ridiculously misleading, but I still would feel like they were guilty solely based on that film (and that was NOT the intention of the filmmakers clearly). It’s amazing how they omit Damien’s mental health background or the numerous confessions on Jessie’s part. Damien’s whole attitude in the courtroom and on the stand screams guilt. You could tell in his closing statement about being the boogeyman that he was being completely genuine. He enjoyed what he did and his place in history because of it.

    1. “You could tell in his closing statement about being the boogeyman that he was being completely genuine. He enjoyed what he did and his place in history because of it.”

      Oh, didn’t you hear? He was “making light of the situation”! He was only joking! I know it’s tragic but plenty of supporters actually believe Damien’s pathetic attempts at deflection and shifting the blame to others (ie Byers in PL2). I felt strange after watching the first PL because I KNEW something just wasn’t right about Echols. Well, now I know! He’s a child murdering scrap of detestable pond scum! I can’t believe that anyone with a functioning brain, which probably leaves out most supporters, could buy into his claims of innocence!

      Anyway, these three jerkoffs need a gig after their stint in the clink so maybe Peter Jackson will give them all roles in the next Hobbit film! Misskelly could be a dwarf, Baldwin a wood elf and Echols could play a cave-dwelling goblin who snatches children and kills them, so he’ll just be playing himself! It’ll be a blockbuster!

  4. Paradise Lost compelled me to research the case & left me thinking “well here’s another bunch of assholes who are going to make metal look bad…..here we go again”.

    The “Satanic Panic” they claim to be a victim of was something THEY caused.

    After Rollins, Manson, Depp, Vedder spoke out…wow…. I thought that I might have missed something & went back to investigate further.

    Crap. I’m just as disgusted as you guys are. What a mess. I find myself arguing with my fellow metalheads & wondering what it’s going to be like when people finally realize just how bad they just fucked up.

  5. This is the most ignorant, narrow minded website I have ever stumbled upon….
    West Memphis is obviously missing a few of their townies.

    1. Instead of making a pointless comment about this website and its followers why don’t you specifically address what you disagree with?

  6. Nikole,

    You are obviously right. Every person in West Memphis is dumb.

    I’m sure you are smarter than all of them.

    So, please, utilize your intelligence and tell us what is untrue on this website?

  7. It’s amazing, I have done as much research as possible and the only conclusion is that these guys are guilty.
    I have looked at it from every angle and still belive it is obvious that they killed those boys.
    All I ask is that a WM3 supporter let me know what his/her defence argument is based on so in know where you are coming from.

    Also, we should make a documentry based on pure facts and see the outcome!!!

    1. blah blah blah guilty random stepdad (pick a different one every ten years) blah blah blah rednecks needed to arrest somebody blah blah blah DNA “proves” their innocent” blah blah blah Jesse is retarded blah blah blah

  8. When one of them reoffends violently, and I assure you at least 1 will, then I hope people hold Vedder, Maines and Depp responsible and sues them. They deserve to be sued into bankruptcy for their irresponsible actions.

  9. I really don’t know if they are guilty or not. Neither does Eddie Vedder. Neither does Princess Natalie. What I do know is that Mr. Echols is goddamned photogenic (kinda looks like Johnny D. after a month of sleepless nights, don’t he? That oughta save some time in the makeup chair, eh?) Sadly, it’s not surprising that these Hollywood types – whose entire lives spin continuously around the axis of appearance (illusion?) – would develop such a crush on someone so creepily magnetic. (This is the golden age of sexy vampires.) The fact is: if it wasn’t for Damien those other two guys would still be eating creamed chipped beef on toast every Monday and Thursday nights. Can you imagine all those Rodeo Drive fuckers working themselves into such a protracted lather over Jessie or Jason? Kind of like getting a handjob from your sister.

  10. I admit, I am on the fence as I feel there is good evidence on both sides, but in a court of law, where jurors are supposed to keep their feelings out of it and only look at the evidence AS PRESENTED, I feel these guys were railroaded. What I would like to ask you is this: As a non-supporter, be honest and tell me what piece or pieces of evidence do you feel best challenges your opinion? Keep your feelings out of it and just tell me what part makes you scratch your head and say, “Hmm, that really holds water and does enfore the Not Guilty stance.” Be honest.

  11. I would tell you the part that makes me think they might be innocent, but it doesn’t exist. Confessions, no alibi’s, three kids tied up three different ways, Luminol testing that was never admitted in court showed blood all over the fucking place, on the tree roots, on the bank, in the water, read blink on crimes review of this case. Depp had a crony hire an independent investigation into this case, my guess is because ol Johnny is starting to doubt his feeling on this case. He hasn’t said shit since she published her findings btw. Yet we are to believe via Peter Jackson that “a killeR is still on the loose”. Wake the fuck up, literally everything about this case adds up to guilt for these three pieces of shit. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence and a little motivation to research just a fuckin smidge will see past PL docs as the propaganda bullshit they are, and realize these celebrities literally DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. I want one supporter to answer me one single question, how do you explain 7 confessions by Misskelley? Seriously, look in the mirror for one minute, then come back here and explain 7 confessions. If you attempt it, you are either

    a. Stupid as fuck

    b. Blind

    c. a Liar

  12. Damien Echols is the classic example of a narcissistic psychopath. He absolutely adores himself. He loves the attention. I too believe he enjoyed committing those murders and becoming famous. He admitted he always knew he’d be famous and that he enjoys it because he’ll be remembered forever as the WM boogeyman! What innocent person says that stuff? He is sick. I would be declaring my innocence every time the camera was on me if I were truly innocent. Look how he acted on the stand…cocky and saying the killer would have enjoyed the screaming of the victims, etc. If he were innocent, how could he possibly know what the killer was thinking? As if that’s not enough, what about the hissing and blowing kisses at the victim’s families? After watching Paradise Lost, you hear all these supporters say they thought they were innocent. I didn’t. I thought they were guilty after watching it. One final thought I’d like to add is this: Damien Echols took a million or more dollars of Johnny Depp’s money and he could win an Oscar over Johnny any day for his superior acting that duped practically the whole world.

  13. Scott H September 16, 2011 at 3:24 pm: That wonderful retort is why I can’t take you “truthers” seriously. Would someone with an open mind care to take a stab at it? If you are so convinced in your convictions, tell me, what evidence best challenges your opinions? I would ask the same thing to the WM3 supporters. Leave your passion out of it and be logical, if you can.

    And to answer your question, as someone who’s studied interrogation techniques, I do fully believe that the WMPD may have very well been able to extract a false confession from a person of Miskelly’s intelligence. Did they? I don’t know because not all of it was recorded, so I can’t say. There are some very, very brutal and tricky techniques available (some legal, some borderline), that are very effective in these cases. Lest you think you are a superior, there are interrogators out there that would be able to extract a confession from even you! It’s a very fine science and not hard to believe they used it to the fullest.

    And leave the circumstantial evidence out. Show me something tangible. Something that would hold up in a court of law. If you really believe what you say, you should be able to accept a challenge, without resorting to hostility or emotions.

    Seriously, if you people can’t discuss this without resorting to the hostility and disdain you’ve been, I would never pick you to sit on a jury.

  14. Scott,

    Your response, after years of keeping tabs on this case, is exactly why I get angry with your type. Just like every supporter, you completely ignored my answer. I’m noteven talking about the initial “coerced” confession. I am talking about the confession that Jesse gave with Stidham and Crow present, the one where Jesse’s own lawyer, (Dan Stidham) is pleading with him to not confess again. Scott, you can’t claim coercion here, this confession is on tape, Jesse’s lawyer is present, he even states how well the police have treated him. You guys claim Jesse got the facts in the first confession wrong, this confession is where he explains he was being deliberately deceitful to to attempt to confuse the police. Hence rope instead of shoelaces, etc. I asked you to come up with a simple reason why Jesse would do these things, his lawyer is present, it’s obvious no coercion is taking place, Jesse has nothing to gain by confessing, and yet he is spilling his guts and giving details only he could know if he was present at the time of the murders. Why do you continue with the coercion argument? You can argue that for the first one if you want, no logical person can argue that for the “bible confession”. The boys were submerged for over 18 hours, it’s 1993, people trampled through the crime scene and the bodies were removed before any pathologists were present. You want examples of hard evidence, the closest there is is the matching fibers, the bloody pendant that had blood consistent with Stevie and Jason, the Evan Williams bottle that corroborated Jesse’s confession, Luminol photography that showed blood in the areas Jesse claimed the actual murders occured (luminol testing wasn’t admissable as evidence in 1993) the photos are on Callahan’s website, and Jesse’s bloody shoes that he gave to Buddy Lucas, read Lucas’s statement on this page.

    Now, if you couple the above physical evidence with these FACTS, Damien, Jesse, and Jason couldn’t come up with a single alibi for their whereabouts at the time of the murders. They tried of course, but all three’s attempts were proven to be lies. Then you have Jesse’ numerous confessions, the most damning coming after he was tried and convicted, and you have to admit Scott, nobody needs to coerce somebody who is already serving a life sentence. Let us not forget Damien’s 500 page mental history, at Callahan’s site also. Leading up to the murders Damien’s own handwriting claims previous admits for being, homicidal, suicidal, sociopathic behavior, paranoid delusions, schizophrenia on top of drug and alcohol abuse. Don’t forget the infamous freudian slip of Damien’s when asked in Paradise Lost what will happen if they are found not guilty, he looks at Jason out of the corner of his eye and says, ” no more beer”. Lets also not forget ol Damien blowing kisses to the parents of three eight year old boys who were just tortured, mutilated, bound, and drowned. And if you think that is bullshit, Todd Moore, Michael’s father sure doesn’t. After awhile Scott, you begin to piece everything together and realize that while there is no single smoking gun, there are just way too many things to explain away as coincidence, to many detailed confessions about what happened, who did what, and who was where. You haven’t researched enough of this case, you haven’t read the trial transcripts, and you sure as hell haven’t done your due dilligence in regards to this tragedy. Most people that think like you when it comes to the WM3 are in the exact same boat. Kool-Aid drinkers are usually what I call em. I think I am done responding to you because I don’t enjoy banging my head against a wall, as the famous quote goes, ” some men you just can’t reach”.

  15. King Lear, were you being sarcastic?

    Damien Echols is butt ugly. If I were to have sex with someone who looked like him I would need 2 paper bags. One to cover his head, and one for me, in case his broke, to protect my eyes from his ugliness.

    I just don’t get this fascination with him!

    1. I am with you on this. People idolize him and worship him. It makes me cringe because fans of his have them as cover photos on their twitter accounts and they love his mystical dribble. I do not think Jessie is guilty of anything but associating with Echols. Interesting how Vedder and Johnny depp have stopped contact with Echols? Johnny depp is a down to earth kind hearted guy. Could he have possibly been trying to help three guys? YES. Was peter jackson? NO he is an asshole. You do not want to meet that guy and his movies are shit. Damien wont visit anywhere unless he is paid for. Hey makes more money than some of these “celebrities” who spoke up for him yet he chooses to charge money for visits to people on welfare who cannot even afford to feed their families. What has he done to help find the real killer? what has he said about those poor little darling boys? ZILCH. 18 yrs on death row would be awful, being a parent of a murdered child would be worse. I just cannot believe I feel for his bull crap. Forgive me. I do however know Jason is lovely. He stated in the paradise lost interview he would not have chosen Damien as a friend. Jessie wont talk with him. He is not a wonderful caring human being as his followers and worshipers claim him to be. do not dare post on the facebook pages though against Damien or they will tweet him and tell him and he will get angry. Did you know they also ban and block people who say Damien is not hot. For gods sake WAKE UP people.

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