Damien Echols self diagnosis

In early February 1993, three months before the murders, Damien Echols applied for Social Security disability benefits, claiming that mental illness left him unable to work. The application form required him to list hospitalizations and diagnoses. Here’s what Echols wrote down:

Someone else filled in the hospital name and address, but that’s Damien Echols’ own handwriting under “Reason for Hospitalization”.

Altogether now supporters: “He was only joking!”

(For true case junkies, this is from page 125 of Exhibit 500.)

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  1. Immediately before he killed those children, Echols’ shrink noted he was on the verge of violence, so this doesn’t surprise me. The cockroaches who helped get this monster and the other murderers out of prison will slither away when the inevitable, I’m afraid, happens.



    1. haha you are an actual idiot and literally must know nothing about the case what so ever. The fact that they were freed and are not allowed to sue the state for what they shows they are innocent. Grow up.

  2. So Damien considered himself homicidal, suicidal, manic depressive, shizophrenic and sociopathic. Nothing to see here supporters! Move along!

    You know, this whole thing would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. This guy is a fucking walking timebomb! I’m afraid that his new money grubbing wifey-poo might be the first to fall prey to his murderous tendencies when he finally does snap. Oh wait, that might not be such a bad thing after all!

  3. Oh, that was the hospital taking advantage of a fun loving teenager from a dirt poor family. They only wanted him on disability so they could continue to treat him in order to take his money.

    Signed, NM, EV, JD, and the entire HBO crew.

  4. “Everyone will pay because everyone is too stupid to open their eyes. This is the final time and I am the new messiah. My body is changing but that medicine is making it happen a lot more slowly than normal. I am outgrowing my skin. I am eating packs of sugar and Kool-Aid to give my body extra energy it needs to make its change. Soon people will be able to know I am the Christ. I always knew I was different from other children.”

    -Damien Echols

    1. Wow! All kinds of crazy happening there! So not only is he a psychotic, schizophrenic, sociopathic, child murdering piece of white trash, he also has delusions of grandeur and a Christ complex! Hey, maybe he could be a motivational speaker at elementary schools. “Remember kids, eat your sugar packs and Kool-Aid and you too can become the new messiah!” I swear, somebody had better keep a CLOSE watch on this wacko.

    2. Note that when he wrote this he says he was taking medication. Watch “The Medicated Child.” These drugs aren’t usually approved for use in children or teenagers. You have no way of knowing if the drugs made him start to think this way. That would not be uncommon.
      I don’t know if he committed these crimes or not. I have watched and read enough to believe that some doubt would be reasonable. But holding up something written by a disgruntled teenager while he was medicated is about as useful as evidence as the black t-shirts from their trial.

  5. Now that I think about it you must be making this “self diagnosis” stuff up. Damien Echols told Larry King on December 19, 2007

    KING: Did you have multiple psychiatric illnesses?

    ECHOLS: I don’t think so. I think at the time I probably suffered from what most teenagers suffer from, you know, just teenage angst, maybe depression, maybe sometimes even severe depression.


    1. Oh I understand now! He was just depressed! I’ve been depressed in life myself but I’ve never gulped down Kool-Aid and sugar to transform into the “new messiah”. Damn, how much more evidence do people need to realize this guy is a grade-A lunatic?!

      1. And of course he’s gonna downplay it to Larry King – he’s not gonna say “Yup I’m a total homicidal nutcase who happened to kill three children.” You can tell how phony his act is now.

        1. Huh? I’ve wished no one dead “friend” but if Echols’ new wife is so STUPID to ignore the fact that she’s married a psycho, then I’d say she deserves whatever she gets and it’s no skin off my nose! Let’s be honest, this woman has seen how many dumbass supporters this creep has and thought “Damn, all I gotta do is sit back and watch the money roll in!” A few folks who visit this site have said how they’ve supported these scumbags by opening up their wallets! I have a feeling a lot of them are gonna have buyers remorse when this lunatic repeat offends.

    2. Did you seriously ask if this was made up? Have you even read exhibit 500? Damien suffered from much worse than angst and depression but keep drinking the koolaid…

    1. I completely 100% agree…if all this has been known why havent they just asked Damien questions about this stuff?

      I mean I know why HBO didnt…it wouldnt have formed bias like they wanted it to.

      …or ask Misskelley about the multiple confessions or the crying fits etc…

      …it just seems like as much as people dissect this case…the people that are at the center of it are never pushed to answer for these things in the public.

      1. …or why people never ask the hardcore supporters these questions…like the douches that were in PL2.

        Im just curious what they would say about this when they claim he was arrested for liking Metallica.

  6. In defense of Damien though…if you are applying for SS…you might want to make yourself seem as mental as possible…and putting homicidal is a HUGE red flag for placing someone mentally ill in the work force.

    1. In any case, this shows what a crock the claim he was investigated for being a metalhead is. If you volunteer a description of yourself as “homicidal” to the government, you better be ready to be investigated when a murder happens in your area.

      And anyway, I think being a sociopathic, schizophrenic, suicidal manic depressive would’ve been more than enough to collect social security. Besides, we KNOW Echols wasn’t lying about being homicidal – he had more than enough medical records to back it up.

    2. I’m just quikly skimming through the comments and I think you and I agree that these depraved psychos are guilty.

      Since you mentioned SS benefits, I know a couple of people who are on it and they NEVER put down “Homicidal”. As we know, sadly, Echols WAS homicidal.

      To qualify for SS benefits you first file with SS with your doctor’s written diagnosis. If you’re not “Homicidal”, they will turn you down the first time. Then you go through a lawyer and file an appeal. Now, almost 10 times out of 10, you will get turned down a second time. Then you file yet again and then a lot of people get full SS benefits.

      If Echols got it on the first try, that speaks volumes about how seriously troubled he was.

      And here’s another thing – There are people who are in wheelchairs that get turned down(!).

      So yeah, he was a danger to society….obviously and sadly.

  7. I’ll tell ya what. My step-brother listened to heavy metal music, drank and was into Satanism and drew evil pictures. When he drank he would get schizophrenic. One night at a drunken party he nearly cut off a mans genitals, his eyes and disemboweled him. There was blood everywhere. He got 35 years in prison. SO! I will say, that heavy metal and Satanism are both negative arenas that set kids up to commit such crimes. I believe Damian did it, but dragged his innocent friends along to help him commit his crime. I don’t think the other two boys knew what they were in for. And Damian WANTED to be feared and bragged about the crimes at school. He was under the influence of Satan. Anything is possible!

    1. Ive listened to the most “Satanic” music the planet has to offer and I also snuggle with my dog and read my nieces bedtime stories. Ive been a metal head my whole life…being entertained by evil is not a sign one is evil themselves.

      Funny thing is…the kids listened to Metallica…which is metal for kindergartners. Satan has never even been mentioned by them…ever.

      1. zackly….same here.

        You can’t blame metal any more than you can blame Steven King. Damien wasn’t under the influence of Satan. He got dumped by his girlfriend, got another chick pregnant & thought he was going to live in a trailer park the rest of his life. He was pissed off, on anti-depressants & drunk.

        It’s hard enough to get Metal bands booked in the states…can you imagine how it’s going to be when he the shit hits the fan?

        Ticks me off. Metallica fans….well that figures. All this support just fell into his lap & now he thinks he’s a genius. His survival instinct has fine tuned his manipulative skills but he’s not special. He’s gotta be just DYING to tell of his accomplishment. I imagine the only thing stopping him is all the goodies he’s getting.

        1. Throw in his psychosis and history of violence and brutality, and you are right, all blame rests with Echols for his part in the murders. People tend to forget his, well, less-than-stellar performance on the witness stand probabl swayed the jury to convict, not his cultural tastes. Anyone who watches a video of the cross-examination of Damien Echols can understand why he and Jason Baldwin were convicted.

      2. Agreed. I love old school Metallica, and anyone at all familiar with the band knows they were never very controversial in that regard. Which just goes to show how ridiculous that whole idea is that Metallica would’ve been reviled enough in 1993 for their fans to be framed with murder just for listening to their music. In 1993, of all years? After “Nothing Else Matters”? While they were holding huge, sold-out concerts just over the bridge in Memphis? Seriously, Metallica? That whole spin is such a joke.

    2. Let me tell you something.. I have been a very devoted fan of Marilyn Manson for 15 yrs..if you were to take first glance at me you wouldn’t know it..I’m the dance mom, jeans t-shirt type of person..not a day goes by that I don’t listen to hard metal..I’m not out killing people or trying to cut off anything..Do you think that man who kidnapped that little Smart girl listened to any rock?..no he was Mr. religious..That shit doesn’t matter…People are people and people make their own choices and since they are cowards they need Satan to blame

    3. People are entertained by all sorts of things. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s when it crosses into an obsession that it becomes dangerous. And I don’t really see how that can happen unless the person already suffers from mental issues. Like your stepbrother. And like, saaay, Damien Echols. He just superimposed different stuff, that to 99% people is just entertainment, on his already existing mental issues and sense of grandiosity. He would’ve been dangerous with and without his interest in the occult, and with or without his interest in heavy metal.

  8. I give it a month before Misskelley starts cracking and spilling the beans. Damien won’t be over for too many more of those Depp-Veder bar-b-q parties once the floodgates open…

    1. In a way, I hope Echols’ eventual explosion happens at one of those celebrity parties as they deserve to receive the brunt of his psychotic violence, not another innocent child.

  9. This whole website is a crock of shit..I’ve read what you guys say is prove that they did it…you don’t have a damn thing but your opinion..there is one FACT!! Not ONE piece of evidence..3 teenagers could not pull of this crime and so clean..teenagers are messy and there would have been hair, or semen left behind..there was hair in a knot..not any of those boys..another fact, Jessie wasn’t even friends with the other two. Jason and Damien were friends and Jessie just knew them..you people make me sick. To think that you find someone guilty sentenced to death with no proof, no evidence..Oh yeah and Jessies attorney, never quit on him..kept working on getting them out after they were sentenced, if he thought Jessie was full of it he would have walked away and let him rot, but he didn’t.

    1. The problem is people supported the kids as if they were obviously 100% innocent, got caught up in a witch hunt, and had no reason to even be implicated.

      Yet here is Damien saying 3 months before the murders that he has issues with homicidal thoughts and sociopathic tendencies? Then read Misskelleys confession to Stidham…he goes into gory detail…and there is no forced confession, its his own lawyer!

      These things do not prove guilt…but they do send up red flags that socially responsible people might want to stay away from saying publically that they are obviously innocent and its all a witchhunt.

      How Jackson, Maines and Vedder can say with no hesitation that they are obviously innocent is highly irresponsible.

      1. Literally every criminologist in the history of criminology- not a lawyer, not a police officer, people with master’s degrees in the study of crime- would emphatically disagree with you about Misskelley’s confession. It was completely forced and false. Twleve hours of interrogation with only the last 45 minutes being recorded and you’re claiming nothing went awry in that room?

        inb4 cliche and childish “DAT KOOL AID” straw man. You guys are worse than Illuminati theorists or 9-11 truthers.

    2. I think you’re missing the point. There is and has been a spin on this case since the release of the Paradise Lost series — three black t-shirt wearing metalhead/goth teenagers were 100% framed for murder. That’s just not the case.

      I think there was jury misconduct and frankly a lack of physical evidence — I don’t think they should have been convicted (the same way Casey Anthony, Robert Blake and OJ Simpson have been spared jail.) But I wasn’t on the jury. Damien Echols’ own words, arrogant attitude and silly behavior in court sealed his fate. (he blew kisses at the victim’s families, etc — even he admits that was “dumb”).

      Until recently I didn’t know about Jessie’s THREE OTHER CONFESSIONS he made after his conviction — one to his own attorney, one to prosecutors, and one to cops transporting him to jail. (all available on many sites — read them)

      Until recently I didn’t realize that NONE OF THE WM3 had an alibi for the time of the murders. They couldn’t produce one person to verify where they were. Not one single person. Baldwin didn’t even attempt to offer a witness.

      Until recently I didn’t know about Damien’s 500-plus-page mental health file. Read that file when you have a moment — you’re “peaceful wiccan goth teen poet” has some baggage to say the least. Many people were concerned about his violence, satanism and psychotic behavior. Many people knew this kid was a ticking timebomb. Read the file.

      Keep an open mind — do some research. You might be surprised what you discover.

      But remember, this isn’t a court of law–this is a blog on the Internet…

      1. Point noted about the last sentence.Too bad the judicial system seemed to forget it wasn’t a court of public opinion, either.

      2. Spin is an understatement. The part about how Misskelley was grilled for anywhere from 12-14 hours BEFORE he gave the confession. When people say that you can pretty much guarantee that they haven’t researched anything. That’s just not true. He was there maybe 2 hours before he talked and an hour of that was taking the polygraph. Of course his first story wasn’t the whole truth but that’s to be expected (he’d want to downplay his involvement obviously). OF COURSE he’s going to be questioned extensively after the confession. He’s the only frickin witness, what do people expect the cops to do?

        What WERE the cops suppose to do? Blow off the tips & confession?

        2 hours people….2 hours before they got a confession…..and riddle me this Batman……Misskelley said the shoes he wore during the murder were borrowed by a friend. Did the cops feed that shit to him too? And if the cops were so HOT for Damien, why give the star gore (mutilation) credit to Baldwin? Shouldn’t they have “fed” to Misskelley that Damien did that part?

        They can spin lack of DNA evidence all they want. Use that hair to harass a grieving parent assholes. Seriously….keep looking….try to clear their names. Lets see ALL the results. Where can I send money for the State to do DNA testing? Shoes first. If the parents support the WM3….it shouldn’t be a problem to exhume the bodies, correct?

        1. citizens of arkansas already send the state plenty of money to make its “case.” yet with all that money and more to spare they still couldn’t prove their accusations to those of us who know how to think critically. . . .

      3. I agree, its shocking what people will find out if they do the research, I know I was right along with supporters for a while but that last confession from misskelley when his counsel practically begged him not to, really topped the cake. I just cant bring myself to believe that jessie was given a script on what to say in his confession by prosecutors. Jessie made it clear he confessed because he “wanted something done about it.” I really think he felt remorse.

        1. and for someone as mentally incapable as jessie was supposed to be, he sure had a good memory of the crime and had no problem telling the same story over and over. Give or take a couple things, but his story was the same.

          1. actually it wasn’t. he said rope was used, shoe laces were used. no evidence of rape, he insisted rape. many other inconsistencies between his story and the evidence. . ..

        2. Eh…I meant to say “boots” because I don’t think they ever got the right set of shoes back from Buddy Lucas.

          I still haven’t figured out the whole deal with Misskelley’s shoes but there are several interviews where they were discussed. The cops must have been psychic to get the broken Evan Williams bottle & shoes story into the script they were feeding Misskelley.

          I really think he felt remorse too. The defense beat that right out of him tho.

          1. K,

            Jessie told his own lawyer, Dan Stidham, exactly where that bottle was. Stidham had said the time that if he found it where Jessie said it was and down to the same brand, then he would believe him. And….he found it.

        3. Agree 100% Beth.

          Also, wasn’t Jessie “mentally retarded” and in Stidham’s words “had the mental capacity of a 5 year old”?

          He’s pretty damn sharp to remember key details about the murders….even giving his, what? 6th statement to his own lawyer AFTER HE WAS CONVICTED!

          Pretty smart “borderline retarded” guy, eh?

      4. If you believe for a fact that they did it, then I think OJ Simpson killed his wife 100 . Yeah, why would you have a murder as your name on a website ?

  10. I work in the claims department for a certain governmental branch that awards money to people who are aging and/or disabled. I cannot tell you how common it is for people to use every single one of those terms as an attempt to get their claim approved. Again, it’s circumstantial evidence and very weak at that. Thank goodness for DNA evidence or buffoons like you would throw people in prison (oh wait, that already happened with these young men) based on ignorance, bias, opinion and no evidence. Move to a place like Yemen, you’d fit right in.

    1. Dear fuck. Do you ever stop and think to take this fantastical position you have to constantly spin and disregard a hell of a lot? I feel sorry for your employer.

    2. hehehehehe…..I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that thorough, qualified people like you are taking care of bizniz. You wouldn’t happen to be Phillip Garrido’s former parole officer would you?

    3. exactly, jazz. even if damien did write the reason for hospitalization and even if it were the truth, it’s not a criminal offense to be mentally ill or to have violent thoughts. here in america, we prosecute for actions not thoughts. we haven’t started down the path of enforcing thoughts on citizens. in theory, anyway, obviously we do prosecute for many other reasons besides crimes committed. these three are case in point. . . . .

      by continuing to taut damien’s guilt you weaken the very justice system in which you are judged by. do you really want to support a system that can execute YOU for a thought? I mean, really. . . . that is a much bigger threat to our freedom than any terrorist attack i can imagine. . .

  11. Damien claims he was constantly harassed, thrown in a mental institution unjustly (multiple times) and yet he tells his supporters that he “thought it would be okay” to taunt cops during a murder investigation because he believed in the system.

    BULLSHIT. If he wants to stick to that story then he needs to wear the “retarded” title….not Misskelley.

    How do these people FALL for this shit? I need to shut the hell up, become a supporter & go sell these um…..”brilliant investors” (yeah, that’s it) some property.

  12. I’ve gone through most of the documents in Exhibit 500. I got the strong impression that he wanted people to think he was severely disturbed, but I don’t really believe that he was. The accounts of him being homicidal towards others are hearsay. The kind of violence he was involved in was not exactly serial killer grade. I does bother how much about Damien’s background the Paradise Lost filmmakers decided to leave out. That story plays an important part in understanding why things went down the way they did. The cops wanted him for more compelling reasons than he wore black and listened to Metallica…

  13. One other thing…those symptoms listed are not a self-diagnosis. The question box says “Reason for hospitalization or clinic visits”. At the time his parents claimed he was suicidal and threatening members of his family and girlfriend’s step- father, and that was why he was hospitalized. What his parents said to get him in treatment is not any kind of diagnosis at all. He was never actually diagnosed with schizophrenia or as having sociopath tendencies while being treated. It seems like he wanted to exaggerate the reasons when he went to fill out that form. Or maybe he really was making a little joke. Don’t you think that one of those doctors would have mentioned in their reports that he was schizophrenic or a sociopath after working with him on a daily basis for months at a time? The only medication he was on that whole time was imipramine, which is NOT used to treated schizophrenia. He was a depressed and immature kid acting out for attention. The defense could have actually used such an extensive supply of information on his psychological state to show he doesn’t fit the profile of a serial killer at all.

  14. I think the purpose of people bringing up Damien’s medical records is not so much about arguing the interpretation of what the specific documents might mean, but rather the fact that Damien — the innocent, misunderstood goofy teenager who liked Metallica — actually had 509 pages of medical records discussing his mental health, odd behavior, propensity for violence and general instability.

    The files and their repeating themes are a slight reflection on his character, perhaps… Just guessing.

    How many pages were in your mental health reports up to age of 18? I’m not sure I had any, but that’s just me.

    Do you think the average WM3 supporter has any idea that these files even exist? Would they be sending money to the WM3 and essentially be publicly taunting the victim’s families if they read the case files and documents such as the Misskelley Bible confession?

    Here is Damien BEFORE the Paradise Lost support kicked in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOuEo1ouDOk

  15. The number of pages doesn’t have much to do with it. He stayed at two different clinics and for the most part it was the because he was suicidal. The amount of documentation would be the same for just about any patient. He was mentally ill, no doubt, but we can’t use that to say he killed those kids. I’m sure there were more than a few people with mental health histories in that community. The problem I have is that he was picked as a suspect for no good reason initially. If his issues were the reason then they should have looked at everyone in the area with mental instability. The documents and the confession of an accomplice together are pretty damning, but they botched the Misskelley interrogation and took advantage of him. It’s common knowledge now that testimony from children is pretty flimsy because they say what you want to hear. This was a major problem during the satanic panic and a lot of people were going to jail because of it. If you factor in Misskelley’s age with his IQ you are basically dealing with a child. I’m just saying, take out his confession and then what do you have? The mental health reports tell me a story about a really troubled kid, but it’s not enough to say this 18-19 year old boy is a killer. The few mentions of potential violence were just threats against family he was having problems with and a high school fight. You don’t just take a leap from that to murdering 3 random children. They could have picked another troubled kid and fed information to Misskelley in the same manner and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got the same story with a different name. It’s just not enough for me. Throwing in stories about satanism and the occult don’t make it any more convincing just desperate sounding. I’d love to know who the killers are and If it’s Echols than so be it. None of this means he didn’t do it, but it sure does cast a lot of doubt. I’d like to know why they thought it was Damien before the confession happened. To me that’s where this thing went wrong.

  16. @ Demosthenes

    When I watched Paradise Lost I, I said to myself, “damn, these kids seem guilty as sin” — and theY were not exactly putting up any fuss over their convictions, they just kinda sat there and took it like “oh wellz, time to get me another Mountain Dew and a bag of Funions before the rapes begin…” I would have been protesting MY ASS OFF.

    After Paradise Lost Two when the money, Celebes and murder-groupies started flowing in like cheap beer and Evan Williams, the WM3 got cocky. For the next 14 years BYERS was the new target. Even I said, “damn, that Bigfoot dude with the caved in head who killed his wife must have killed these kids.” The WM3 started thinking “we can beat this! there was really weak evidence!” They also couldn’t start calling Jessie “retarted” fast enough. Every sentence had to contain a “Jessie the retard” comment. Must have done wonders for Jessies prison moral. To show everyone he wasn’t retarded, Jessie had a clock tattooed across his skull. Point made!

    So now we all want them out of jail so Byers can be arrested — but nothing happens. Byers passes lie detectors and suddenly becomes part of the defense team — like a drooling Chewbaca, with a pickup truck full of Bibles and Xanax.

    Anyway, Terry Hobbs’ nose hair makes it to the crime scene… and now here we are, The killers are free and everyone wins, especially the Boogeyman!

    In short, read the Callahan files — they grilled hundreds of suspects followed dozens of leads, poly graphed half the town. Some how all roads led back to loud-mouth Goth boi Damien.. HE COULDN’T SHUT HIS TRAP about the killings — telling anyone who would listen (look it up) — and now he even admits “well… yeah I said that stuff to the girls at the softball games — hell, I was just joking” — well. pick better punch lines next time.

    These kids weren’t randomly picked up for this crime — they got caught and all the pieces came together and their alibis fell apart. Being drunk, poor and bored while possessing even the most remote ideas of idiot Satanism, pussy wiccan, insane clown possee logic, etc, will lead to trouble. It took the three of them less than 15 minutes on a warm May evening to destroy the lives of three innocent kids.

    Maybe they are not bad kids. But they were just for that one moment in 1993, and that was enough.

  17. lol @OJSimpson

    “like a drooling Chewbaca, with a pickup truck full of Bibles and Xanax”

    That whole post was great.

    “oh wellz, time to get me another Mountain Dew and a bag of Funions before the rapes begin…”


    1. Most of the supporters piss me off too. How are you going to just take the viewpoint of some HBO filmmakers as truth? There’s bias in just about anything you can find in the media or on the internet regarding this.

  18. Even I said, “damn, that Bigfoot dude with the caved in head …..

    Too funny:)

    “Anyway, Terry Hobbs’ nose hair makes it to the crime scene… and now here we are….


  19. The more I read, Echols was pretty disturbed and into some weird delusion shit. If it weren’t for this case he actually might have committed a serious crime sooner or later. However, most of the sources of information involving he admitting the killings are pretty unreliable. Obviously the only one worth bringing into court were those two girls and you have to admit that information is pretty weak as well. Is there any real proof he was even at that softball field? And I just don’t see how you take his previous behaviors and translate that into killing three kids. The crime scene wasn’t ritualized. Even if it was, his talk about drinking blood wouldn’t require that sort of violence. I also see no reason to imply that he would consider something as extreme as child sacrifice. The mention of things like that are actually pretty rare in the occult world and are not a part of Wicca. Those bible confessions you mentioned are just as all over the place as sound as made up as the police ones. Also many things Misskelley claimed happen at the scene have almost all be disproved. Why would Echols be doing sexual things to those kids anyway, he may be a lot of things but he’s not a pedophile. It’s just not consistent with the sort of issues he has.

    1. You make good points. Again, I don’t think Damien’s mental health files PROVE that he’s a killer, I’m just saying “wow” — I had no idea they even existed. I thought these were just “three random kids who liked Metallica” — or as any many people say “it could have easily been you or me.” These weren’t the kids next door.

      I have no idea what the hell to make of Jessie’s other confessions other than to say that they left me disturbed. Why was he so determined about giving those other confessions? While they are strange, there are some parts that sound sincere — he sounds remorseful, Is he a “retarded kid” or a oscar-winning actor?

      Believe me, if ANY one of these kids had an alibi for 6:30pm to 8pm on that day I would be inclined to believe they were not guilty.

      This was no organized ceremony — just three random drunk dumbass kids in a moment of violence. No one believes that the state had the murder weapon. No one believes what that kid Michael Carson testified about Jason — seriously, I don’t think Jason made any such jailhouse confession.

    2. It was bound to happen?? Simple as that! Now we have to worry he doesn’t “become a suicide bomber” for lack of a better way to put it? take 1000’s with him? I was a supporter the whole time until last week and I don’t know about yall but that new pic that’s out with Damien sitting in a chair with a microphone in his hand? Tell me that don’t remind you of Jim Jones? JMHO and Thank God I woke up!

  20. I have a hard time imagining it like that I guess. Although, more than the alcohol I’d say the group think mentality could most definitely lead to something like that happening. That and peer pressure. It wouldn’t surprise me if somehow Echols got the idea that killing three children would give him those super powers he speaks of and make him feel like god. If enough people in a small town like that call you evil eventually you start to believe them.

  21. KING: Did you have multiple psychiatric illnesses?

    ECHOLS: I don’t think so. I think at the time I probably suffered from what most teenagers suffer from, you know, just teenage angst, maybe depression, maybe sometimes even severe depression.


    KING: Did you have multiple psychiatric illnesses?

    ECHOLS: I don’t think so. I think at the time I probably suffered from what most teenagers suffer from, you know, manic depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoid schizophrenia, and of course homicidal sociopathic delusions of grandeur. What Metallica fan goes through.

  22. i think damien has shown to have quite the acting skills, especially his interviews and 1994 trial. It seens that he likes the media attention, the fame this case has brought him, He did quote in an interview, that he had the idea everyone in the world would know about him, could foresee that in the future.
    I think he would be a great Actor.
    I am a talent agent, based in Los Angeles, CA. I believe he has potential in this industry. Anyone who is a friend, or knows Damien personally. Pass on this message to him. William Morris Agency

  23. It beggars belief that supporters can read the 500 and say it was normal teen angst and that it doesn’t show insight into the mind of a killer.

    FFS, if a person were to read the 500 and STILL say they are innocent, then I am afraid you are a lost cause.

    I personally believe Damien Echols is going to absolutely erupt sometime in the near to not too distant future. Somebody else posted (I can’t remember if it was here…) that when he does, they hope it is unleashed on the celebrity wankers who helped free him. I couldn’t agree more!

  24. Exhibit 500 establishes that he has suffered from mental illness. I read nothing of it that implied he had potential to be a killer other then the supposed reason he was institutionalized which stated he threatened his family and suicide. He denied that he threatened his family, maybe they just thought he desperately needed help and knew saying that would get him in. I imagine he’s not the only person in that area with mental health problems… Let’s just suppose Misskelley’s confession is made up as he says it is, then those hospital records don’t add up to much in relation to the murder of three children.

    1. He threatened to kill a police officer who arrested him. He threatened to kill his girlfriend’s father. He threatened to kill his mother. He threatened to kill his father. He (allegedly, maybe) talked about getting his girlfriend pregnant, then using the baby as a human sacrifice. He tried to gouge out a classmate’s eyes with his fingernails. He was pleased at being told he could be another Manson or Bundy. Several caseworkers noted his “homicidal ideation” and/or called him a potential danger to others. He called himself homicidal and sociopathic on his Social Security disability application.

      I see a pattern there.

      1. The threats to his girlfriends father and his parents were what I was referencing as to what got him admitted. I don’t take that kind of thing lightly, but how do you go from threats that weren’t acted on and some high school fight to actually killing 3 kids. Real serial killers have a much more elaborate pattern that involves carried out violence. A fight is a completely different circumstance to premeditated murder. I’ve seen no real evidence the line about sacrificing a baby was ever said by Echols. He just seems to be all talk to me at that stage in his life aside from that anyway. The actual hospital reports by the staff make him sound pretty tame.

        1. Please see the dog incident.

          how do you go from a redneck yokel stepdad (randomly pick one) to killing your stepson and his playmates?

  25. Wow, a lot of you are so astoundingly stupid, you could have been on the original jury. Do you see any evidence that this form has ~anything~ to do with Damien Echols? This form is someone documenting past hospitalization – and why would he be giving a ‘self-diagnosis’. Who would be asking him for a “self-diagnosis”. All of you who support the idea of innocent people being jailed, or executed – really are freaks. Why do you constantly create this type deliberately fraudulent nonsense? If any of you dealt with facts you might be compelling, but, of course, if you dealt with the facts you’re opinion would be an overwhelming – innocent.

  26. I cant believe half the shit I read. I have a mental disability ( Bipolar and not ashamed of it). I have read something on Damien Echols about his family having past history of mental problems. I read that Damien had problems as a child eating, sleeping, OCD issues, depression and acts of violence. I was the same way as a child BECAUSE of my mental disorder. Bipolar is very complex ,everyone who has it may suffer different highs and lows. I think Damien suffers with Bipolar disorder. .I think Damien had a lot of issues that only Damien understands. You cant read his thoughts or feel his feelings. All you can do is read shit the media throws out there to bash someone. I feel for Damien since I had fuck up thoughts to, maybe not like his but I had a lot of pain and had no clue why. Dealing with non stop counselors who get paid to node there head and say How do you feel ? was my whole childhood. Dealing with non stop medicine and a disorder that I didn’t even know what it was. Yet day in and day out I was judged by family members, and so called friends over a disorder that they didn’t understand. So since they didn’t understand, I was dubbed the name crazy. Just like Damien who is complex and has some sort of mental disorder. I think people who judge are more fucking crazy then the people with the disorders. The truth hurts 🙂
    WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TO JUDGE ? That’s up to God not us. If Damien did do anything then he will suffer in the after life. Which is worse then any torment on earth. Alls this site is , is not stop bashing a human that non of us even know at all.

  27. Since day one of learning about this case I have been the probably the biggest single supporter of the WM3 I’m sure,If not,I I’m close,I am not bragging but I say this because I have spent countless hours blogging, reading every single document,you name it,I did it. No one in this world would ever convince me they were guilty and I assumed after thousands of pages of the docs that I was like Damien, “I knew it all”
    I bought the movies,books etc…and I’m not kidding you when I say I have 100’s of the documents from the case file and sometimes spent 2 nights in a row without sleeping because I couldn’t get it out of my mind..How wrong the sytem did these boys? I very seriously doubt there are many bloggers who don’t know me and my posts and how passionate I can get about certain cases and when I heard this one,It killed me that three little boy’s were murdered and SIX little boys lives were taken and the killer roams free and thought I knew everything there was to know about the case and i constantly put the word out about the Injustice that was done by the WMPD and I say all this because as of Friday/Saturday around 2:am I became a Non -Supporter ( alittle to late now) by reading about the case as it actually happened and there was no doubt in my mind that they are guilty! I am terrified to think about Damiens wife Lori? Did she take the HBO documenatary into account like I and many many others have all this time? or did the famous people read what I had just read? If they did then I don’t think they could say they’re Innocent and I’d hope she wouldn’t of married him if she knew? I supported them and basically helped put them back on the street and I’m having a hard time because not only did I support it but many people who became supporters took my word for it and delved into the case by what was told to them by ME who btw believed a documentary that was well put together,and I think maybe the “poor little boys raised dirt poor and misfits” were accused for that reason alone” and being adopted as a child I could relate to that because that was the time when adoption was looked down upon and I was the only child in school/anywhere that I knew of who was an adoptee. Though I was never picked on for it because I spent my life laughing when someone even tried so it didn’t last long if someone did,but these boys were never targeted….period,It’s just the excuse they used and yeah,they were targeted because they were guilty,That’s what cop’s do,LoL Heck if I did it I’d think they targeted me too….I mean seriously!
    Anyway that’s why I think I related to the poor boy thing but poor or not I know I could never hurt a child let alone stomp them todeath,tie them up back to back,they were defenceless by being 8 yrs old and yet tied up and beat to death IMHO. The boys ligatures were a mystery nobody could figure out because of the way they were tied but now it all fits into place. I can’t imagine the horror those little boys faced or that I helped and in some ways praised them for it basically and I’m sure my post is a jumble but I am so ashamed but I have to straighten it out somehow and apologize for being so blind,I believe now with all my heart that Jessie’s confessions were true BUT remember too that he was drunk so maybe he did get confused and some things were a blur and I now agree with every word Whitelilly (above) said…. if a person were to read the 500 an….Id STILL say they are innocent, then I am afraid you are a lost cause.


  28. At this point, I’m not so sure what to believe anymore, I have read countless articles, documents, health records, police reports, witness statements, read and heard all three of Misskelleys confessions, watched both Paradise lost films, and saw videos of police interrogations, regarding this case. I’ve never been more stumped in my life. After watching Paradise lost 1&2, I was sure it was John Mark Byers that had committed those murders, Then after researching the case online, I was absolutely sure that it was Terry Hobbs. After re-watching Paradise Lost 1&2, I was even sure that the victims families had something to do with it, mainly because of Pam Hobbs behavior in the first Paradise Lost, where she is being interviewed by a news reporter, She shrieked with excitement at the idea of being on tv, rather than being somber at the fact that her young child had been murdered mercilessly. Melissa Byers had a peculiar demeanor as well. I was sure the prosecutors, The victims families and the West Memphis Police Department were the ones involved in those satanic cults, and that they themselves killed those three little boys, in a poorly imitated recreation of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I even began to think the ‘Mr. Bojangles’ incident might have been a possibility. Now i can’t help but believe, maybe the mw3 did have something to do with it. It’s just one colossal mess of document junk that points the finger at all directions.
    It has been 18 years of discussing this case to absolute oblivion, countless debates, articles, forum discussion, personality analyzing, restless research. Yet, No solid evidence of anything definite.

  29. here is where I have an issue….if the supporters claim that Damien was a misguided youth and was joking about his application for Social Security disability benefits, then does mean he lied and hence this constitutes fraud?

  30. Let me just say that I am a witch. I celebrate all pagan holidays, I perform rituals and spells. I have a copy of the Satanic bible next to my bed (I bought it recently out of curiosity) and you wanna know what I listen to? Usually easy listening, celtic folk music, pan flute, nature sounds, ect..
    Any affiliation with “satan” or the occult should not have anything to do with how a person is tried in court. A person’s religion has nothing to do with how likely they are to murder.
    In fact, more people have died in the name of Christianity than any other religion.

  31. I can’t believe the money he is making off this! He must love it!! Adoration, money, fame(that’s what he always wanted), celebrity friends. He must think he died & went to heaven, not to mention he is laughing his ass off. How disgusting!

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