More Terrible Media Coverage

Terrible media coverage of the WM3 release deal continues.

Gullible reporters keep rehashing the Paradise Lost/’s Knot story without making the slightest effort to find out if that story is true. A prime example from Rolling Stone: How Rockers Helped Free the West Memphis Three.

Some publications haven’t even made the pretense of independent reporting, instead commissioning puff pieces by longtime pro-WM3 propagandists. Newsweek hired Mara Leveritt, while Time countered by hiring Joe Berlinger.

This isn’t journalism, it’s more like a schoolgirl crush.

26 thoughts on “More Terrible Media Coverage”

  1. I think more in terms of outright prostitution.

    This would be the equivalent of allowing a political candidate’s communications director writing the front page coverage.

  2. What can we do to reverse the plea agreement? Can we enlist our own celebrities to help get our message out? Everytime you put WM3 in the search engine – “pro” sites immediately pop up – there are hardly any “non” sites out there. We really need to get the truth out.
    Do you offer bumper stickers or shirts that we could buy w/your website on it? It could say something like: “” w/”Don’t believe the lies” written under it. I would so rock those and I’m sure a lot of other people would, too! 🙂

    1. Yes and the t-shirts should depict the three standing side by side, damien with a sullen evil stare with sharpened nails licking the blood off his arm, Jason holding a pick axe in one hand and curved throwing knife in the other while jessie is holding a pair of adidas shoes while tears are streaming down his face from remorse. Then underneath the above picture use your caption.

      1. Ooooh! I LOVE that idea! Isn’t there a site (I think it’s where you tell them what you want and they print it? I think the WM3 uses that site for their t-shirts and stuff. We should use that site and ours can be side-by-side w/the free WM3 crap! Hee Hee! 😀 Let’s do it!

      2. Thats a good idea but its probably too late to do any good. I mean theyre free now and the plea stopped all future chances of investigation. Yet, the wm3 groupies claim theyll keep searching for the “true” killers to clear their name, but something tells me we wont be hearing anymore about that. OMG what a bunch of jerks.

    2. They are innocent. Terry Hobbs is the real killer and got away with it. I don’t know how that p.o.s. can sleep at night knowing what he did.

  3. to WM3truth, any chance you could start a forum on your site also?
    thanks for your work
    I have been posting on the offical facebook page (under a different name, I posted as myself but got some very disturbing hate mail from supporters!!. disturbing people) I could do with some back up guys!

    1. r ju crazy mon? I’d rather go to Toys R Us on kids-get-a-free-toy-day and declare that there isn’t a Santa Claus. I’d rather go to Sturgis and call all the bikers sissies.

      They’ve drank the kool-aid and are dancing nekkid in the mosh pit. They repeated after Maynard and missed the real point. You can’t ruin their party, they’ll eat you alive.

      1. they will ban u if you say anything bad about damien. You can tell them jessie is dumb and they nod their heads in agreement, but say a bad word about Damien or even that you think he is pretty weird or not attractive and you are blocked. Good, block me. Idiotic idol worship

  4. For a supposedly enlightened Buddhist, Damien has not bothered to mention the suffering of three dead boys that much. He has spent little time discussing what Jason and Jessie must have gone through, either. Like David Koresh, Charlie Manson and Jim Jones, others’ misfortune is likely petty and annoying to him if and when he considers them at all.

    As for Lorri Davis, Mara said she was an architect. Now PEOPLE magazine has downgraded her to landscape designer.

  5. Well, Lorri is definitely one the principal architects in springing three child murderers. How fucked in the head do you have to be to see Damien Echols in PL1 and immediately fall in love with him? Seriously, she has to have mental issues.

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