48 Hours Interview with Echols and Baldwin

CBS will run a new 48 Hours episode about the West Memphis Three this Saturday. The highlight will be a new interview with America’s most beloved child-killers, Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin. Preview with interview excepts.

Judging from the preview, the interview will be just as fawning and misinformed as most WM3 coverage. For example:

In this exclusive interview Jason Baldwin says he turned down a deal for freedom initially because the stipulation for their release was changing their original not guilty pleas to guilty.

It would have been the second time he’d turned down a deal. The first time was after the three little boys were found brutally murdered in a ditch in West Memphis and Baldwin was arrested.

Prosecutors offered then 16-year-old Baldwin a five year sentence in exchange for his testimony against Echols.

Baldwin refused because he says he would have had a hand in sending his friend to death row but this time he said yes to save his friend’s life.

Five-year sentence offer? Bullshit.

Before Jessie Misskelley’s trial, prosecutors offered Misskelley a fifty-year sentence in exchange for his testimony against Baldwin and Echols. That offer is documented in the January 26, 1994 pre-trial hearing. But there is no record of prosecutors ever offering Jason Baldwin a plea deal.

Mara Leveritt claims in Devil’s Knot (pages 233 and 257) that prosecutors offered Baldwin a forty-year plea deal, then later a twenty-year plea deal. Her sources are interviews years later with defense lawyer Paul Ford and Baldwin himself. According to her footnote, Ford “could not remember the exact terms”, so the numbers must have come from Baldwin himself.

And now Baldwin claims prosecutors offered him a five-year sentence plea deal? After they refused to offer Jessie Misskelley anything less than fifty years? When they knew that Jason Baldwin was the one who actually used the knife to slice open one boy’s face and carve off another boy’s genitals? Absolute 100% bullshit.

God forbid anyone at CBS News express the slightest skepticism at what a convicted and confessed child-killer says.

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  1. Keep this up, people need to know the truth about these murdering bastards, everybody should spread the truth about this miscarriage of justice. The memory of Steve, Christopher, and Michael deserve better than to be mocked by national news outlets.

    1. I completely agree with this. There was so much spin on that special it wasn’t even funny. People NEED to know, and obviously the Reputable News Media doesn’t want the truth. What happened to good investigative journalism? It’s just pathetic at this point.

  2. What Scott said.

    It is time to rebut all these lies when and where we can.

    Odd that Jessie wasn’t interviewed, but we all can surmise why.

  3. Do these people not fact-check before they let lies be told? And I find it odd, too, that Jessie wasn’t interviewed. I wish they would – I would totally watch that train wreck. Wonder if they were paid for the interview?

  4. According to second- and third-hand sources, Misskelley continued to acknowledge his guilt in prison over the last few years. Maybe he’ll tell the true story again publicly someday, in which case we’ll be treated to another round of “you can’t believe anything Jessie says, he’s retarded” from the groupies.

    1. Please give us any more info you can on what Misskelley said in the last few years and who your sources were. That is very, very interesting information that we have not heard before.

  5. Would it have killed Ms. Moriarty to include just one single fact (and there are many) that points toward guilt? That piece of “journalism” could not have been more one sided. How about including the little tidbit that Mr. Bojangles had a CAST ON HIS ARM! He was not a suspect because the police knew that you can’t hog tie three kids with one arm strapped in a sling. This dude was so “out of it” he could not even control his own bowels in the restroom of Bojangles, much less restrain three kids. How about just a mention that Jessie continued to confess, over and over and over, after his conviction? Lorri Davis wonders how it would be possible that Damien did not have any mud on him that night. How about the fact that the Hollingsworth clan claims they saw Damien “with dirt on him” on the service road near the Blue Beacon at 9:40pm on the night of the murders… and testified about it in the trial? Instead of saying there was not a shred of evidence, how about mentioning that there were fibers found on the victims that were “consistent” with items in Damien and Jason’s homes. That evidence, if you were in the courtroom when it was presented in the trial, was much more convincing than the hairs that we are hearing about now that are “consistent” with Terry Hobbs. How about Damien telling police that candles might be part of a ritual killing… and there is blue candle wax on one victim’s shirt… and blue candle wax in Damien’s room. How about mentioning the fact that Damien was not just your garden variety “troubled teen?” He was a suicidal nut case going in and out of a string of mental health facilities in the year leading up the murders. His mental health file in 1993 was 500 pages long. Who has a mental health file 500 page long?! He admitted in the “48 Hours” story tonight that he had terrible judgment as a teenager. I’ll say. Did the fact that Damien was “different” help get them arrested? Sure it did. No one else was walking around the trailer parks of West Memphis in a black trench coat in May looking suspicious. No one else was bragging to people at ball parks that he killed three little boys. But Damien says he never said that. Oh wait… now he says maybe he did say it… but he was “only joking.” I mean, you know, people joke all the time about committing triple homicides… don’t they? During the trials the circumstantial evidence pointed to Damien and Jason. All roads kept leading back to Damien and Jason. That’s what got them convicted… not “satanic panic.” Nobody in that courtroom put any stock in what the mail order Satanism “expert” said. Nobody cared that Damien listened to Metallica. We all listened to Metallica in 1993… they were one of the most popular bands on the planet. But there WAS a mountain of circumstantial evidence that kept pointing to Damien and Jason. It’s impossible to understand this unless you sat in that courtroom and watched it all go down. The little clips you see in “Paradise Lost” don’t even begin to touch all the nuances of what went on in that courtroom in Jonesboro in 1994. I am sick of reporters spewing out the same old, same old. That wasn’t even a new interview with Johnny Depp on “48 Hours” tonight. That interview is a year or two old, is it not? Where is he by the way? Has he said anything about it publicly since they were released? On another note, I found it interesting that Pam Hobbs, in her new “48 Hours” interview tonight, seemed to be backing off her assertions that Terry Hobbs is the “real killer.” A quote from Erin Moriarty in the “48 Hours” report… “Although Pam now says that in her heart she can’t believe Terry could have committed such a horrible crime, she did wonder why her ex-husband waited so long to tell her that Stevie was missing.” So now Pam doesn’t “believe in her heart” Terry did it? Wonder what’s up with that? This is a quote from Pam Hobbs on WREG Memphis on August 18th… “I felt like those three guys were guilty and they did it. Now, I’m a little confused over things that have come up over the years as to whether they actually committed the crime or if they’re innocent,” Well if the WM3 committed the crime, then that means Terry Hobbs didn’t… right? It’s too bad she’s so “confused” about who did it. If Pam Hobbs and Mark Byers had not joined the “Free the WM3” bandwagon, I doubt the WM3 would have been released. So now that they are free she’s going to start backtracking and say Terry didn’t do it after all? This makes my head hurt.

  6. Thanks for putting it all out there Arkansas. So much for 48 hours. Doesn’t anybody do real investigative journalism anymore? I’m not seeing any.

  7. So Jessie…who is borderline retarded with the mental capacity of a 5 year old is now enrolled in Community College. What do supporters have to say about that one??? Quite telling there was no interview with him..only Damien and Jason. Why not put the tough questions to Jessie…like why did you confess to this over and over and over again. Guilty as charged!

    1. @Billyboy. Not sure what “coon lovers” means in the U.K. – but here in the south, it’s actually a racist comment. :-S
      But I’m glad you agree that they are guilty! 🙂

  8. It was said on 48 hours last night that there wasn’t ANY evidence found in damien or jasons home that was related to the crime. I could have sworn they found fibers, blood in a necklace, candle wax, …..?

  9. Beth, you’re right, there were matching fibers, a necklace with blood on it and candle wax possibly matching the crime scene found in their houses.

  10. Also, I thought they found semen stains on a pair of the boys pants? Did that ever get tested? I would think that would be on the high priority list of things to test.

    1. Beth, the boys and their clothes were submerged for what is estimated to be 18 and a half hours, dna, especially dna tested in 1993 just cant hold up for that long. Blood on the pendant was consistent with Steve Branch and Jason Baldwin, it was never brought into court. But hey, we wouldn’t want 48 hrs spoiling their story with facts would we. I mean, who cares if Misskelley continued to confess constantly after his conviction. That is perfectly normal behavior for someone who is supposedly innocent right? Why would they mention that during the Damien Jason love hour.

      1. So true on those facts Scott H. Also “the Damien/Jason Love Hour”… love it!.

        Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am pretty sure the possible semen on the victim’s pants (anyone remember which victim?) was tested by the Arkansas State Crime Lab back in 1993-1994. I believe that the test was inconclusive as to the source (and maybe inconclusive as to whether it was even actually semen). I believe I remember reading that the entire sample was used/destroyed in that 1993-94 test. I would LOVE to know if there is any remaining semen that could be retested. I’m pretty sure that these days you don’t have to have such as large sample size as you did back in 1993 to test these types of things. The semen is important because I believe Jessie mentioned (in one of his multiple confessions) that Damien’s semen was deposited or wiped onto a pair of victim’s pants. Somebody correct me if I am wrong on any of these facts. Please add details if you know them for a fact. I’m busy today and don’t have time to look up the details right now.

        Even it the semen COULD be retested, this is the exact type of evidence the defense probably would NOT have retested because it might prove the WM3 are guilty. I can promise you they won’t be retesting anything that might not look good for them. And… if they did find something, would they be required to report something they retest that points to guilt? I seriously doubt it.

        This is a quote from prosecutor Scott Ellington at the West Memphis Forum (aka Mara Leveritt book sale and signing event) at the Clinton Center in Little Rock during the week after the WM3 release: “I’m not going to receive any new evidence from you guys out there, but if you can get it to the defense team and it goes through their screening process, then it will be considered.” As far as I have seen, no one has even questioned the complete stupidity of this statement. So ALL new evidence testing has to go to through the defense “screeners?” Seriously?! I am so sure the defense will be happily sending Scott Ellington evidence they retest that proves guilt instead of innocence.

        If anyone knows more about the semen sample and whether it still exists… please post. Maybe someone could start a fundraising campaign to have it retested.

  11. The callahan files are on wm3.org. Why wouldn’t supporters see the inconsistencies and circumstantial evidence? Why when asked won’t they address the MULTIPLE confession issue?

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the WM3 kids killed the 3 boys WITHOUT any type of devil ritual happening? To be clear, three drunk idiots with no direction in life and some dumb ideas (possibly blurred by some weird concept of dabbling in the occult, but not fully guided by a satanic plan, ect) jumped these kids and killed them in blaze or rage and anger – and then quickly tried to cover their tracks.

    Does anyone think they were lighting candles and chanting? While clearly these idiots read books and bragged about dumb occult shit, I still think that was just another flaw of their already shitty character traits. The three little boys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No ceremony, no robes, no spells — just drunk assholes taking revenge for their deadend lives.

    Sadly, this stuff happens in society. Anyone remember Ricky Kasso? This guy was the NY version of Damien. From wiki:

    Richard “Ricky” Kasso (March 1967 – July 7, 1984), also known as The Acid King murdered 17-year-old acquaintance Gary Lauwers in Northport, Long Island, New York on June 16, 1984. Two other teens, Jimmy Troiano and Albert Quinones, were present at the murder, which took place in the Aztakea Woods of Northport while all four were high on what they believed (and was reported) to be mescaline but was most likely either PCP or LSD. The murder became sensational news in the New York area and across the nation due to the torture of Lauwers and alleged Satanic ritualistic aspects of the murder. The murder took place during a period when there was much public concern[1][2][3] over the effects of Satanic and occult content in heavy metal music and in role playing games. Kasso was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt at the time of his arrest and was a fan of groups such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Ozzy Osbourne.

    Kasso also expressed to friends his great interest in Anton LaVey’s book The Satanic Bible. On at least one occasion, Ricky’s parents admitted him to the South Oaks Psychiatric Hospital (formerly known as the Amityville Asylum) in Amityville, New York for drug rehabilitation and psychiatric care.

    In the year prior to the murder, Kasso and others had been arrested for grave robbing, taking a human skull, a skeleton hand and other objects from a local cemetery. About a month after his arrest for this crime, Ricky contracted pneumonia and was treated at Long Island Jewish Hospital. During his hospital stay, his parents tried to convince the doctors to commit him for involuntary psychiatric care. However, the conclusion of the psychiatrists was that Kasso exhibited antisocial behavior but was neither psychotic nor a violent danger, and Kasso was released upon recovering from his bout with pneumonia.


    Sound familiar?

    1. Absolutely “OJSimpson,” that is exactly what happened. This quote from you sums up the whole mess exactly…“While clearly these idiots read books and bragged about dumb occult shit, I still think that was just another flaw of their already shitty character traits. The three little boys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No ceremony, no robes, no spells — just drunk assholes taking revenge for their deadend lives.” Yes, yes and yes… that is exactly what happened. And this is exactly the opinion those of us sitting through that entire trial formed. The prosecution made it crystal clear that Damien was a guy who dabbled in many religions as a teen (and he still does as an adult… the most recent being Buddhism, I believe). Testimony was given about his interest in Catholicism, Wicca, and his possession of a book by Anton LeVey (founder of the Church of Satan). While there may have been a bit of “satanic panic” in the neighborhoods of West Memphis (and rightfully so) there was no such thing inside that courtroom. And remember, the jurors were not from West Memphis… they were from Jonesboro/Craighead County for this very reason. Damien was successfully portrayed by the prosecution for what he was… a nut case, who dabbled in the occult, who was placed at the crime scene by a witness, who bragged about the killings around town, who had fibers consistent with those from his home at the crime scene, who was caught telling lies on the stand repeatedly, etc, etc. THIS is what really happened in that courtroom and this was not conveyed in those few courtroom clips you see in PL1 and PL2.

      1. It was a thrill kill. Those 8 year olds were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Satanic ritual had no part in it…just listen to Jessie’s confession. And am I the only one who find its strange nothing is being made of a “borderline retarded kid with an IQ of 72” enrolling in college?

    2. I don’t know what exactly happened during and after the crime. For example, I wouldn’t put saying some sort of “prayer” or whatever past crazy Echols. But I definitely don’t think it matters much in this case, or that anything satanic was the motive for the crimes. Just 3 innocent kids crossing paths with 3 monsters.

  13. The 48 hours special was completely despicable. For a “news program” to completely omit the facts of this case is truly reprehensible journalism. In fact, it’s not journalism at all. I actually had a hard time sleeping after watching that special because it made me so angry. I don’t know how any human being can look at this case and not realize the WM3 are 100% guilty. EVERYTHING points towards that. And whenever a supporter is challenged, they can NEVER refute any of the things that points towards the guilt of these three psychos.

    1. Really, it’s no surprise. I’ve never had much respect for that program. I don’t have much respect for CBS News in general–except 60 Minutes.

  14. Erin Moriarty shouldn’t have credibility as a journalist. She appears more concerned about impressing male interview subjects than she is about what she is supposedly reporting. She strikes me as a Susan Sarandon liberal: Uptight Catholic-bred “good girl” who is hung up over lusting for and saving “bad boys.” Don’t know if Moriarty is Catholic, but she’s a Kool-Aid drinker.

  15. I think that all of you that think these kids are guilty are absolute cock heads!
    Billyboy, Ohhh how cool are you! Former criminal and you’re proud of that! Google me! You’re a Wanker!
    I bet everyone leaving comments on here that say they’re guilty are exactly like the rest of those freakshows from west Memphis.

  16. I don’t know if I may have missed it or whether they had DNA testing back in 1994. But I don’t recall ever seeing if the boys that were murdered were tested for dna under their finger nails. If this was done, then I missed it but I have tried to read everything on this site because to anyone that has an open mind, it seems impossible to think they are innocent. And I would think as far as the struggle, that at least one of the boys would have been clawing and scratching like crazy.

  17. Am I the only one smart enough to realize that questioning Jessie’s enrollment in college is just plain silly? You do ralize he’s to old for highschool, right? And that even colleges have special education courses? How could so many of you miss his? Have you gone blind in your bias research? I see so many accusing the supporters of avoiding “facts”, but that’s all I see here from all of you. Candle wax? Inconclusive? Semen? Well, there’s a debate on whether it’s semen or candle wax. Inconclusive again. Fibers from scene match Damien and Jasons house? Yet again, inconclusive, being that these fibers are common in many household. Matching blood type? Well, your first problem is that you insist this must mean the WM3 did it, but you blatantly ignore Byer’s knife having the same blood type on it as 2 of the little boys. What about Hobb’s conflicting story? How can that mean nothing if you’re not being biased? This site is a perfect example of a witchunt, and each one of you agrees with the other regardless of sources or proof. Noone here seems to be able to come up with any other options. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so foolish. Maybe the WM3 did it, but nothing here would stand up in even the weakest of courts.

  18. I’m also curious as to what you people have in the way of professional education that allows you to so easily dismiss the findings of a 29-year veteran of the F.B.I. and a man who wrote “the bible” on forensics. These men claim this to be a case of murder and animal mutilation. That throws out the knife and genital removal by knife. No sign of rape in the mouth or anus kinda throws out the rape accusation. And how about those dirty clothes of Damiens that someone here mentioned a “clan” of people seeing? Are we now going to ignore the people in that “clan” that claimed they DID NOT see this person close enough to know if it’s Damien, let alone, close enough to see dirt on his BLACK clothes. Why are you all failing to mention that? And I’d like to know exactly WHICH CONFESSION of Jessie’s you’re all going by. Or are you just cherry picking the different parts in order to find him guilty? And who here has read the Satanic Bible? I’m guessing NOONE, and that’s why you all believe it to be related to violent acts. And since when does a persons spiritual confusion add up to a likelihood of committing murder??? Talk about Satanic panic. (p.s. I love how someone here implies that Damien “looks” guilty because of his clothing. I see black trench coats everywhere on businessmen and the elderly. hmmmm.) And what’s with everyone basing the their beliefs about what the WM3 did, on nothing more than YOU would or would not do. You’re not them, so it’s kind of pointless, isn’t it? So maybe you wouldn’t act like them, but they wouldn’t act like you. Assuming you’re all old enough to read and think on your own, this idea shouldn’t have to be explained. (btw, I live in a city were 2 murders have been committed and I’ve personally heard people “joking”, claiming they did it, yet, now the guilty people are behind bars, and they are not the ones who claimed “jokingly” that they did it. So much for your assumtion that you’ve based on FALSE witness testimony in the first place. Kids will be kids) So, why even bother examining this case if you’re just going to ignore EVERY SINGLE FACT that MIGHT allow the these guys to guys innocent????? From the intro to this site, it’s CLEAR that the goal is NOT to find the killer(s), but to ensure that only Damien, Jason and Jessie appear to be guilty, based on nothing more that opinion and circumstantial evidence. I’ll be the one here with enough humility to admit that I just don’t know who did it. But, if I don’t know, then how do YOU know, when we all have the same information to guide us?????? Where’s your holy grail? You don’t have one, so you’re trying to fabricate one. This is not only un-American, but it goes far beyond the boundaries of good morals, logic, rational and fairness. So, excuse me, I’m going to go relax my neck, it’s quite sore from looking up at all of you on your self-righteous pedestals. So how will this go? Will you attack me or will you attempt to prove me wrong.

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