Piers Morgan to host WM3 on Thursday 9/29

Piers Morgan plans to interview Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Lorri Davis and Jessie Misskelley on his CNN program on Thursday, September 29. Misskelley will appear via satellite from Arkansas, the other guests will be live in studio.

CNN has played an especially shameful role in covering this case. The man Morgan replaced, Larry King, did a prison interview with Damien Echols in 2007. King fed Echols a series of softball questions and failed to challenge any of the blatant lies Echols told. In 2010, King hosted Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines and Lorri Davis to talk about the case. And in January 2011, CNN ran an hour-long documentary which parroted the standard “innocent teenagers railroaded because they wore black and liked Metallica” WM3 supporter narrative.

Will Piers Morgan break the mold and show some skepticism? Or will this be another gullible CNN whitewash? Place your bets.

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  1. Piers….will you PLEASEEEEEEEE be MAN ENOUGH to ask lil Jessie why, if he is innocent, did he confess to this crime OVER and OVER and OVER again…….
    while you’re at it….ask Jason what he meant when he said at the end of Paradise Lost
    in regards to Damien’s guilt “they sure made it seem like he did it”

    1. I know, CT. Unfortunately, due to celebrity support, NO ONE in the media will ask any of the “tough” questions.

      It’s so sad.

  2. It’s a long shot – but someone else on another board suggested tweeting him since he seems to be big on using that. Maybe we should all bombard him with suggestions for real questions. 😛
    Is using Twitter free or do you have to pay for it??

      1. @Zac I signed up yesterday and been tweeting away – today I think I’m gonna see if he will ask them to take a polygraph test to prove their innocence… maybe Damien and Jessie will pass this time around. hee hee! >:-)

        1. I’m illiterate as far as tech, but I do wish someone would ask that the question be posed to Damien about how he knew one child had been mutilated more than another, and why he lied and claimed it had been reported in the newspaper.

  3. P.S.: If you give me good odds and someone can tweet the guy and flatter him, I’ll even bet against a whitewash. Note: “good odds.”

  4. Morgan is actually a sharp guy.

    This interview is such an amazing opportunity for Morgan to break the mold regarding the softball journalism that has historically associated with the WM3. I don’t know if there is a set of terms or restrictions that lawyers are enforcing in rearguards to any post-jail WM3 interviews — but, just think of the areas a good journalist could explore with this interview.

    Can we begin a list of possible themes / questions for Morgan to explore:

    1) “The genesis of the whole west Memphis three support came from the 1996 documentary film Paradise Lost — it is a film none-the-less which has an opinion or agenda, it’s not an absolute record of the truth or the trials, but rather a version of events through the eyes of filmmakers — or storytellers. This case is one of the most widely debated cases in recent years. There are over 6000 case files online — if one were only to believe the spin of the filmmakers, I think they might be surprised when they read the actual case files to see that there was a substantial circumstantial case against you guys. Do you fear a backlash when those files — particularly Jessie’s Bible Confession — become more aware to the public?”

    2) Now that the case is in effect closed, can any of you address the fact that none of you actually had a credible alibi for where you were on the night of the murders between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:00pm? Let’s start with you Jason.

    3) Damien can you explain to me how many times prior to the murders were you hospitalized for mental illnesses? We came up with at least two hospital stays — your mental health files don’t seem like general teen angst. I mean there’s claims of Satanism, drinking blood and even your own assessment in your handwriting that you were ‘homicidal’ just three months prior to the murder (show document on screen) — can you elaborate?”

    4) A lot of people — at least the prosecutors anyway — think of Damien as the so called “ring leader” of the West Memphis three. But reading through the case files–specifically Jessie’s confessions to his own attorney after his trial–it seems that Jason was the one that they believed had inflicted the most serious harm to the children. Yet Damien got the death penalty and Jason didn’t — and there’s rumors of a plea deal Jason was offered? What is the reasoning?

    5) Why has $10,000,000, plus teams of the best legal minds, expert witnesses and dedicated volunteers — not to mention huge celebrity backers — only yielded the retesting of two hairs?

    6) Supporters claim that the killings were done at another location yet the police and original files–including luminol testing showing the presence of blood in the soil–seem to backup the theory that the killings were done right were the boys were found. Do you think the boys were killed in Robin Hood Hills?

    7) Do you think a murder weapon will ever be recovered? You can’t have it both ways –there was either turtles and beavers or there were knives? Or was it a little of both?

    8) Why is Jessie outside of the circle? I mean, we see and hear of Jason and Damien being thrown parties by rock stars, but Jessie’s on Internet blogs asking for $300 to turn his electricity on? Why the legal serration? Are you guys–Jason and Damien–angry at Jessie for his endless confessions?

    9) Jessie, are you still drinking? Are there restrictions on your behavior outside of jail?

    10) Do you believe in Karma?

  5. I tried tweeting him with a few questions about the 500 pages of Damien’s mental histoory, bible confession etc but it doesnt come up on the twitter page… any one know why? – I cant see any questions pertaining to the WM3 actually. If he really needs the ratings and he’s smart he will ask the “right” questions not just all the other supporter crap we keep hearing. People must be sick of it by now.

    1. @Tamara – I tweeted several questions, too. All it would say was “tweet has been sent.” Maybe they choose what gets posted for everyone to see? I just signed up for Twitter today so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to look…

  6. This website is a perfect example of how to effectively convey information. It’s simple and easy to digest. Learn from it.

    Hopefully one of Pier’s researchers-producers finds this website. It’s one of the best sites for people who want to cut through the WM3 propaganda crap and get right to the heart of the matter.

    One thing the WM3 support site got right was keeping their message simple and consistent: A retarded kid was forced to confess to a crime because he was poor — which led the cops to arrest two other poor kids who wore Metallica t-shirts. And there was a full moon. That’s the story they sold and it worked.

    First impressions are everything.

    99% of the people backing the WM3 have no idea about the 99% of the information on this website.

  7. Damien…It has been tweeted that your mother is in dire need of medical supplies and is asking for donations. Is there a reason why you can’t use some of the millions to get your mother a hospital bed and some oxygen?

    1. Hey Piers! You really bent over and took it for this one, didn’t you? Could you not think of a single question to ask these murderers except questions about Damien’s eyesight? Why didn’t you ask why Damien bragged about killing the little boys (many heard him and testified to this fact)? Why didn’t you ask Damien why he was put in a psychiatric hospital three times the year before he killed those little boys? Why didn’t you ask about his psychotic behavior and his attempt to drink human blood? Why didn’t you ask why Damien wrote on his SS disability form that he was homicidal? You are weak , Piers. Damien may gut you and keep your skull in his room like he kept other animal skulls which is very similar to Jeffrey Dahmer.

  8. DONT EXPECT MORGAN TO CHALLENGE ANYTHING!! he didnt bother when he interviewed the Gerry and Kate McCann.
    This will be nothing more than a Bias supporter interview!
    Gone are the days when interviewer get the people on live shows and then extract the truth for all to see!, Where is David Frost when you need him!

    1. Dan, you really think the Maccann’s are guilty though? What do you think happened?. I do think she was taken…..I don’t think I can watch Piers it will just grate me. The supporters can sometimes annoy me more than the WM3. they are afterall responsible for their freedom.

      1. I am 100% sure the Mccanns know what happened to thier daughter, it is the only logical conclusion. Read Pat Browns recent report on the case and the English translation of The Truth of the Lie by Goncalo Amaral, its all clear as day that there was no abduction, the more worrying thing is why the UK goverment interfered in the case.

      1. Morgan is as much a media puppet as any other journalist these day! he wont say boo to a goose unless you pay him enough!. What happend to REAL journalists!?!

  9. There are many of us in the area where this happened that happen to believe that 3 innocent people served time. If you had been in West Memphis at that time and knew that the officers told Jessie that if he would just admit it all he could then go home with his daddy and also knew how Hobbs treated his stepson and that their was hair found in the shoestring, that belonged to Hobbs and it was not found on his stepson then maybe you would feel the same way thousands of us feel. My God, if you were locked up for over half your life and you were innocent you would do anything to be free. Glad that most of you on here are so much brighter than the da here because you KNOW as well as i do that if the state was certain they were guilty no way in the world they would have been set free.

    1. Beth,

      Good to hear the perspective of someone who lived there. A question regarding what you wrote — “If you had been in West Memphis at that time and knew that the officers told Jessie that if he would just admit it all he could then go home with his daddy.”

      What is that statement based on? Did Jessie think he was getting reward money? I was always confused how Jessie ended up at the police station. It sounds like you have some insight — please expand!

    2. DAMIEN ECHOLS BRAGGED ABOUT KILLING THE THREE LITTLE BOYS! Jason confessed to Michael Carson who past a polygraph about Jason’s confession.

  10. When this story becomes old enough that it becomes boring for people to watch and they lose interest, thats when the truth will come out. The media are know to suck a story dry and just when you think its all over and faded out… a headline reads in the news.. new evidence points towards wm3 or misskelly confesses again.. or something of that nature.
    The media will only ride the support train for so long, until it no longer makes good news.

  11. Jessie decides NOT to be on Piers Morgan!

    Who didn’t see that coming…

    9/29: ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ features Damien, Lorri and Jason
    Piers Morgan Tonight will feature the #WM3 case on Thursday, September 29, 6PM pst/ 9PM est. Damien, Lorri and Jason were interviewed by Piers in Manhattan. Jessie decided against appearing via satellite from Memphis but wants to let everyone know how much he appreciates the opportunity. Set your dvrs now so you don’t miss this one!

  12. Just watched a three minute preview clip from Piers Morgan. Holy crap — it’s so weak.

    He spent three minutes asking Damien how his eye sight is adjusting to natural light. Damien spents a few minutes talking about his eyes adjusting to light and distance, etc.

    Do not expect ANYTHING of value or substance from this interview. What a wasted interview. I expected lame, but not this lame.

  13. @OJSimpson – How interesting that Jessie decided against it at the last minute it appears. Wonder if he came to that decision after a phone call from Jason/Damien’s lawyers or associates?

    1. Yeah. Not sure whay everything with the WM3 is so controlled and private. Jessie is probably going to be moved to an underground bunker soon.

      I’d want to tell the world my story. Clear my name. Shout it from the mountain tops. This story is not going to end well…

      1. is was nice to hear him whining about his suffering in prison though don’t you think? glad it was horrible. It was such a boring interview, Piers is crap. Surely people will start to get suspicious about Jessie’s lack of interviews. Perhaps when/if one of them procreates they might find a conscience and confess (again). Not Damien obviously because he has already and he has no soul, but maybe Jessie? perhaps that’s how it might end.

  14. Damien just told Piers he had been persecuted by the police long before the muders…and the worst trouble he had ever been in was running away from home????? It getting pretty deep in here.
    Great and now Piers and Damien say Jessie is mentally retarded…not even borderline…the intelligence of a 5 yr old.

  15. Hey beth, now that you explained why Jesse confessed the first time, go ahead and tell us why he confessed while already convicted and serving a life sentence. The cops sure as hell didn’t need another reason for one. Why did old Jess place his hand on a bible and swear to god he was telling the truth? I’m waiting.

  16. i dont how Morgan can sit infront of 2 child murderers and chat away like it aint no thing! makes me wann puke, for real. I didnt expect anything less from Morgan so not suprised. Just hope Jessie confesses again,!

    1. So, is it possible that Jessie starts to look like “the good guy” among three child murderers? I have the sense that he is really the only one of the three with a shred of a conscience. Probably as long as the wm3zombies are paying his bills (and maybe threatening him) he will keep his mouth shut. I honestly think Rosie O’Donnell or Oprah could have done a much harder-hitting interview. Like I said about the 48 hours show, Piers only showed us fawning claptrap.

  17. TRANSCRIPTS for anyone who missed show: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1109/29/pmt.01.html

    Here’s an excerpt that shows the grilling and deep analiysis of the case that Pier’s subjected these guy to (WARNING: Piers doesn’t hold back AT ALL!)


    Welcome, Jason. I mean let’s just cut to the quick here. What was the evidence against you, other than the word of Jessie, who we already established had a mental age of somewhere between a 5 and 8- year-olds?

    BALDWIN: The evidence against us was our personal preferences in music. I remember at one point during the trial they lifted up our record. (Blue Oyster Cult record) record and I think John Fogelman said this was found in Damien’s girlfriend’s mother’s house.

    MORGAN: He was the prosecutor.

    BALDWIN: Right.

    MORGAN: As if somehow that implied that you were capable of killing young boys.

    BALDWIN: Right.

    MORGAN: There’s no DNA evidence against you?

    BALDWIN: Well, at the time they had evidence and stuff but since it didn’t match us it wasn’t brought up and then —

    MORGAN: But nothing tangibly linking any of you to the deaths of these boys.

    BALDWIN: Right.

    MORGAN: Has ever emerged. Was there anything else other than music you listened to, books you read, clothes you wore or haircuts?

    BALDWIN: That was it.



    So there you have it. They were convicted based on a friend’s mom owning a copy of a Blue Oyster Cult record — and, having mullets. Good work CNN.

    Jessie was called retarded twice and mentally challenged serveral more times — “he functions at the age of 5 year old…to 8 year old.”

  18. At one point during the interview last night, Jason reached over a couple of times and squeezed Damien’s arm and shoulder affectionately? Damien didn’t react at all. Nothing. Anyone else think that was odd?

    1. Yeah. That was an awkward moment. Jason tried affection and comfort — but Damien locked up.

      Might be one of two things: Damien doesn’t like to be touched by anyone — especially after 10 years in solitary confinement. Or, Damien doesn’t want Jason touching him because Jason is a convicted killer.

      1. Ooooo…….convicted child killer cooties. (just kidding, just kidding)
        Damien was staring up at something, if I remember correctly, I don’t think he even blinked when Jason touched him. It was awkward. Almost as awkward as when Piers asked Damien if he had a job.

  19. Does anyone find it odd that every interview with the WM3 has to be so painstakingly planned and controlled? Every answer guarded and vague.

    It’s like watching a political campaign: “How did we do last night on Piers Morgan?” “Oh we nailed it. We established Jessie’s IQ, Damien handled the teen angst issues well — and Jason was fantastic. The Buddy Holly Glasses are working!”

    Why not let them talk openly and without restrictions — nothing can happen to them legally. The truth can never hurt you, right? Is it not apparent to everyone what is going here?

    It’s one thing to be innocent, it’s another to be not guilty. All thess semantics — “basically we’re innocent but still guilty technically because we’re legally innocent at least we can maintain our innocence under the guilty pleas while blah blah…”

    This whole case stinks. Every legal error these guys are claiming has been used against them are the very reasons they are free. The defense should be thankful that the police DIDN’T PROPERLY COLLECT DNA. The defense should be thankful that the police LOST THE BOJANGLES BLOOD SAMPLE, court ruled against luminol testing, state couldn’t introduce pendant DNA, who knew Byers was a fruitcake, etc.

    These three guys are the luckiest guys alive.

    This isn’t going to end well.

    1. Oh, I’ve said the same since mid-August. This won’t end well. The only satisfaction will be that some celebrity careers–most already on the skids–will come to a justifiable end. The downside is an innocent may suffer because of the grandiosity of the murderers and their supporters.

  20. re: Damien’s social security benefits granted for mental disability – is he still collecting? Do these benefits have the requirement that severe mental illness/disability has to be re-established every few years? Chafes me to think I’m helping indirectly to support that killer. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at THAT psychiatrist’s office. I’m curious, does that explain Damien’s lack of a job/education after six weeks of freedom. I understood that the court required that each of the three must be enrolled in school or working to avoid violating their release agreement. Does Damien count “fluff” interviews as “work?” (Hell, maybe technically it is “work” to keep your stories straight in front of the cameras and to keep placing your fingers over your lips to remind yourself not to deviate from the stock answers.)

  21. Susan, I think that social security benefits are suspended while in jail and in Damien’s case would have been terminated after 12 consecutive months of confinement. He would have to reapply for benefits.

  22. If anyone watches Paradise Lost and still thinks lil Jessie is “retarded”, “borderline retarded” or “mentally disabled”….well I would have to say they have the intelligence of a 5 year old.
    And how about the Jason clip from PL that Piers played..where he says he doesn’t worship the devil, he worships God like normal people. I would have rather seen the clip where Jason tells his lawyers the trail sure made it seem like Damien did it. The look at Echols face would have been priceless…even better than when Piers asked him if he’d found a job yet.

  23. This entire case is based upon whether or not Jessie Misskelly is mentally retarded.

    While I will admit that he is not a Yale English professor, he doesn’t seem to retarded.

    He seems shy and almost charming, humble — certainly vulnerable. At the time of his arrest he was a street-smart kid who was known for fighting. He didn’t seem like a victim. Problem is this, the WM3 needs to reinforce the claim that Jessie is retarded otherwise the house of cards comes crumbling down.

    Don’t take my words for it — let Jessie tell you himself. Clear your mind and watch this video:


    If that same guy in the video made that same statement — but instead of being in prison — let’s say he was standing a podium at the Country Music Awards. Would you think he was retarded?

    I’m not bullying anyone. This case just drives me crazy. I want to know what the hell happened in those wooods on 05/05/93.

  24. http://piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/30/clips-from-last-night-lorri-davis-on-finding-the-killers-damien-echols-on-falling-in-love/?on.cnn=1

    See Damien Echols exhibit “pill rolling” tremors with his right hand’s index and thumb starting at 17 seconds on the above clip. Also notice the bizarre rigidity in his right hand. He likely has Parkinson’s Disease or is now taking a powerful antipsychotic medication as a pill rolling tremor is a known side effect of antipsychotic medications.

    Damien has mentioned twice (once on Ball-less Piers Morgan’s show and also after his post-release party) that he has trouble walking. He said this was because he was shackled so often that he “forgot” how to walk normally, but death row prisoners aren’t shackled in their cells. His difficulty with walking is either the bradykinesia and muscle rigidity of Parkinson’s or the “Thorazine Shuffle”.

    America is a safer place since schizophrenic and bipolar Damien has developed Parkinson’s or is now on antipsychotic medications. With either option, he will be less likely to murder any more defenseless children.

  25. Interesting comments. So may be mr Morgan didn’t fail after all. It looked like he failed, but may be not if seen from the perspective of the non-supporters’ cause – to get more people to see the guilt

  26. I’m still waiting for you people to show me any real EVIDENCE i.e. hair follicles, DNA, semen etc, that proves the guilt of the three. Hearsay and coerced “confessions” of a man(boy at the time) with an I.Q. of 72 would be considered as suspicious today as they should have been in 1993. I have a very difficult time believing that three teenagers committed these gruesome murders and were able to eliminate all all of the blood evidence that SHOULD have been prsent at the crime scene..interesting. I guess these kids were criminal masterminds and perhapes the first teenagers in history to understand the importance of removing DNA evidence from a murder scene at a time when DNA evidence itself was just becoming common place with respect to criminal investigations. No murder weapon(s), no fingerprints, no hair or bodily fluid of any type collected at the crime scene? Fascinating. I also find the recantations of so many individuals who were initially very adimant about so called “confessions” on the part of the three boys, very suspicious. Even if the legal system holds the recanting of testimony under the light of scrutiny, it still speaks volumes about the character of a particular witness and therefore any testimony that was made by said witness, with respect to either GUILT OR INNOCENCE, should be considered suspect. Again, show me the evidence.

  27. In let me clarify or correct a few points; I should have said, no ‘DNA, hair follicles or bodily fluids of any type that could be linked to the suspects’. Also, I apologize for any errors pertaining to grammar or spelling. It is late and I am tired.

  28. It’s amazing that no one has answered Bob’s post with all the evidence against the three. It’s been here over a week.

    I found this whole thread revealing. Early on, before the interview aired, the poster OJ Simpson (who is constantly deified on this site) said, “Morgan is actually a sharp guy.” Of course, that opinion changed fairly quickly when the interview aired and Piers didn’t ask the questions these guys wanted him to ask. All of a sudden he’s saying, “Do not expect ANYTHING of value or substance from this interview. What a wasted interview. I expected lame, but not this lame.” Oh? You expected a “lame” interview from such a “sharp guy?”


    Hey, guys, get a clue! Do you know why all the programs that I have seen on this case come down on the side of innocence? Maybe because these guys are really innocent! Again, like Bob requested, please produce the evidence that links ANY of the three to these murders. TIA

  29. False allegations of child molestation is a great way to pretty much kill someones life and be able to watch them die slowly in front of all of society. DA’s and their prosecutors love a person who has the stomach to do this inhumane act on an innocent person, it is job security for that worthless profession. Americans need to wake and go to war against these people who in reality are tyrants in disguise. Prosecutorial misconduct is a very kind word for these scums of the earth. All Americans need to wake up and realize what is happening to millions of fellow innocent Americans. We are at risk of this happening to us.

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