A Short History of the 12-Hour Interrogation

The timeline for Jessie Misskelley’s confession on June 3, 1993, is well-documented.

9:15-10:00 am: Sgt Allen finds Misskelley and brings him to the police station
10:00-11:00 am: First interrogation of Misskelley
11:00-11:30 am: Allen and Misskelley drive to find Misskelley’s father for a polygraph permission form signature
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Polygraph exam of Misskelley (30 minutes of questioning)
12:40-2:30 pm: Second interrogation; Misskelley confesses around 2:20 pm
2:44-3:18 pm: Third interrogation; the main tape-recorded confession
3:45-5:05 pm: Series of short “clarification” interrogations (times are less clear here because Inspector Gitchell did not follow proper procedure by announcing the time when he turned the tape-recorder on and off)

Misskelley first confessed approximately 4½ hours after he arrived at the police station. That included 3-3½ hours of actual questioning spread over three sessions. Total time spent interrogating Misskelley that day was 4-4½ hours between 10:00 am and 5:05 pm.

4½ hours of questioning, with multiple breaks and no session lasting more than two hours, is far from excessive. No reasonable person can argue that Misskelley was subjected to an overlong interrogation.

Misskelley’s defense team hired an expert in police interrogation techniques, Warren Holmes, to testify in support of their “false confession” theory at trial. During cross-examination by prosecutor Brent Davis, Holmes agreed that the interrogation time was reasonable.

Davis: Okay. And would it be accurate to say that when you train officers to conduct interrogations that you tell them that, at a minimum, in an important case, that you want them to go 4 hours, uninterrupted, with a suspect?

Holmes: True.

Davis: Okay. So, in this particular case, the time period that the officers were with the suspect doesn’t pose a problem for you, does it?

Holmes: No.

Flashforward to 2000. Paradise Lost 2: Revelations included this title card:

Paradise Lost 2 - Misskelley questioned for over 12 hours

The second paragraph is factually correct and makes a good point: the WMPD should have started recording the interrogation much earlier. (They also should have recorded the May 10, 1993, interrogation of Damien Echols. Damn, I would love to hear those tapes.)

On the other hand, every claim in the first paragraph is false or misleading. For now let’s concentrate on the “over 12 hours” part. No matter how you spin it, that claim is a flat-out lie. Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky had been closely following the case for seven years. They had access to police documents and trial transcripts. They knew the timeline for June 3, 1993, backward and forward. They simply chose to lie.

The “12-hour interrogation” meme caught on quickly, and it has remained a key element of the pro-WM3 supporter narrative ever since.

For example, the official WM3.org case introduction by Burk Sauls states, “Since very little of this 12 hour ordeal was recorded ….” As of this writing (October 2011), Burk Sauls has been a movement leader for fifteen years. He knows full well there was no “12 hour ordeal”.

Likewise, the official Arkansas Take Action case history claims, “After 12 hours of questioning, without counsel or parental consent, mentally disabled Jessie Misskelley repeated back to the police what he was told to say.”

Many viewers and reviewers accepted the “questioned for over 12 hours” claim at face value. In his review of Paradise Lost 2, Roger Ebert wrote that Misskelley “was questioned by police for 12 hours without a parent or attorney present, and then was tape-recorded only long enough to recite a statement he later retracted.” A Village Voice review by Jessica Winter similarly described “a confession, extracted over the course of a 12-hour interrogation, made by a 17-year-old with an IQ of 72.” The Guardian‘s Duncan Campbell reported in 2005, “After 12 hours of questioning, Miskelly, who had an IQ of 72 and is clearly not fully aware of what is happening around him, made a confession, implicating the other two.”

OK, those are film critics, soft journalists. Serious hard news journalists are bound to check their facts rather than unquestioningly repeat factoids they saw in a movie, right? Right?

A 2005 BBC News article about the case reported that Jessie Misskelley “was questioned for twelve hours without the presence of a lawyer or other adult. Only 20 minutes of this questioning were recorded and played to the court ….”

A long 2006 LA CityBeat article by Annette Stark claimed, “The interrogation lasted 12 hours. Misskelley was never provided legal counsel or allowed to call his family. Only about the last hour of this was recorded ….” This article was reprinted in other alt-weeklies.

The Times (London) upped the ante in a December 2007 article by John Harlow. “With public pressure growing, police questioned Echols’s friend Jessie Misskelley, a retarded 17-year-old. During 14 hours of interrogation, unprotected by parent or lawyer, the boy confessed that he, Echols and a third friend, Jason Baldwin, had met the children in the woods by accident and then stabbed and raped them for satanic purposes.”

CNN briefly showed some fact-checking chops in a December 2009 article by Stephanie Chen. “The prosecution relied on the confession of Misskelley, a 17-year-old with learning disabilities and an IQ of 70. He confessed after an untaped, three-hour interrogation by police without his parents or an attorney present.”

However, CNN fixed the inadvertent accuracy in a September 2010 article by Deborah Feyerick and Stephanie Chen. “Neither his parents nor his attorney was present when [Misskelley] was questioned. His confession came during the last hour of a 12-hour police interrogation.”

The WM3 episode of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, first aired in May 2011, went with the long version. The host’s interview with Jessie Misskelley’s father included this exchange:

Jones: I believe they spent 14 hours with him?
Misskelley Sr: Yep.
Jones: Were you there?
Misskelley Sr: Nope.

In August 2011, after the WM3’s surprise release, Campbell Robertson at the New York Times reported, “After a nearly 12-hour police interrogation, Mr. Misskelley confessed to the murders and implicated Mr. Echols and Mr. Baldwin.” Robertson changed the figure from “over 12 hours” to “nearly 12-hour”, which is bizarre if you think about it. I’ve tried to reverse-engineer the thinking behind that small change, to no avail.

A September 2011 Rolling Stone article by Patrick Doyle entitled “How Rockers Helped Free the West Memphis Three” claimed, “Misskelley, diagnosed as mentally disabled, confessed to the murders during a questionable 12-hour interrogation ….”

There’s a pattern here: movement leaders lie about some aspect of the case, movement groupies repeat the disinformation ad infinitum, and lazy and/or gullible journalists repeat the disinformation without fact-checking. The same pattern can be traced with other “facts” of the case (eg, Misskelley was mentally retarded, Misskelley recanted soon after confessing, police targeted Echols as a suspect because he wore black and listened to heavy metal music).

The professional journalists have no excuse for repeating the “12 hour interrogation” lie, since fact-checking this case is extraordinarily easy. Anyone can find out for themselves exactly how long Jessie Misskelley was interrogated on June 3, 1993, by spending a few minutes at the Callahan case archive.

90 thoughts on “A Short History of the 12-Hour Interrogation”

  1. BRAVO!! Clearly laid out, if someone reads that and still chooses to propagate the 12 hour theory, their IQ is less than Misskelley’s. I have been trying for years to get supporters to explain to me how this got pushed up to 12 hours. And its not like his father didn’t know where he was at or that he was being questioned. His father went and got Jessie from where he was at and TOOK him to Mike Allen. AND.. Jessie Sr signed permission for the police to give Jessie a polygraph test.

  2. Nicw work. I spent years thinking they bullied some retarded kid for 12 hours. How do people live with themselves, the ones who helped free these 3 monsters and make celebrities out of them?

  3. The Hollywood Reporter (Kirk Honeycutt) randomly has INCREASED the interogation time to 17 hours!

    QUOTE: “Back in 1993, no one knew about false confessions. Back then, DNA was still a theory. The cops got finally a confession out of Misskelley after 17 hours of grilling, which produced only 41 minutes of audiotape. It didn’t help that he is mildly retarded.”

    SOURCE: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/paradise-lost-3-purgatory-toronto-235597

        1. Misskelly first ” implicated himself at 2:20, however it took the police the next six hours to get him to say EXACTLY what they needed him to say so that they could finally turn on the tape recorder.
          When they say Misskelly first implicated himself, that is in no way the same as ” Misskelly confessed at 2:20 ” which is why that was not the statement given, because Miskelly did not confess then, it took hours to shape that first uneducated utterance that could be called an “implication ” into a confession , by a desperate police squad.

  4. Shannon said, ” I have been trying for years to get supporters to explain to me how this got pushed up to 12 hours.”

    The hours go up as Misskelley’s I.Q. goes down. They make a great couple 🙂

  5. Respectfully to Nathan,

    Me too. I felt the same way, sympathy for murderers that was based on lies.

    These lying bastards have done quite a number, at the expense of justice for 3 murdered children.

    Nice work David.

  6. Fuck that. I hear they’re STILL interrogating him!!! I also heard he has the IQ of a fetus. That’s what Compassionate Retard says. And she has experience with black wearing, Metallica listening fetuses who have been coerced!!

  7. Wow, I just found another one. Henry Rollins in a radio interview in 2003:

    “Also, young men – anybody is allowed to have legal counsel present when they’re being interrogated by detectives and you’re suppose to have that made known to you. Jessie Misskelley – this was never made known to him, he did not even know what a lawyer was. And so when you’re being questioned for 14 hours, uh – you’re suppose to have an attorney present and he did not, nor did he know that that was an option to him. This is a breakdown in what’s called due process.”


    Rollins also claimed repeatedly in this interview that the police never informed Misskelley of his Miranda rights on 6/3/93. In the real world, police informed Misskelley of his Miranda rights three times that day: at 11:00 am, again at 11:30 am, again at 2:45 pm.

      1. And why do you think the police informed Miskelly of his Miranda rights three times, when I have never heard of them mirandizing some one more than once ?
        It is because it was obvious to the police and everybody else that Jesse Miskelly had no understanding of the rights being read to him, so they wanted to make damn sure they kept saying, what would have sounded like gibberish to Miskelly several times.
        After all it states ” do you understand these rights as they are given to you ”
        They knew that he did NOT understand them. Most people don’t, even educated. Intelligent people under duress do not appreciate the meaning of the rights that have just been read, let alone a love I.q. Semi -educated 17 year old.

  8. As the WM3 are now free and donations and media support for them will wain, here’s a few things you might need to have an effective message to meet the growing sea of supporters-turned-doubters that will arise in 2012:

    1) The Pitch — “The West Memphis Three Are Guilty: How Hollywood and Socal Media Set Three Convicted Killers Free” (Imagine you are writing an article for a magazine — use strong and effective quotes, a focused message, statistics, maps. cite similar “celebrity” examples: Norman Mailer fell into the same trap with Jack Abbott and William Buckley with Edgar Smith — both re-offended — get the press excited! If they don’t write about this they are missing a Pulitzer!)

    2) An official website / facebook page / twitter account / professional Search Engine Optimization (CLEAN / SIMPLE NAVIGATION / MODERATION ON COMMENTS)

    3) Network of like-minded websites, blogs — pointing traffic to one another. (NO NAME CALLING)

    4) Official spokesperson / email contact / PRESS PHONE LINE!

    5) Video presentation(s) — rebuttal video to answer “Paradise Lost” — short and focused. People are lazy, but will watch videos. Videos can be released in sections/progressive, but no crazy video effects or loud distracting music. (VIDEO could be funded through kickstarter program, paypal, etc)

    6) Unofficial advisory board to handle PR and updates.

    7) “Jessie Speaks” paypal fund — cash offer to Jessie for an interview. The day will come when he will talk — give him a place where he can feel comfortable doing so. Cash will get his attention, but his conscious will make him talk.

    All of these must lead to an ultimate goal! What is the goal now that the WM3 are free and unable to be retried? Thoughts?

      1. I believe one day that he will speak the whole truth again and put those other two fakes in the limelight again for what they really are…child murdering liars.

    1. OJS, that’s a really well-observed list.

      I’d guess the two goals of such efforts would be (1) to spread the truth among the public and (2) to provide pressure and incentive for Misskelley to confess again.

      I’m ready to play a role (email: fredjwalsh at yahoo).

      The part about websites with clean navigation and easy-to-read info is key. David K has done a fine job with this site, including those respects.

      Also your myth-combating videos would play a big role. You’re right about people being too lazy to read, but they would watch videos. I’d love a feature-length documentary responding to the PL films, but that would seem to be asking a lot.

  9. DK… To add to what OJ just said, you need to post every single new blog entry you write on your Facebook Page. I found this website/ blog through your Facebook page, and I bet others did too. To make this a “movement” you have to build a network of supporters. There are 15,000 followers on the WM3.org Facebook page. There are only 64 followers on WM3truth Facebook page (and maybe 15 of us frequently posting here). If you are actively posting things on Facebook, people WILL keep coming back, will share the page with their friends, and you will quickly gain more followers. They will also find this blog. Most people aren’t going to take the time to come to the webpage/blog frequently. You’ve got to spoon-feed these people through the Facebook “Newsfeed”… especially the supporters. Many of them will “like” your Facebook page because, secretly, many have doubts. PLEASE… post your blog entries on the Facebook page as you write them. Post the “12 hour” thing on your Facebook page NOW… PLEASE. It is a great piece of journalism. You will probably have to post it as a “Note” since it is so long. I promise you will quickly build your base of supporters for this website if you will start posting the things you write here on your Facebook page.
    PS OJ… LOVE the “Jessie Speaks” fund.. where do I send a check! Let’s promise to buy his daddy a new truck.

    1. completely agree, this site is fantastic and the best truth site around!. but it need sto blitz Facebook and have its own simple forum for people to be diverted to!. wm3hoax is too dark! and ive tried 3 times to register and cant get reply!.

  10. I keep hearing Echols calling Misskelley a retard but that’s not true according to Dr. Rickert:

    Supporters say he has the mind of a 5-year-old or third grader. that’s not true according to Dr. Rickert:

    During defense expert Dr. Wilkins testimony he claims:
    WILKINS: It’s an elevation above normal levels.

    DAVIS: Well don’t they rank the elevations—as far as the T scale is concerned isn’t that something that’s actually ranked in terms of low range, middle range, moderately high range and very high range?

    WILKINS: Yes. That may have been a mistake then. I may well have mispronounced what it was supposed to be.

    Compassionate Retard should pay attention to the facts and not state opinions like they are factual especially since they cannot be backed up.

  11. @OJ, absolutely love, love, love your ideas! Anything I can help with, I’m all for it! I say we set this thing on FIRE! Definitely need to get some hungry reporter to do a story that counters all this supporter BS! Also, love the Jessie truth fund idea! If there’s anything I’ve learned from this case (well I already knew it of course), it’s that MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING! Money set 3 child killers free! The only negative side about Jessie possibly coming out with the truth, is that it will ruin the rest of his life, as far as his reputation and being able to secure future employment.

    As for the ever-increasing time of Jessie’s confession, I did post to a supporter that first it’s 12 hours with a low IQ, then it was 14 hours with the mind of a 5 year-old…next we’ll have a newborn baby spending the whole night at the police headquarters!

  12. Great idea OJ, but it won’t work.
    Let me explain why……If Jessie was to agree to an interview and indeed confess, it would be completely written off by supporters as bribery to force another false confession and because he was so hard up and could not find a job, he had to take the money and lie again otherwise he could face starvation, etc.

    Then we would be back to where we started from.

    The other issue is of course are the repercussions of Jessie confessing. Imagine all the horrified supporters with egg on their face and of course the people that now know where he lives and don’t appreciate child murderers.

    I think it would be great if he did confess, but I can’t see it happening. I believe one of the three will reoffend in some way and then the media will pounce on them.

    1. Just to clarify — I wasn’t suggesting that Jessie be paid to confess. I was leaning more toward giving him an opportunity or forum to voice his story without being mislabeled as retarded and mentally challenged. Let him get stuff off his chest that might be bothering him. I’d love to hear his take on the events leading up to his arrest and the following 18 years. I think Jessie should be allowed to speak his mind and set the record straight rather than being forced to carry around such a heavy burden.

      Jessie if you ever want to talk, just have the courage and you’ll find the strength.

  13. I just happened to do a Google search for “jessie misskelley” and this Truth site was the SECOND entry listed. Even better, these lines are included in the listing:

    “On May 5, 1993, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley (ages 18, 16 & 17 at the time) killed Michael Moore, Steve Branch and Christopher Byers …”

    Again David K, great job.

  14. For the record, the level of frustration this case brings is really annoying and probably detrimental to my health. There, I said it.

    I wish I could just look at the Paradise Lost films and case documents and say: “Man, the answer to this whole West Memphis Three saga is so obvious.” But, sadly, I can’t.

    I’m a pretty reasonable guy. College educated. Pretty open-minded. I generally look for the good in people– and when in doubt, I side with the underdog. But I’m banging my head against the wall here.

    Anyone else being driven crazy with this case? I defended these guys for years. I didn’t carry signs or make donations, I just thought: “Oh, yeah, those kids got railroaded.”

    Then one day… I no longer saw them as innocent. I thought that there must be something wrong with me.

    What am I not seeing here? What drives Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky to make those films? It can’t be just the money and recognition? I’m not being facetious. Is Damien Echols THAT charismatic in person?

    What is so impossible to believe that the WM3 guys killed those three little kids. Murders like this can never easily be explained (or can they?) — but they did happen.

    I’m going to type this next line in CAPS so that you know I am screaming.


    Where the hell were you guys? Why is everything you say and do so vague and guarded?!?

    I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt — but the WM3 won’t help me!

    What is Jessie’s motivation for this Bible confession? http://callahan.8k.com/wm3/jm_2_8_94_statement.html

    I’ve read Jessie Misskelley’s Bible confession like a dozen times — and it freaks me out every time. Supporters read it and go: “Oh, come on! Are you that retarded?” Well… yeah, I think so.

    Does Jessie have the mind of a five-year-old or is he one of the greatest bullshit artists alive?

    1. “What am I not seeing here? What drives Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky to make those films? It can’t be just the money and recognition? I’m not being facetious. Is Damien Echols THAT charismatic in person?”

      Self-identification is a powerful drug.

      1. And by “self-identification” I mean of course the tendency for the supporter movement to think, “that could have been any one of us.”

        Sure it could — if you’d demonstrated suicidal and homicidal impulses and had been institutionalized a few times in the year leading up to the crimes; professed to a belief that a spirit of a dead woman lived inside yourself, with whom you had regular conversations, i.e. auditory hallucinations; professed to a belief that blood drinking gave you power and to that end had a documented case of licking a fellow inmate’s wound (a detail mirrored in your accomplice’s confession); were witnessed publicly taking credit for the crimes; were soon enough ratted out by an accomplice who offered multiple, ultimately quite plausible confessions implicating you; were witnessed near the scene around the time of the crimes; offered no alibi that stood up; were caught in lies about same on the witness stand…

        Berlinger & Sinofsky totally self-identified with the black t-shirt wearing, Metallica-loving kid, and were by their own accounts totally on-board with his innocence after talking with him FOR ONE HOUR. They either have the most amazing lie-detectors in the biz or are easy marks when it comes to believing people who seem like themselves.

        1. Good point on self-identification. Con men have been doing this for centuries. If they can make you feel comfortable, like you two are alike, they’ll take your money and your pride.

  15. Without a doubt, Paradise Lost is responsible for hoodwinking a lot of supporters. Very few will admit that, but it’s a fact. To this day, there are new posters claiming they “just watched the movies and are outraged at our justice system.”

    So David, or anyone else who’s interested in exposing the extreme bias of the movies, I have transcribed all the dialogue in PL1 and PL2. Every single word.

  16. I transcribed both movies:

    Paradise Lost #1

    RANDOM GUY ON STREET: We are all dumb!

    DAMIEN: I’m a gothic wiccan witch… and the boogeyman.

    JASON: Seems like he dones it.

    JESSIE: I punched a commode!

    GITCHELL: Eleven!

    BYERS: RAMAMBLEMMMM. fRAGlemmmerrmaa.

    FOGELMAN (to Damien): How would you describe yourself?

    DAMIEN: Kinda douchey…

    FOGELMAN (to Jury): Blue. Oyster. Cult.

    BYERS: nananahHAHAHAHAHga GAHhaskkalla IN HELL!

    — THE END —-

    ParadIse Lost #2


    DAMIEN: Ok, let me explain that whole “boogeyman” shtick…

    JASON: Look… I didn’t even know the cameras were on last time.

    JESSIE: I got a free cell and everything!

    BYERS: blopflug poop. hEllfiresnot plandleflied pramblin plicks.

    BURK: Hey Byers, how is your “dead wife”?

    LA HIPSTER CHICK: Yeah, did you kill your “dead wife” before or after you had your teeth pulled out!?!

    BYERS: bLAMBickle– Hey, wait… That’s pretty fucked up shit to say to a guy whose son was killed.

    BURK (taunting, with finger quotes) Yeah, he was “killed” just like your “molars!”

    BYERS: Seriously, your guys are mean.


    BYERS: I’m serious. What the fuck is going on here?


    BYERS: What the hell?


    BYERS: Whatever… Who wants to hear my Jesus karaoke?

    — THE END —-

    1. oh god, Im dying here… Jesus karaoke….you.are.brilliant

      OJ I have a question, do we know you from any of the non sites? (Im Shanifaye everywhere else)

      1. OMG, I have to admit I visit this “transcript” often. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I want to say I could top it, but this is golden. Act it out and put it on You Tube. Has anyone considered doing another documentary for our side? I am assuming there would be no funding, but maybe just a you-tube thing I could visit for a laugh.
        OJ, right after PL3, you need to make another. Also make fun of supporters, especially with the manhole theory! I read that and saw some pics of the “manholes”. You’ve got to be fuckin’ kidding.

        1. I seek this out a couple times annually too. People like it when I share it. With full acknowledgment that another wrote it, of course.

  17. Just watched the trailer for Paradise Lost three: http://www.dejavurl.com/HD/Paradise_Lost-3-Purgatory

    It’s being released theatrically (smaller number of screens) in 2011 in order to qualify for Oscar consideration. There will be a huge PR push behind the scenes to get that award. They won an Emmy award for PL1.

    If you watch the trailer you can see the whole movie spelled out: Jessie claimed he witnessed a “Satanic Ritual Killing” which in turn led to Damien almost being murdered. The kids were framed. Juries were tainted. Medical evidence points away from any type of knives.

    Byers is running around the streets with a sign that lists all the evidence against Terry Hobbs — Mark seems like he’s still trying to clear his name, and since Paradise Two was so successful in leading people away from the possibility that the WM3 did it, all that suspicion (that was placed on Byers) needs to land somewhere new.

    Anyway… As Jessie states in the current PL3 trailer “I WAS SAYING WHAT THE POLICE WANTED ME TO SAY.”

    If you think about his statement, it’s true. If you were a cop investigating this crime, you too would want Jessie Misskelley to be say what he said. And what he said over and over –and on the record with his attorney present– was that basically he was involved in the murders along with Damien and Jason.

      1. I like how Owen Glieberman refers to Echols as “middle class”. First time I heard that one.

        Next will be good, stable homelife, volunteered at homeless shelters, taught illiterate adults to read, was deacon at his church……

        Fred, do you know why hoax board is not approving new accounts? I see many more ‘nons’ these days since the release of these 3 scumbags.

        1. Hm, I’ve seen others here ask the same question. Not sure why folks are apparently having problems obtaining membership on Hoax. I’ll ask a mod there, and try to find out something. Will respond here if I get a message back.

        2. The moderator I exchanged notes with said the Hoax site is having a massive problem with bots.

          She encouraged me to have you email her: scoutsleepe at googlemail dot com
          and she will fast-track your membership request.

  18. Has anyone considered writing a book? I mean, since Devil’s Knot sewed so many seeds of “doubt” (aka lied like a dog), could possibly putting together a book to be published and the publicity that would follow it maybe get the word out that the people leading the supporter movement LIED?

    Just a thought.

  19. I understand Damien is staying with ‘Peter Jackson’ (Filmmaker – Lord of the Rings, & WM3 celeb supporter) in my home country of NZ .

    God only help us.

    I will lock my kids away!!

    To be honest, I hadnt seen the movies, nor known of these evil kids until yesterday.
    I am the type who likes to look at both sides of a story before passing an opinion.
    When I learned of Damien in NZ & who he was etc etc it got my interest.

    I have looked at both sides now & I find it disturbing on how the FACTS are so badly misreported (sort of like the ‘chinese whispers’ game. Journos these days seem to be so lazy & ignorant. Or is it a case of “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”)

    This site is very well laid out & with references to the callahan site for further evidence. I appreciate your efforts with this site very much David. I have learned so much in the day or so I have been following this.

    Certainly looks like a clear cut case to me, so far. Guilty as charged in the first place!
    I find it sick sometimes about how social media can influence people to a false cause.

    I will certainly be an Advocate for the truth, & will be sharing this page Down Under for others to see. Actually I might even email PJ & see if his opinion can change after seeing some of this website.

    But ……. he is probably so well entrenched in his own opinion, it would be like farting against thunder.
    However for the rest of NZ & the world (and especially for the victims & family/friends of the victims) the true story needs to be more widely told.
    hmmmmmmm, Now to find a film maker who wants to tell the true story.

    In the End
    “The Truth Shall Aways Prevail”

  20. Steve…
    Do please send the link to this website to your countryman Peter Jackson. Please send it to anyone in New Zealand who will listen. Americans have been brainwashed by the wm3.org, “Paradise Lost,” and “Devil’s Knot” PR machines. These profit-driven groups have succeeded in making far too many gullible people actually believe that Damien was only arrested because he wore black and listened to Metallica. Hopefully, like you, most New Zealanders are smarter than that and will run this convicted and confessed child killer out of their country.

  21. Your website is hilarious . Maybe your uneducated mind can point out why you don’t mention Agent John Douglas’ profile on the WM3 case where he has openly states that Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley could not have committed the murders as they were done by a person close to the kids and it was also was designed to taunt and humiliate the boys. It was very personal the crime as Douglas put it. Now for those who aren’t aware John Douglas is widely regareded as the greatest criminal profiler in history. His profiles are deadly accurate and he has interviewed and profiled Gacy, Bundy, Berkowitz ( SOS), Rader (BTK) and Manson among others and has needled them into submission to reveal every sick detail their pathetic minds can cough up. He also was the man who first tipped Seattle cops off that Ridgway was the Green River Killer. Game over for this website i think.

    1. Douglas is now a hired gun, a whore, so to speak.

      Those cases you cite were from his days as a professional, and not as a defense “expert.”

      Game over? Hardly. That will be the day the first of these child murderers re-offend and the likes of you slither away.

  22. okay, so he wasn’t “questioned” for twelve hours, but the auhorities do admit to keeping him for over twelve hours (+/-) and anybody that knows interrogation tactics also knows that an interrogation isn’t just the questioning; keeping a person in an uncormfortable situation (interogation room) while walking away to let them wonder what is next is part of the interogation. So, if he was held by the police for 12 (+/-) hrs even, though it wasn’t all questioning, it may be viewed as an interrogation.
    Misskelly was said to be operating at the mental level of a 12yr old. Since I would consider being held for even 2hrs with off/on questioning and no parents or legal rep present excessive, I do believe it was excessive.
    you also point out the fact that they gave him a polygraph but forgot to metnion that after being told there was “no deception” they still told him he “failed” and was in big trouble for lieing; another bully tactic if it were a 12yr old child (which by his mental ability he was)
    It was shotty police work at best and if the wm3 are truly guilty (sadly we may never truly know) they only got lucky.

    1. okay, so he wasn’t “questioned” for twelve hours, but the auhorities do admit to keeping him for over twelve hours (+/-)

      By that logic, you could say that authorities kept Misskelley for 18 years. From 10:00 am on 6/3/93 to sometime on 8/19/11, Misskelley was “kept” by state authories one way or another.

      Since I would consider being held for even 2hrs with off/on questioning and no parents or legal rep present excessive, I do believe it was excessive.

      Misskelley had no legal right to have a parent present, and there’s no evidence he or his father ever asked for that. Misskelley’s father met with a WMPD officer twice that day before Misskelley Jr. confessed. The claim that Misskelley Jr was denied access to his family is false.

      Misskelley had the right to a lawyer. Police read Misskelley his legal rights in detail on three occasions before his tape-recorded confession. Misskelley waived his right to a lawyer each time, which was obviously a stupid thing to do. But the claim that Misskelley was denied access to a lawyer is false.

      If you really believe that police should not be allowed to question anyone for even 2 hours when investigating a crime of this sort, well, we will have to disagree on that point.

  23. btw the process for finding out your mental age all you have to do is to obtain the product of your chronical age and divide it by 100.
    for example,if your age is 10 and your IQ score is 120,then your mental age will be:
    it simply means you have the mental capability of a person of age 12.
    using the varying scores reported we can see that’
    72×17= 1224 1224/100= 12.24yrs equivalent
    73×17=1241 1241/100=12.41yrs equivalent
    74×17=1258 1258/100=12.58yrs equivalent

    I may be off on his age at the time because I can’t remember if he was 17 or 18 but either way it keeps him in the 12-13yr old range.


      Court documents show Misskelley scored an 88 and 84 on previous IQ tests.

      SOURCE: http://callahan.8k.com/images3/jm_trial/jm_rickert/jm_trial_2165.jpg

      Not even close to retarded. The levels of speech and thinking Misskelley demonstrates in the PL Films and the Confessions audio (available at Callahans site) also give the lie to the amazingly popular “retarded/borderline retarded” claims.

      If we use your metric…
      84×17=1428/100=14.28 years old (mental age)
      88×17=1496/100=15 years old (mental age)
      …he’s way more capable than his lawyer Dan Stidham’s repeated claims that Misskelley is “like a 5-yr-old.” (Even the 72 score often cited reflects a 12+=year mental age by your estimation, which is well beyond 5-years-old.)

      I believe Stidham repeats the “Jessie is like a 5-yr-old” claim in PL3.
      And Paradise Lost co-director Joe Berlinger makes the same 5-yr-old claim — or at least, allows it to be voiced unchallenged — on an NPR’s Leonard Lopate show, from October 2011.

      LOPATE: Jessie Misskelly, the third member of the group, uh, is mentally challenged, I don’t know how else to say it. They said he had–
      BERLINGER: An IQ of 72…
      LOPATE: …the mind of a 5-yr-old.
      BERLINGER: Yeah…

      SOURCE: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/lopate/2011/oct/07/

      It’s a cornerstone Supporter lie, important because it allows them to dismiss Misskelley’s four (4) on-record confessions as somehow not credible, because of his supposed “borderline retarded/retarded/5-yr-old” level of intelligence.

      One more further big lie is stated by Berlinger directly after the above quoted Lopate appearance:

      BERLINGER: Look, Echols and Baldwin were friends, and I can understand that friendship… But they will tell you that they knew of Misskelly, but they weren’t friends with him. I mean, this was a concoction by the police…

      Now read this excerpt from the Memphis local paper, published just two days after Misskelley confessed to police.

      “Tough, a Bit Troubled, But Kind to Kids” – The Commercial Appeal, 06-05-93

      “He’s never given me any trouble,” said McNease, who owns the auto repair shop where Misskelley’s father worked as a mechanic. McNease also said the younger Misskelley also worked for him part time. “He’s just like one of our kids. He’d come in here and hug my neck,” he said, “just like he was one of my young ‘uns.”
      He said the elder Misskelley had raised his son alone, after the teenager’s mother moved to California.

      *****McNease said Misskelley and the other two murder suspects, Michael Wayne Echols and Jason Baldwin, rode bicycles a lot around Marion and West Memphis.***** Misskelley had a temper when pushed, McNease said.
      “He was a fighter,” he said. “If you picked on him, he would bop you in the mouth.
      “He whipped a grown man right out there the other day,” McNease said, pointing to the driveway to his shop. “If it hadn’t been for Big Jessie stepping in to stop it, he would have hurt that man bad.”

      SOURCE: http://westmemphisthreediscussion.yuku.com/topic/2657

      1. I just love when some uninformed person brings up the 84 and 88 IQ scores. In case someone doesn’t know it, an IQ test is in two parts – verbal and performance. The verbal portion tests reasoning abilities and mathematical abilities and all of the things that most people think of when “intelligence” is discussed. The performance portion tests basic manual dexterity and the ability to function in society. Those two scores in the 80’s were for the performance portion of the test only. His full-scale IQ score (which is what is used when someone’s IQ is discussed – unless someone is wanting to distort facts) has tested in the 71 – 79 range since he was in elementary school from what I’ve read. That makes him borderline retarded.


  24. I correct myself; the police were never told there was “no deception” during the polygraph. That and I spelled “mention” incorrectly on my post.

    1. Joe, I think you missed the timeline provided at the beginning of this blog. The relevant time frame has Jesse arriving at the police station at 10:00 am. At this point Jesse is not a suspect and is not being interrogated but questioned about attending devil worship meetings,Damien and if he had any knowledge of the murders. The questioning lasted 1 hour, 10:00 am-11:00am. As stated this was questioning and not a interrogation. I would not personally count this hour, but I will for this post. I am however omitting the travel times. This has us picking back up to the timeline at 11:30 am-12:00pm. This is listed as time spent taking the polygraph. This took 30 minutes. Jesse is now a suspect and in my opinion this is really where the interrogation starts. But I am sticking with the timeline of this blog. We are now at Jesse being unhooked from the poly and returned to the questioning room. Our time line picks up at 12:40 pm – 2:30 pm. Jesse confessed at 2:2pm
      12:40-2:20 is 2 hours. Total time is 4 hours spent talking to the police before he confessed.

      1. I also want to add, if two hours is too long for the police to interrogate a suspect then why would the defence make up the 12 hour story. Kind of makes you wonder what else they lied about?

  25. Just so they’re handy to combat a few more lies…

    “Jessie wasn’t informed of his rights.”

    Yes…he was: http://callahan.8k.com/images/jessiem/miranda_waiver.JPG

    “Jessie’s dad didn’t know his son was going to be questioned.”

    Yes…he did: http://callahan.8k.com/images2/jm_polygraph_release.JPG

    Also, just something I found interesting in the timeline http://callahan.8k.com/wm3/jmtl.html


    “AS A UNSECURED PASSENGER IN THE FRONT SEAT”. No cop is going to let someone…especially a murder suspect…ride in the front seat with them uncuffed. Not going to happen. No way, no how. That tells me Jessie wasn’t a suspect at time.

    To me, the timeline page is a good one to show supporters…well, the ones that are actually willing to listen. It debukes the 12 hour interrogation, the failure to read Jessie his rights, and the statement that his parents weren’t aware he was being questioned all in one neat little package.

  26. Christ, are people claiming that a 2 hour interrogation is too long and that police shouldn’t interrogate people for more than a few minutes? How the hell are police supposed to solve crimes? Interrogations are bad, confessions are false, fiber evidence is a sham. And after someone confesses to beating some kids to death, they should be given a ride home because it’s not fair to keep them more than a few minutes. Hear that murderers? All you have to do is burn a body, or, ahem, submerge it in water to eliminate trace evidence and you’re good to go! The police shouldn’t be trying to solve crimes.

    I imagine if it was your child that was brutally murdered, you’d want the police to be investigating, much like the WMPD. This case was solved due to a police investigation, and like anything run by humans, it wasn’t perfect. But they did manage to secure 3 fair and solid convictions. It wasn’t until a couple of self-proclaimed “storytellers” came along that the investigators were turned into the bad guys here. They’re not the bad guys, the 3 murderers are.

  27. You are discounting all evidence that points to other possible suspects while not explaining the bullet proof reasons the WM3 are guilty!

  28. These guys are completly innocent.

    I have proof…..

    Jessie was interogated for 12 hours.. and then made to lie…and he is retarded…

    They were all convicted because there favourite band was “New Kids On The Block”
    And they wore black clothes.. that is the only reason.

    Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin where lovers… and the redneck people in there town didn’t like the fact that they where gay.

    They didn’t even know who Jessie Misskelly was….

    The Guy at Bojangles was the killer… he admitted it to the waitress…

    1. Blacks account for almost 50% of the homicides in the U.S.

      Seeing as they make up only 13% of the population, i believe they should be executing more blacks and quicker. Before trial if they have pleaded guilt. They would save the state alot of money.

  29. I take issue against everything this site says and IS. And anyone who would like to discuss it with a supporter that owns more than three brain cells please contact me. And NO I did come to support them just because of the movies, celebrities or website. I actually have been studying the case for 15+ years. So please come with your a game. And do not spout corner stone supporter lies at me. And if you are going to spew just stupid non educated hate DO NOT BOTHER.


    1. Tera, Im going to say this nicely because I know who you are….it would be a better debate if you didnt “generalize” and say you take issue with everything this site says, because there is not one thing on this site (readers comments aside) that is said that is not backed up with case documents. What in particular do you have issue with? lets take this page since we are here…What is your take on the supposed 12 hour investigation?

      I’ve been following this case longer than you, and you wont get “corner stone supporter lies” from me lol (Im pretty sure you worded that incorrectly). Non’s don’t need to lie, we can back it all up with documents…its the supporters that feel the need to perpetuate the myths and exaggerate.

      1. Citing Callahan’s just means citing what Burnett allowed in some cases. Unfortunately, everything about the case isn’t on Callahan’s. It’s a great site, and I have read the information contained on it. However, I seriously doubt that some of the posters on this site have actually read the pretrial hearings. As to everything on this site being backed up by documents at Callahan’s, that is not necessarily true. Usually what happens is information from Callahan’s is “cherry picked” to support the poster’s OPINION of what happened or, in other words, Callahan’s is cited to “prove” the poster’s opinion. Just because someone testified to something in court doesn’t make it true. Otherwise, Damien’s statement of his innocence in his trial would prove him to be innocent. Yes, I believe that LE officials can (and, on occasion, do) lie on the stand. It’s called corruption – or perjury!

      2. Been following it longer than me. Where did you get that opinion please. I want to know that before I talk any further. Because the first time I became aware of the WM3 when I was living with my Dad when it aired on HBO in 1996.

  30. In my uneducated opinion, I would say that three hours or twelve, the kid should have had counsel present. I understand that the detectives were doing their job. The fact that he didn’t ask for any counsel during whatever period of time he was questioned kind of shows that he has some intelligence issues to begin with. With that said, if he is guilty, why not testify against Damien and Jason? Could have maybe gotten a reduced sentence. There is obviously things that both sides aren’t coming forward with for whatever reason

  31. So what’s your point? Who cares if it was nearly 12 hrs or over 12 hrs? We really don’t know because Gitchell’s shady, unprofessional interrogation tactics are why we are having this discussion now and don’t know exactly the times. I do believe they were not doing something right in the first hours or that would have been recorded. He was pushed, I’m sure, to the limit. Promised a lot!! I want to put significance in that! And he was just gullible enough and desperate enough, w/ all police pressure, along w/ promises, I would say as they usually do, they were telling him, if you don’t tell us something it will be bad for you and we know you’re already guilty so you ‘ll get less time if not it’ll be really bad. People do you really trust all the cops out there? Just because they have that title? These cops, in this certain case, just happened to have been at the time being investigated by the FBI for something to do with their drug force. They were in danger of losing their jobs. They were not honest people. I wonder why he confessed to his lawyer in the 3rd confession, idk if he was being told to that it would be best for him by someone other than his attorney of course. There’s too much lost evidence, too much shit in this case. Even if they are guilty (and I strongly believe they are not) or innocent of this crime, they did not get a fair trial. Sloppy police work and all kinds of liars who have now recanted, watch West of Memphis, you’ll see. And any good investigators know to start with the families as suspect and work their way out. There are so many things wrong here, can’t you see? Yes, Damien had a mental health history…Dr’s say most mental health patients, and he was mainly diagnosed Bipolar and with Major Depressive Disorder, which I am diagnosed with. That does not mean you are a killer. Also, lie detectors are bs. Look it up the Medical field says it’s not worth a damn and it’s not admissible in court. There’s a lot of things that can influence those tests. Myself, I think Jessie was just a liar that thought he was going to get something out of this.

    1. Have you ever watched the crime show 48 hours? It deals with real murders & investigations. All suspects are told by police that if they admit their involvement & confess it’ll be better for them. In the end when they place themselves at the scene of the homicide they are charged with murder that’s how interrogations work. Do you think someone capable of murder is just going to offer up that information willingly. Some hardened criminals lawyer up & don’t say a word, others for whatever reason start talking. Are the police supposed to just let them go because they were kind enough to implicate themselves. I really think most supporters have no clue about police work, crime solving & interrogations. Why is this myth still supported that the police didn’t start with the families? They were all accounted for at the time & viable suspects. Then you state your ” knowledge ” of the case from watching West of Memphis, a film made by Damien Echols & his biggest supporter Peter Jackson. You think that film may be in anyway biased? Damien was angry with Jason Baldwin for participating in Devil’s Knot…. A film that also supports their innocence but he wasn’t happy about how he was portrayed. In turn Jason had them change some of the script but Damien was still angry, perhaps he’d like Angel’s wings attached to his back to portray him properly!
      As far as his mental health issues they went way beyond Bipolar & manic depression. He was said to show no affect in his speech, no empathy, those are huge warning signs in my opinion. Even now all of his interviews are the same, he’s like a robot answering the same questions with the same answers over & over. ” my lawyers were so inept they said we didn’t need to call my alibi witnesses to the stand ” what complete & utter bullshit NO LAWYER WOULD OMIT AN ALIBI IF THEY KNEW IT WAS CREDIBLE!

  32. I have looked over your website on two separate occasions now. I like how you have the links to the callahan site. That was one of the first sites I came upon several months ago, while reading about the WM3. I think if anyone is wanting more info about the case, that is a wonderful place to start.
    I remember this case when it first happened. I took it as gospel that the WM3 were guilty, due to the jury conviction. As time went by and the documentary movies came out about the case, I began to wonder. I only saw the first one, as my husband refused to watch “that propaganda” as he called it. The documentary did cause one to wonder about their guilt.
    Then the release of the WM3 came about and since then, I have had difficulty wanting to believe they are innocent. My own personal feelings and thoughts and what I have read online have resulted in this feeling that a great injustice has been committed.
    Comments or statements that Jessie has the mentality of a 5 year old. Perhaps, I do not understand this…but when my child was 5, he did not speak as intelligently as Jessie did, nor could he have made a statement thanking his supporters. I doubt he would have known what supporters were.
    The lack of Jessie in most of this fanfare and world travel. Most 5 year olds, enjoy a party and gifts.
    Damian’s sudden rise to fame and acceptance of it. Solitaire for how many years makes him crave attention? I am having a hard ‘accepting” that after so many years alone, he morphs into a person that embraces a facebook page, Iphone, travel, parties, red carpet appearances and speaking engagements seemingly effortlessly.
    Jason…not sure.
    My biggest question is how do these producers of these free the WM3 documentaries explain away all of the scanned court documents and more?

  33. So let’s understand this: because Jessie was NOT interrogated for 12 hours, his confession is suddenly believable? You take a kid witha low IQ, show him pictures of a dead body, play him a recording of a little boy saying, “Only I know what happened,” lie to him about failing a polygraph, tell him it’s “us versus them” and yet the kid still gets all the details wrong when he “confesses” to get the cops off his back? No matter how hard anyone tries to prove otherwise, Misskelley’s confession is a heaping bowl of crap — 12 hours of interrogation or not. Maybe if the WMPD had actually had 12 hours to interrogate him, they might have been able to get him to give a believable confession.

  34. Good stuff – this kid confessed voluntarily several times. After his conviction (where the defense argued his confession was coerced) … he demanded to go on record so he could confess again.

    I repeat Miskelley, against his lawyers advice and after his conviction, confessed again.

    Nitpicking small details (which coming from a guy who is by all accounts not very bright and likely trying to downplay his involvement is understandable) doesn’t explain this away.

  35. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never
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  36. I do not drop a comment, however after reading through a few of the responses here A Short History of the 12-Hour Interrogation.
    I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind.
    Could it be just me or does it look as if like a few of these responses appear like they are coming from brain dead individuals?
    😛 And, if you are writing on other sites, I’d like to follow you. Would you make a list of all of all your social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  37. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
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  39. Supporters will go on about Jessie’s low IQ yet not take THAT into account as the possible reason he got some things wrong during the interrogation. He’d had time to concoct a version of events in his head where he sounded the least guilty. The trouble is reality and his watered-down version got intermingled during his confession, and that is why he messed a few things up.

    Also, I don’t doubt he felt incredible stress over the incident and more remorse than most nons will give him credit for. Oh, and he is dumb to boot. Maybe not “mentally retarded” but definitely a world class idiot.

    The Evan Williams he was drinking that night isn’t going to ensure the most excellent recall, either.

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