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      1. You’re right. Sinclair stretches the truth in his articles about the WMFree and, in many instances, outright lies.

          1. Don’t think so. Mara didn’t do time in prison as Sinclair did. Mara documents her work a bit better than Sinclair, too.

  1. No, Mara’s statements are meant to make her $$ by catering to the gullible. I’ve challenged you over and over to compare what she wrote with what she left out. If you refuse to take my advice, then it’s your dellusion.

  2. “WM3 supporters have cited this shortage of physical evidence as proof that Baldwin, Echols and Misskelley were innocent. Could three teenagers have committed this horrific crime and left the crime scene so pristine? Impossible! Paradise Lost includes various defense lawyers and experts making this argument (in private meetings, not in court), and supporters have repeated the argument ever since. ”

    Ehem…. the defense doesn’t have to prove innocence only establish reasonable doubt.
    No physical evidence linking the suspects to the crime , i would say, is reasonable doubt.

    1. There is lots of evidence if you take the time to look at it. Also since WM3 decided not to have a new trial ,they do have to prove they are innocent.They had a chance for a new trial.WHY DIDNT THEY TAKE IT. Dont give me the junk that Echols health was failing because he is out and traveling around. From day one when he got out. THEY PLEAD GUILTY BECAUSE THEY ARE GUILTY.

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