Letter to AMPAS from victims’ parents

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature this morning. In response, four parents whose children were murdered by Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley wrote an open letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

January 24, 2012

President Tom Sherak
Chief Executive Officer Dawn Hudson
Chairman Robert P. Epstein
AMPAS Awards Office
8949 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills CA 90211

Re: Paradise Lost III: Purgatory

Dear AMPAS officers and members of the Academy:

We are the parents and step-parent of Michael Moore and Stevie Branch, Jr. On May 5, 1993, our sons, along with their friend Christopher Byers, were brutally murdered. Three teenage boys, now men, were convicted of the crime: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley. An HBO documentary film crew came to our town, West Memphis, Arkansas, to chronicle the aftermath of these murders and the trials of our sons’ killers. That film, Paradise Lost, was followed by two sequels – Paradise Lost II: Revelations and Paradise Lost III: Purgatory. We are writing to the Academy now to express our sadness, disappointment, and outrage over the decision to nominate the latest film, Purgatory, for an Academy Award in the documentary film category.

Despite the spin and controversy fabricated by defense attorneys, documentary filmmakers, and celebrities, certain aspects of the past 18 years are irrefutable. Three precious eight-year-old boys went for a bicycle ride on May 5, 1993, and never came home. They were murdered in a most vicious and horrifying manner. Jessie Misskelley has admitted to taking part in these terrible crimes three times on record and at least three additional times off the record. He described in detail how he and his two co-defendants, Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin, beat, tortured, and mutilated the boys, hogtied them, and threw them into a muddy ditch to drown. This is irrefutable. Misskelley admitted to witnessing and partaking in these horrendous acts several times. Also indisputable is the fact that two juries found the three men, known as the West Memphis Three, guilty of these crimes and that the Arkansas Supreme Court upheld these verdicts as just. The West Memphis Three, 18 years later, remain guilty of these murders as a matter of law and a matter of fact. They have failed to gain exoneration, despite being given the opportunity to do so, an opportunity that few convicts in their position are granted. They were given an arguably undeserved second chance to prove their innocence, and they declined, choosing instead to plead guilty to the murders. Again, this is irrefutable. They now claim to be “searching for the real killers” of our sons, but it seems unlikely they will be able to do so while directing movies, traveling the globe, and partying with rock stars. Our sons, meanwhile, remain dead in their graves.

While we were grieving for our children, the HBO film crew assured us that they only chronicled the events as they unfolded, and that they believed the defendants to be guilty. They earned our trust, and then they violated it. Director Joe Berlinger aptly referred to himself as a “storyteller first, a journalist second…” an accurate description given the fable he has conjured. Berlinger decided within “five minutes” of meeting Damien Echols that he was innocent and immediately set out upon a mission to prove it, truth and facts be damned. The fabricated innocence of the defendants made for a better “documentary” than the truth that these three teenagers killed our children for nothing more than a sick thrill. Directors Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky exploited the deaths of our children from the opening scene of the first film, when they grotesquely and unnecessarily showed the crime scene footage of our sons’ broken and naked lifeless bodies, and they have not stopped gravely misusing our children since. Including video of our sons’ dead bodies in the first film must have proved lucrative because they indefensibly used the footage again in Purgatory.

Directors Berlinger and Sinofsky lied to grieving parents. They have callously accused not one, but two, grieving parents of their own sons’ murders. They manipulated viewers into believing that these trials were a witchhunt, showing only very carefully selected snippets of trial testimony. The trials of our sons’ murderers lasted twenty-two days. Despite having over 140 hours of footage in their possession, Berlinger and Sinofsky ultimately showed viewers less than one hour of trial footage and led viewers to the false conclusion that there was no evidence produced that the three defendants were guilty. They neglected to include virtually all of the evidence against the defendants, regardless of the fact that two juries and the Arkansas Supreme Court deemed that sufficient evidence of their guilt existed. The directors spun three films worth of lies and manipulation, leading viewers to believe that there was insufficient evidence of guilt. On August 19, 2011, the killers themselves finally admitted that there was sufficient evidence to convict them. Despite the celebrity and financial support garnered by these films, even an estimated $10-20 million could not produce the exculpatory evidence that Berlinger, Sinofsky, high-profile defense attorneys, and the defendants themselves insisted exists. This includes the DNA mentioned in the latest film, which even the convicts’ defense attorneys admit was not exculpatory. The defendants finally conceded this when they admitted to the State of Arkansas, and the world, that their guilty verdicts were in fact just. Paradise Lost III: Purgatory glosses over the irrefutable fact that the defendants themselves requested the Alford Plea and chose instead to portray the situation as if the defendants were forced to plead guilty. The truth is that the defendants were given the opportunity to present their case for innocence, but four months prior to the evidentiary hearing, they requested that the Court allow them the opportunity to plead guilty instead. After 18 years proclaiming their alleged innocence, these men were given the chance to prove that they did not kill our children, and they declined. Perhaps this was because their attorneys knew that sufficient exculpatory evidence does not exist.

Despite these facts, the Academy has declared that these filmmakers and their grotesque mission of reversing justice for three innocent children is worthy of the highest film recognition. These films glorified child murderers and made them stars. Worse yet, they had a direct impact on the release of our sons’ killers. These admittedly guilty defendants are now free to profit from the horrible, unthinkable, tragic deaths of our sons, just as Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky have done before them.

We last wrote to you on November 22, 2011, asking that the Academy would not reward the evil acts of May 5, 1993, when our children were taken from us in the most horrific way imaginable. We have been denied closure since the day that HBO stepped into our town and manipulated us into believing that they were present to chronicle the tragedy that had befallen us. It is with heavy hearts that we express our extreme disappointment with the decision to nominate this film for an award in the documentary film category. This film is not art. While it can be argued that virtually all documentaries are biased in some way or another, Paradise Lost III: Purgatory blatantly misrepresented the truth, staged scenes, contrived confrontations, distorted the facts, and lied by omission. Even crueler, these films had a direct impact in the reversal of justice for our precious sons. The filmmakers callously disregarded the families of Michael Moore, Stevie Branch, Jr., and Christopher Byers. This film should be exposed as a fraud, not rewarded with an Academy Award nomination.


Todd Moore, father of Michael Moore
Diana Moore, mother of Michael Moore
Stevie Branch, Sr., father of Stevie Branch, Jr.
Terry Hobbs, stepfather of Stevie Branch, Jr.

Expect the Academy and its members to respond with a condescending brushoff, followed by another round of “Damien is so cool and dreamy, I was just like him when I was a teenager”.

198 thoughts on “Letter to AMPAS from victims’ parents”

      1. Just because three boys were crazy in their youth doesn’t mean they are guilty. Yes the crime is horrible. Take a step back from the crime itself and look at the actual proof. and you see the proof is little at best. I’ve heard some compare the evidence against the three as little bricks, that laid one upon the other forms a nice jail for them to step into. Well the truth is that you should look at the foundation, with out which no wall will stand. How did the People and thereby the Police begin to identify the boys? All the evidence I’ve seen demonstrates an atmosphere of rushing to judge with features of a witch hunt, literally.

  1. Nicely stated letter. Hopefully some of the voters will look into the facts of the case before casting their vote for a one-sided version of it. I’m glad the parents at least mentioned the multiple confessions by Misskelley. Maybe the voters will also notice he is not retarded and does not “have the mind of a 5 year old” as these movies would have you believe. And that instead Damien is the one who was on disability – for homicidal thoughts.

    1. My heart breaks for the poor victim’s families. What a horrible nightmare that they have to endure. I just cannot understand why anyone would ignore what they have to say about what has transpired. I pray that this letter falls into the hands of people willing to examine the facts presented and the courage to act upon it.

      1. It’s not so much disregard the feelings and thoughts of the parents and family, its a real and honest desire to see a just and lawful end to the situation of the condemed men. I agree the parents lives must have been a living hell since that black day in may. But, I’m not HBO and I’ve looked into the case as an outside observer. I have no concern other than as a human being. From all the evidence I’ve read, exhibit 500 included, I can only say, that yes those crazy retarded boys would be the perfect people to drive toward in a rush to judge. No one picks the quarterback to hang a crime on. Its just back luck for the Arkansas system that with time the two less damaged boys were actually able to grow into men capable of stringing thoughts together and able to defend themselves. I’m sorry for all the pain, very very sorry indeed. As a totally disinterested outside observer, the three boys are where they should be, free and working on being happy.

    2. Damien was on disability…for homicidal thoughts. Right. And he was the only one in West Memphis with some psychological issues?

      Of course not!

      I mean, hell, we all know Terry Hobbs had some fucked up things from his past that could certainly lead one to assume he had homicidal thoughts, but I guess we didn’t know that back in ’93 because no one ever bothered to look into his back story. They just looked into the Satanist’s back story. Because Satanists were kind of the focus of a hell of a lot of media attention in the early 90s. A lot of Satanists went to jail.

      Irony is, we now recognize that we were basically wrong about all of them…

      1. Who is the “we” you speak about? Have you got a squirrel in your pocket? 😉

        FYI-just in case you didn’t know, Damien wrote himself months before the murder that he was homicidal.

        1. No, silly, no squirrel in my pocket. But are you suggesting that Hobbs doesn’t have anything fucked up from his past? Like…for real?

          1. Please point to where I said anything of the like in my comment. (Hint-I didn’t mention TH at all)

      2. That is a defense lawyers entire job, prove there is a reasonable doubt. There is so much reasonable doubt that hundred thousands of people are still discussing this case more than 20 years later. It was just in the last year that I learned of the Murders and now I’ve had a year to read all the evidence I can say honestly that those poor psycho/retarded white trash rejects were railroaded straight into the jailhouse. I’ve only read evidence from the cases. I’ve seen maybe ten minutes of one of the films.

    3. YOU should look into the facts of the case, DOG! Clearly you haven’t, or you wouldn’t be making such stupid and unfalse statements.

      Jesus. Read for yourself for once.

    1. It is heartbreaking– that 3 children were murdered, but also heartbreaking, 3 teenagers arrested and their youth stolen for a crime they didn’t commit, for which there was the slimmest of physical evidence (fibers from their siblings from clothes available at the local Walmart) testimonies from unreliable witnesses, the most damning of whom have recanted, and absolutely no investigation done on other possible killers with real motives. There are numerous websites with ALL of the evidence presented at trial (and that withheld– for dubious reasons by those who have truly profited in their careers by “solving” a case that wasn’t investigated!) One of the signatories from this letter is indeed the prime suspect– with DNA evidence (unavailable at the time of the trial) and witnesses to a confession who passed polygraphs!).

      I can understand how grieving parents want someone to be punished, but Byer’s stepfather and Branch’s mother believe the “WM3” are innocent. Even Terry Hobb’s daughter can’t rule out the fact that he committed the crime. The “Alford plea” was not an admission of guilt– just the opposite– it allowed them to maintain their innocence while escaping a punishment they endured for years for a crime they didn’t commit! I applaud the Academy for recognizing film-making that goes beyond art and actually served a useful purpose! It looks like “West of Memphis” (not an award contender) may actually go further and help convict the murderer of these three small children.

      1. Wrong Sonia. You are repeating propaganda that has been fed to you. You should read up on this site and then do some reading on Callahan.

        1. Oh, hi, Lucielle. How about this:

          Wrong Lucielle. You are repeating propoganda that has been fed to you. You should read up on the Black Board and then do some reading on Callahan.

          What’s amazing about nons is how remarkably dense they are.

          1. I don’t personally see how a message board is any type of place of reference, but I can see how a twat waffle like you *could* think it is.

            The best place to read up on this case is Callahan’s, unless you want a biased opinion on the case.

          2. No propaganda here. I made up my mind in ’96 after watching PL1. I had no idea that there were people who agreed with me!

            Aliester Crowley, parts of Jesse’s confession, and the “boogeyman” was all it took.

        1. Oh Sonia, I didn’t know you were psyhic? How do you know for a FACT, and I said a FACT that they are innocent? Please list and tell me the facts only.

          Oh, just going with a gut feeling and that Damien is hot? Thought so. I’m guessing you’re in your 20’s and your wear rose-colored glasses. Am I right?

          When and if the real truth ever comes out of these three mouths, I will have an eco-friendly moist towlette waiting for you so you can wipe the egg of your face.

  2. Wow. That is a powerful letter.

    Of course, I haven’t seen the full text printed anywhere else. I don’t expect I will, either.

    I suspect PL3 won’t win because it doesn’t have a great deal of artistic merit, but the Academy certainly has set itself up for a PR disaster of major proportions if one of the three killers re-offends

    1. Doesn’t have a great deal of artistic merit? See, it’s statements like that…

      Whether you think what Bruce and Joe have done with the PL films is despicable or laudable, it is ridiculous to deny the fact that they are exceptional documentarians…brilliant filmmakers. Even if you think they’re pure evil, there is a GREAT DEAL of artistic merit on display in each of these films, particularly the first, and, yes, the third film. These guys have THOUSANDS of hours of footage. Stuff they shot, news reel, stuff from ’93, stuff from 2011, and stuff from all the many years in between. This is a complicated, dense case, with a lot of facts and a lot of faces and it takes a remarkable storyteller to string it all together as well as they have. Jackson Bad clearly knows nothing about filmmaking.

          1. Yes that’s it. WHy can’t you make a comment without being an ass? I have been nice to you, and apparently for no good reason.

            I did think them to be boring. And I do love documetaries. Sorry my opinion isn’t the same as yours.

    2. The Academy Awards and especialy The Grammy’s are not something I have put much stock in since maybe the 80’s. And I am not the only one that feels that way. These two organizations are biased and see only the money or the fame a certain “artist” or “film” has acquired and they no longer go by artistic value.

      Basically, when it come to these two organizations, it’s not really who you know, but who you blow. So “F” these two organizations. They never really cared what the general public likes anyway. If this documentary won the People’s Choice Award, then I would be worried. But not the Emmy’s, please.

  3. Cindy,

    There’s a good reason why someone “would want to ignore what they have to say about what has transpired.” They’re not particularly objective. Todd Moore was blowing the head off a pumpkin he and Byers named Damien before there was even a trial. All these parents were put in a terrible, unimaginable position. I’m very glad grieving parents aren’t in charge of our laws and justice system. Aren’t you?

    1. Did you know that was a staged event by the directors, Joey? I think parents should probably be given 15 minutes alone in a room with the person that mutilated and murdered their child, but that’s just me.

      1. You’re right, Lucielle. That is just you. Actually…it sounds kinda homicidal. Careful now, you may make yourself a target should any crimes be committed in your area…

        1. LOL, I don’t think it is just me. I think *you* would be in the minority in that situation. And you know as well as I do it takes more than that to even be looked at. Nice try at a strawman, though.

          No comment on the staging in the movie? Or JMB being paid to act out in scenes from PL2?

          1. Hi Lucielle, I can’t reply under a whole bunch of threads further up so I guess you get the last word on those.

            The parents were paid to appear in the film, as is the case with most documentaries with any kind of budget. They were paid honorariums, not saleries. Perhaps you can argue it was predatory, being that all 6 families were financially lower-class, so the incentive for them to appear on camera was a financial imperative (particularly for the 3 families who had to worry about defense funds).

            Per your disgusting sentiments about vigilante justice, what a horrible, horrible idea. I suppose you’re a big fan of the whole “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth” literalism of the bible. I suppose you’re for what they do in Saudi Arabia, cutting hands off thieves and what not. You’re advocating that people should get 15 minutes alone in a room with whoever supposedly harmed their families is deeply disturbing, and if you got your way would do a decent job sending us back to the barbarism of the middle ages. Are you fucking serious? And you think that’s a normal, sane position, to literally jockey for that? Are you a fan of the movie Hostel by chance? You’re fucked in the head, lady, no wonder you’re all turned around here.

            P.S. “Staged event by the directors.” What the fuck does that mean? Tell you one thing, no one put a gun to Todd’s head. Though, I’ll also tell you this: maybe the family of the person Dana Moore killed while drunk driving would want 15 minutes alone in a room with her. And maybe Pam Hobbs family would want 15 minutes alone in a room with Terry, being that he, you know, shot her brother, and being that he later died of complications from that wound.

  4. Do these Hollywood people not read facts? You can’t just watch a movie or even 3 and decide on this case without reading court documents ! I am sorry for the families, and the wm3(the real wm3) the 3 boys who got killed by the three teens who just killed for a thrill without thinking about the victims, their families, or the consequences for their crimes!

    1. Uh…first of all, Kristi…these Hollywood people nominate movies. I don’t exactly know what you’re suggesting here…should they nominate “facts” for Academy Awards?

      Second of all…you’re definitely right. You can’t just watch a movie or even 3 and decide on this case without reading court documents. Did someone suggest otherwise?

      Oh, are you referring to the members of the Academy who watched the movie and deemed it one of the five best documentaries of the year? Because that has nothing to do with “deciding” on this case. But even if they did “decide” on this case after watching PL3 and without doing any other research, you know something? They probably feel like the fact that Arkansas let the WM3 go (including the Satanist on death row) because, as Ellington admitted to, in so many words, otherwise they would have been re-tried, exonerated, and then given the opportunity to sue the a$$ off the state of Arkansas…well, that’s “fact” enough.

      1. So true Joey! Your last paragraph took the words right out of my mouth! Honestly though, I would’ve loved to see the WM3 sue the shit out of Arkansas, get very rich, & not even have to worry about having a reputation. All the taxpayers who were ready to string them up… can pay for their stupidity! Hahaha!

  5. There is only one big problem with the whole case. The police should have asked Miskelley where he was that night, since he was at a wrestling match in another town, the conversation should have ended there. You can confess a million times but if you have witnesses that places you in another town, your confesssion is bullshit. That information alone proves he couldn’t have seen or done anything. I’m sorry for all of you who want to believe that these guys could have done this with no blood, no DNA..come on people use your brains, we have them for a reason

    1. The wrestling in Dyess alibi was total bullshit. The defense presented this alibi to the jury, the prosecution demolished it, and the jury recognized it as bullshit.

        1. 14 + years later? I will give him a pass on that. Especially if he was smoking the wacky weed. (Which doesn’t make someone violent)

  6. I like how all the supporters of this site act like us non supporters of this site are completely ignorant…I for one followed this story from the beginning not from any of the PL films…Yes i did see them way after i was following the case but i have read all case documents and anything and everything pertaining to the case. I have always been fascinated with true crime, my favorite true crime author Anne Rule, i have always wanted to write true crime books so research is vital to me. If any of you know Anne Rule was in law enforcement for many years before she began writing, and at one point worked at a rape crisis center right next to Ted Bundy and never detected anything. Usually the most obvious suspect is the farthest from the real culprit….If true “evil monsters” were detected by looking them right in the eye then no children would ever be abducted or killed etc. Detective 101 is start with the people closet to the victim because 90% of victims are killed by someone close to them. I have many friends in the police force because of what i do and many believe that the boys are innocent and the WMPD did an injustice to 6 boys, i guess they can see the truth because none of them are running for political office and their reputation and or credentials are not on the line….

    1. Do you mean Ann Rule? Sorry, but if you can’t even get that right, you shouldn’t be bragging about how vital research is to you.

      Also, a much better book to read on Bundy is “The Only Living Witness,” Ann put herself right in the middle of the action when she was not. You can also read “The Riverman” by Robert Keppel.

      1. And you can also read “The Satanic Bible,” by Anton LaVey. But beware…if you do…someone may come for you…there’s a room out there…with 15 minutes on the clock…and if you did something wrong…or, you know, it at least is pretty obvious to some people that you did something wrong…they may take you there.

        Tread carefully.

  7. The letter is signed by michael moores parents and steve branch’s biological father and stepfather. Yet Steves biological mother Pam and Chris Byers Stepfather/Adopted Father Mark Byers support the boys. Seems to me Pam could have supported the two men that were fathers to Steve yet she has come out verbally on TV and has said she believes Terry Hobbs is guilty, here is someone that has been at the receiving end of Terry Hobbs’ rages. My heart goes out to the parents excluding terry hobbs but the WMPD did the parents a disservice as well by feeding them propaganda to protect their own repuations….OOps we went after the wrong guys and covered our asses at the expense of finding the real culprit/culprits, and fed you bullshit to keep you from harrassing us to investigate and not forming a case out of heresay.

  8. I’m not 100 percent sure they were guilty and probably never will be, but I have enough doubt in their innocence to think they should still be in jail and not on the red carpet. Until I am 100 percent sure they didn’t do it I am always going to take the side of those 3 little cub scouts whose naked mutilated bodies were left in the mud to die. Now, no one is in jail.

      1. Sorry, this made me LOL. You now KNOW the WM3 are innocent? So you were either uninformed, unresearched, and going by the words of others before or you are now.

        This is not a fucking video game people! These are 3 dead eight year olds. Beaten, cut, stripped, possibly sexually assaulted, mutilated, tied up, and thrown into a ditch to drown. Misskelley said at least 3 times, unprompted, that at least one of them was still alive and moving when he was thrown in the water to drown. He was not asked for that information, but he gave it. If you want to dismiss that, along with all the other times he tried to come clean and absolve himself of guilt ,then that’s on you. But it is disrespectful to Michael, Stevie & Chris’s memories to flippantly decide that the men who very well may have murdered them did not with such certainty, especially since your opinion is likely based on someone else’s interpretation of the case.

  9. To the supporters of this site, if the WM3 are fully exonerated by the conviction of the actual murderer, will you admit you were wrong?

    The clock is ticking… a case is being built right now against Terry Hobbs. New investigators are involved and a lot of money is spent to uncover the truth once and for all.

    This site will serve no purpose in the near future except to prove that our justice system is flawed and even people on this site were swayed to believe innocent men committed murders that they had nothing to do with.

    1. If they’re exonerated, I advocate putting all the nons in a room for 15 minutes and letting the WM3 have a go at them. Personally. But just 15 minutes, not 20 or anything. That would just be barbaric. No, 15 sounds about right.

      Hey Lucielle, are there instruments of torture in the room, or must one bring their own? Is anything fair game? Can one bring a cheese grater and shave off all their skin? I’m just asking because I know you’ve fantasized about this stuff for so long, I figure you’ve got it all worked out…

      1. “If they’re exonerated, I advocate putting all the nons in a room for 15 minutes and letting the WM3 have a go at them. Personally. But just 15 minutes, not 20 or anything. That would just be barbaric. No, 15 sounds about right.”

        Wouldn’t happen. Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley prefer to attack 8 year old boys.

      2. I am LOL at putting nons in a room with the WM3 for 15 minutes.

        How about putting them in a room alone with Todd Moore? Dana Moore? Steve Branch Sr.? Terry Hobbs? Pam Hobbs’ late father? Melissa Byers circa 1993? John Mark Byers from 1993-a few years ago?

        Those 3 punks could not handle being alone with people of their own size and age. That’s why they chose innocent 60 lb. 8 eight year olds to beat on.

    2. To the supporters of this site, if the WM3 are fully exonerated by the conviction of the actual murderer, will you admit you were wrong?

      Sure thing. And if OJ is ever fully exonerated by the conviction of the actual murderer of Ron & Nicole, I will publicly apologize for ever suspecting him.

      Hell, I’m waiting to find out who really put all those bodies under John Wayne Gacy’s house. I read somewhere there was a hair from one of the victims’ parents on one of the bodies, but the dumbass Chicago cops never tested the DNA.

    3. IF Terry Hobbs confessed to these murders I don’t think I would believe him. There is just not enough DNA at the crime scene to convince me. I would also believe that his lawyers/cops just told him the details so he could get them right in his “false” confession. I don’t care how many times he confessed. He just seems a little retarded to me.

      1. Yes Stacia, Terry does seem a bit retarded, but hey…… Misskelly was DIAGNOSED mildly retartded, the cops fed him his words… & look what happened! People fed into it & believed it!

    4. The WM3 will not be exonerated. They had the chance to prove their innocence in a court of law and they declined. They will not be given another chance to do so.

      That you think the clock is ticking against Terry Hobbs shows just how naive you are. There is NO evidence that he is the killer. None. Zero. There may be enough evidence to consider him suspect, but the same can be said about hundreds of other people who were cleared by the WMPD in 1993.

      There is NO direct evidence whatsoever linking Terry Hobbs to the crime. Do yourself a favor and look up the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence. There IS direct evidence of the WM3 killing the children, in the form of eyewitness sightings from multiple people and multiple confessions of all three of the convicted. I will grant you that Baldwin’s confession is suspect, but not Echols’ and Misskelley’s.

      Yes, cases are built with circumstantial evidence all the time. But what you claim there is againt Terry Hobbs is not much in the scope of things. I suspect anyone with a unpristine past living in that area in 1993 would have as much evidence.

      I take it from your posts that you believe in the “Manhole Theory?” You do know that’s a load of horseshit, right? That it’s a work of fiction comprised almost entirely out of thin air?

  10. Joey, so, if someone saw Jessie at a fight the same day of the murders that makes the wm3 innocent but if someone saw Damien near the crime scene the day of the murders that would then make them guilty right?

    1. Well, it could certainly make Damien guilty, I suppose.

      However, you also have to take into account that since the crime scene was a popular wooded area right next to a busy residential neighborhood and one of the country’s most active truck stops, someone would probably see a lot of people near the crime scene the day of the murder.

      No, I would say you would need a little more compelling evidence than “I saw you near the crime scene the day of the murders!” to say that someone is guilty of capital murder. However, if someone happaned not to be there, I’d say that’s all the compelling evidence you need to prove they didn’t do it.

  11. Maybe Pam and Mark should write a letter on why they think the doc. should be included in the Oscar’s. I mean, if the Moore’s can, why can’t they express their innocence for the WM3.

  12. The Oscars is about honoring art, excellence in filmmaking. The Academy isn’t interested in what any of the parents think, or why.

    1. Joey, the Academy isn’t interested in what no one thinks. Any if you think the Academy is about art etc, then you are a bigger idiot than I thought you were.

  13. If Hobbs did this then he should go to prison for it, and I think they should let the the wm3 out of prison after Hobbs is convicted,,,,,oh, wait,,,, they already let the wm3 out, oh well, I really hope They can prove Hobbs did it.

    1. Sure you do. You’re all about finding the truth. And you think all the truth about this case we needed to know, we knew in June of ’93.

      1. Whether u think the justice system is flawed or not, it’s the only one we have and short of joining the west Memphis pd and becoming a part of the system yourself, you have to trust it and abide by it because it’s law .

        1. Yes, you do have to abide by the law. Fortunately, once in a blue moon citizens stand up and take notice of something that doesn’t smell Kosher. Say what you want about Berlinger and Sinofsky, and the fact that they had to make choices to tell their story (as you tend to have to do unless you want to present an unedited 1,000 hour movie), and the fact that after going to cover the story of 3 callous young killers, they ended up covering the story of 3 wrongfully accused young teenagers. They’re not James Cameron, ok? They’re not Steven Spielberg. They don’t get to CGI things. They didn’t say to Mark Byers and Todd Moore, “Hey, we wanna stage this scene where you guys shoot pumpkins, and because we’re paying you anyway, you have to do it.” They don’t need to give equal time to Jessie’s other 200 confessions because they give plenty of time to the first one — and it’s very clear that, at that time, he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

          I’m going off on a rant. My point, Kristi, is that the law is the law and we gotta live by that. But art is art and sometimes art has the potential to impact life, and society, and yes, the law as well. Supporters had no interest in moving to West Memphis and joining their police department — clearly they didn’t need to in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which was getting the lethal injection needle out of Damien’s arm, and getting all three out of prison.

          1. That’s funny. I thought supporters wanted to prove the WM3 didn’t kill the children? Guess I was mistaken.

            In my stint as supporter (back before I decided to actually research the case), it never occurred to me that the goal of supporting the WM3 was to get them out of jail at all costs. I thought it was about proving they didn’t really do it.

            Hmmm, guess I was wrong. So supporters are happy with the guilty pleas then?

  14. I don’t see the need for people to get hostile on any board whether u support the wm3 or not, people have different opinions and some people have read more of the official documents than others. I can’t read as many as I would like I admit,,, because I have a life, so if you have any references or official documentation that I can look up please feel free to share . I don’t want to make people angry or insult anyone, I just have an interest in crime and forensic psychology, etc and I like to read facts and I like to hear both sides.

    1. Right Kristi, and your “Oh wait…they already let the WM3 out” wasn’t snarky or anything, it was very mature discourse.

      I chalk up the nature of message board banter to the medium. You should never take any insult personally. If you take every insult personally, you should probably avoid message boards.

      As for the facts, the fact is this, and to deny this, is to deny any semlance of common sense:

      Being that a family member is statistically FAR more likely to kill a kid than a random teenage thrill kill, isn’t a gravely serious fundamental flaw in this case that Terry Hobbs was NEVER formally questioned about the events until 2007? And anyone who denies that Terry Hobbs has an extremely volatile and violent past is akin to anyone denying that Damien had serious mental issues. I think the objective truth seeker recognizes that Damien was pretty fucked up, but you know what, so was Terry Hobbs. If you start with that, and that alone, at least you’re investigating two potential suspects. That never happened here.

      Not to mention the Bojangles debacle, which…sorry…in and of itself suggests a shadow of a doubt as to what really happened that night.

      1. I’ll give you that, from what I’ve read, the only parents that were close to normal were Michaels, Hobbs was def. a mean guy. I don’t and won’t take anything personal, I don’t know any posters on this board.

        1. Definitely a mean guy. Beat his wife. Beat his kids. Molested an old woman. Killed his brother n’ law. Worked in a slaughter house — not that there’s anything wrong with that, in and of itself, but if I was to consider the fact that Damien once supposedly killed a dog (a highly dubious claim, without a shred of credibility) and the fact that Hobbs absolutely slaughtered hundreds, if not thousands of animals, I’d be far more compelled by the latter. There have been some very interesting studies on the link between slaughterhouse employees and violent crime. Google it if you don’t believe me. Is it any surprise that working under such conditions could potentially desensitize you to violence? Not to mention know how to handle, hog-tie, and methodically kill?

      2. I second that Joey, the Bojangles snafu… OMG! How/why has this been pretty much swept under the rug & forgotten? Heads should ROLL for that! I was sooo mad that it was never brought up again. Just for a reasonable doubt element alone. Yes, too little too late, but what if that was the killer? Just saying. Someone calls 911 to report a bloody, muddy, nervous bro, washing off in the restroom, & police show, & blood & his sunglasses are taken… not only does nothing get tested … it gets LOST!! Good work WMPD!!

        1. The Mr. Bo jangles debacle infuriates me. When the children were missing and they were searching for them in an area with wood and a stream, a report comes in that a disheveled man covered in mud and blood is in the restaurant restroom; that’s not a good enough lead to follow? At least the “officer” investigated via the drive through window some 45 minutes later. We need to get her to major case. Then, when they finally do investigate the scene, they wear the same shoes they wore when searching the crime scene. I actually had to shout when I learned of this, “What the F*** is wrong with these people!?!?

  15. The One said: Maybe pam and mark should write a letter.
    Oh my that is funny either one of them capable of writting a letter, I dont think so.
    Plus I don’t think damiens handlers would allow them to.
    Ya know he who controls the money has all of the say and they only speak when allowed if they want the cash to continue to flow.

    Ask pam and mark who paid their way to Utah for the film festival? since both are on disability I doubt either could put the cash up for the airline tickets, rooms, meals etc.

    1. Wow . . . . reaching a bit aren’t we. Its just a matter of opinion. We all have one. As so as Pam, Mark, you, and myself. You really care who paid their way?

    2. You know I thought about this yesterday, why hasn’t Pam Hobbs changed her last name? If she sincerely believes the man she was married to killed her son, then why keep it? I know she’s writing a book now. People know her by her last name. Wonder if she’s been told to keep it for marketing purposes.

    3. I posted earlier and feel a need to reply to you and your family directly. It seems cruel every few days to see “your face” on the 13 news when you lived through this all those years ago. I said that Terry reminded me of so many men here, but so do you. Like I said about Hobbs, ya’ll portray the men I know from here. If you, and I know you do, believe Damien Jason and Jessie are the ones who hurt your baby, it’ll take everything you have to reach a point of forgiveness. Do you think that one day you will reach that point? I don’t judge, and forgiveness is the hardest thing for me. I wonder if I would ever forgive something so horrible. I admire the fact that you and your wife have been together for all these years and as I said in another post, I don’t know what happened that day, but it makes me so sad that people would lash out at you. For the life of me I can’t justify placing any adomosity toward your family. Right or wrong, this is YOUR reality. There is a lot of bitterness that seems so unwarranted. You should know that you have the right to feel however you want in another 20 years…this is YOUR loss. We are all just outsiders. There are a lot of unspoken voices out here who just want peace for you and Dana along with the other parents. I hope the WM3 didn’t committ the crimes and they can prove it. Todd, or Terry. The two little girls they found murdered in Missouri on a back road at dusk when they were riding three years ago. Do you think it’s possible that it could have been a trucker or no? I will never not wonder if it couldn’t have been someone passing through and this has maybe happened elsewhere. A couple more questions, Mr. Moore. Do you ever speak with the parents of Jessie, Damien or Jason? Do you at least see thier side in defending thier sons? We all love our kids, I tell mine everyday as long as they tell me the truth I will go to the grave protecting them. They are 6 and 3, but I would never turn my back on them. Peace to you and all involved, Just Jane

  16. Todd, its commonplace if you are a cast or crew member of a film, and that film appears at a festival, you do not have to “pay your way there”. The studio pays your way. Thats the way its always been.

    Typical of you Todd, anyone who dares disagree with you is an illiterate idiot.

    You can live in your bubble for the rest of your life if you chose, and you and the other 200+ people on the planet can continue to ignore the facts and continue to think the wm3 are guilty.

    I wish I could see your face when the truth hits you. When you realize you sat down and wrote a letter with the real killer of your son. Terry Hobbs. His clock is ticking.

  17. If this is really Todd Moore, I feel awful about all that happened in ’93. Not that you care how I, or other WM3 supporters feel, but just as a point of fact, that’s how we feel. Awful. And no one can imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes.

    Please know that this has nothing to do with being a Damien groupie, or thinking Johnny Depp is so cool, or giving a rats ass about what the Dixie Chicks have to say, or sympathizing with teenagers who listened to Metallica growing up, or any of that. It’s about investigating the truth. Pursuing the truth. And whether you want to know the truth or not, somebody wise once said it shall set you free. And I believe it.

  18. Would I be surprised if Terry Hobbs did it? No;;Would I be surprised if Mark Byers did it? No,,,I think the wm3 did it, and until they can prove they didn’t I will continue to believe that. The wm3 had 17 years to prove their innocence and they couldn’t , but the state of Arkansas caved to the Hollywood supporters and let them out. When we let Hollywood run our justice system we are in trouble! Like I said before, let the wm3 out if and only if they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone else did it, not 1 second before. We have to trust our justice system, it may not be perfect but it is the only one that we have.

  19. Kristi, do you realize you’re saying “we have to trust our justice system” and in the same paragraph, if not the same sentence, critizing the justice system? You don’t get to have it both ways. If you think the Arkansas justice system is wonderful and should be honored and revered — even if you concede it isn’t perfect…which isn’t much of a concession — then great. You should be thrilled the justice system worked its magic and the WM3 are free.

    If, however, you have issues with the fact that they are free, then you in fact have issues with the justice system, particularly the one in West Memphis. And you know something? Every WM3 supporter would agree with you.

    1. What I was trying to say was our justice system is not perfect and this time, I think they got it wrong by letting the wm3 go free. It is too late for me to be awake, I’m running low on brain cells, lol I did look up the slaughterhouse research briefly and it is interesting, wasn’t mark Byers a butcher too? I seriously can’t remember. Also, Damien’s psych report is right up there with Charles Manson. Let’s just say this, keep a close eye on your children, don’t trust ANYONE!!! This is the message I get out of all of these crimes and criminals committing them. Murderers or not, I wouldn’t let my kids within 100 yards of all of the aforementioned!

      1. Was Byers a butcher too? That is interesting. Although I don’t think he had anything to do with the murders, Byers is one messed up dude…although he seems to have straightened his life out in the last several years.

      2. I sure wouldn’t want my children around Terry Hobbs. He has continuosly fabricated stories and alibis. You call this the truth page…well if DJ&J were honestly guilty why did they get out of prison. It wasn’t Hollywood that got them out. They brought an injustice that was done so the world could see. I honestly believe that they should bring Terry in and begin questionin him. He thought he got away with this and now it is all catching up to him. Pam and Mark keep pushing and do not take no for an answer. Make them reopen this case and bring justice to your beloved boys.

        1. Mary
          Look at Damein’s records. And his nails ……….wonder if that is what the marks are from, They cut them down for the court room.Damiem has been in and out of the psych ward. You cant ignore that facts of the case. And why didnt they put that in the movies? Why didnt they bring all the facts to the movie? Why did they make it look like they just went after them because of music and the way they looked . I use to be a supporter but after looking at the facts and confession and Jessie crying all night. Jason’s mom throwing her husband out because she thought he turn Jason in.Karla Faye Tucker changed too while she was in prison on death roe. But I do agree none of them should have gotton the death penalty.

    2. Beg to differ Joey, you can criticize and commend something in one statement. Like “Michael Jackson was a great performer, but he was sure a weirdo.” See there, I just did it, and I think most people would agree with that statement, wouldn’t you?

  20. I have just finished reading Misskelley’s confession to his lawyer after the trial on February 8, 1994 and the second statement made to the prosecution on February 17, 1994. Jessie admits he is telling the truth to his lawyer in the first one as he has his hand on the Bible and does the second statement against the advice of his defense attorneys.

    The descriptions he gives are chilling, and he also states what he made up in that allegedly coerced confession the supporters always trot out. The final descriptions of the murders of the three little boys left me sick to my stomach. (Jessie describes one of the boys as wiggling like a worm under water.)

    Many of the questions are answered by those statements including the DNA and blood evidence. I do believe Jessie was telling the truth when he made those statements.

    And yet, these three men are free and are heroes to many.

    Please, I urge everyone to go to the Callahan site and read the statements for themselves to make up their own mind. They have been conveniently left out by the filmmakers which shows how one sided the documentaries are.

    1. Don’t think that’s the main point of LB’s argument Joey. The point is he was adamant he was telling the truth. He didn’t have to make that confession, he didn’t have to say anything.

      1. Ladies and gentlemen–Frank Stallone!

        Even if he was “adamant” he was telling the truth, he still sounds like he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, and like he’s a political pundit reciting talking points.

        Ask yourself, just as an intellectual exercize, is there any reason on EARTH he would be lying? Any reason whatsoever. If you’re not honest and open to any kind of intellectual gamesmanship, you’ll say, “No, there’s no reason on EARTH he would be lying.” But that flies in the face of the multitude of false confession cases we that we know exist. Pretend for a moment it is 100% PROVEN they didn’t do it, like an old VHS tape surfaces showing Bojangles and a couple truck drivers killing the kids. In this hypothetical world, we now know without controversy that Jessie made a false confession.

        In light of this “new evidence,” can you explain the false confession? Can you say, “Boy, he’s an idiot and an asshole for doing this, and I would NEVER do it myself, but that said, I understand why he may have done it, and here’s why…”?

        If you’re not interested in considering this hypothetical, I say you’re closed minded to the point of being disinterested in the objective truth. You are interested in considering this hypothetical, I thank you for your consideration.

        1. Our argument is “Far From Over” Joey.

          Don’t be silly… no one has a VHS player anymore. But seriously, so the WM3 are proven 100% innocent and I have to explain why Jessie would confess three times. Hmm. Then I would say yes, it’s because he’s an easily manipulated dipshit.

          Now it’s your tun. Explain how Jessie knew the wounds, or lack of wounds for each victim. And yes, there were rumors the boys had been sexually mutilated, but a breakdown of what happened to each victim had not been made public.

          Feel free to be “Frank” in your response.

        2. The following statements are FACT and are available on the site callahan.8k.com, which is an archive of all recorded legal documents and transcripts of the trial:

          On February 5, 1994, Jessie Misskelley Jr was transported by Deputy James Lindsey and Deputy Jon Moody to the Arkansas Department of Corrections at Pine Bluff. During that time, Mr Misskelley told them what happened and Deputy Jon Moody filled out an incident report:


          After receiving the incident report, Mr Misskelley’s attorney Dan Stidham went to the prison to interview Mr Misskelley (on February 8, 1994) about whether or not he did confess. He brought a tape recorder and recorded the interview. Mr Stidham asked numerous questions and also asked about previous claims as to what happened. The entire interview is here, and it is very graphic in some places:


          The above is in public record, but it cannot be used against Mr Misskelley as it is lawyer/client privileged information. Mr Stidham repeatedly asks Mr Misskelley if he is telling the truth, and Mr Misskelley states this is the first time he is swearing on a Bible and will not lie. I urge everyone to read this uncoerced confession and decide for themselves if Mr Misskelley is telling the truth.

          On February 17, 1994, the prosecution team also interviewed Mr Misskelley and asks him to tell them what happened. Both of Mr Misskelley’s lawyers object to this, but Mr Misskelley waives the objections and wants to tell what happened. This happens several times, and the prosecution asks Mr Misskelley repeatedly if he wants to make a statement.


          Again, this is a graphic account of what happened, and it is very detailed. Both of these confessions happened after Mr Misskelley was found guilty.

          Again, all the supporters need to read these in their entirety and not judge the messenger about what is in there.

          It made me sick to my stomach reading the details of what happened that night, and I do believe Mr Misskelley is telling the truth as he saw it happen.

          1. Frank…

            First off…you da man. Second off…please see my response below about the confessions. Third off…my VCR is still alive and well, thank you very much. My betamax, however…

  21. I don’t understand why people put so much stock in a confession. People confess when they are not guilty of crimes. For example, a man confessed falsely that he killed Jon Benet Ramsey, yet the confession contradicted the evidence and there was none of his DNA found at the crime scene. Jessie confessed, his confession contradicted the evidence, and his DNA was not found at the crime scene. Why is it that the court in Colorado discounted the man claiming to have killed Jon Benet, yet the court in Arkansas did not discount Jessie? I am not suggesting I know the answer. I’m only suggesting that a confession doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone did a crime.

    1. Kathleen, the confessions I am referring to are not part of the court case as they were made after he was found guilty. Mr Misskelley is asked about his statements in the earlier confession, and Mr Misskelley states he said those things to throw the police off.

      Here is the beginning of the confession as recorded at callahan.8k:

      STIDHAM: And at first you told me that you were just making it up, that you were lying to them, and then you placed your hand on the Bible and told me that you were there when these boys got killed.
      MISSKELLEY: Yes, sir.
      STIDHAM: Uh, what’s the truth, Jessie? I want to know the truth.
      MISSKELLEY: The truth is, me and Jason and Damien done it.
      STIDHAM: You were there when the boys were killed?
      MISSKELLEY: Yes, sir.
      STIDHAM: Now, what’s going to be very important is for you to tell me why it was that you have been maintaining that you weren’t there all this time?
      MISSKELLEY: I was scared.
      STIDHAM: what were you scared of?
      MISSKELLEY: I always lied and I hadn’t ever put my hand on the Bible and swore. Nobody didn’t tell me to do that. If they would have told me that at first, I would have done it. Nobody told me to put my hand on the Bible.

      The confession this time is not coerced as the supporters tell and was done by his own lawyer. Mr Misskelley also states he lied earlier about cooking dogs and other claims, but states he is telling the truth about being at the crime scene at the time of the killings.

      1. Again, it’s still Jessie’s word vs. the evidence. I don’t claim to be a supporter or nonsupporter. I just know that people confess when they haven’t done the crime. Why? Beats me. At the end of the day, I want to believe the physical evidence, not someone’s story-telling.

        1. Jessie did this confession to his lawyer so it can never be admitted in a Court of Law. Jessie also gives a very detailed description of what happened and also answers many questions about his earlier testimony and claims he made.

          The document is very long, but I urge you to read it and judge for yourself. It does not read like Mr Misskelley is being coerced or is making the stuff up. There are many things he does not remember as it was almost a year from the incident, and other aspects he does as he is reliving it in his head.

          I found the confession to his lawyer to be very compelling, and I do believe he is telling the truth then. But I urge you to read it and make your own decision.

          1. Actually I don’t claim to be expert enough to have a firm opinion on the case. I’m waiting for empirical evidence, not subjective comments from the accused or those who know/have known the accused. I just can’t get past the lack of DNA of the WM3 at the discovery site.

      2. By the way, Jessie’s confession was not supposed to be part of the Echols/Baldwin trial. So, in the absence of that, I just don’t see the conviction of those two being legitimate minus some physical evidence.

        1. Kathleen
          1) Damiems records and history.
          2) Lying on the stand
          3)Damiem blowing kisses at the family
          4) lied about where they were at.
          5) knowing about how the children died
          6) saying that if some did it would make them happy . And the younger the victum more power.
          5) lying about what he really believed in ………Wickens dont drink blood….Read his medical records. He felt it gave him power and he knocked someone down to drink their blood . And he thought he was a witch.

          And they didnt even add the necklace. And please dont say they planted the blood. Damiem didnt even give them blood. And if he did it was sent to the lab.
          And the lab wouldnt have saved it .

  22. False confessions happen. There was a false confession in this case, two weeks before Misskelley’s confession. See “Alternative Suspect: Christopher Morgan” in the sidebar.

    Misskelley’s confession did not contradict the evidence. He knew which victim had his genitals mutilated, which victim had his face mutilated, and which victim had no knife wounds. He described Jason Baldwin assaulting Chris Byers with a knife in the area where Luminol testing had detected blood. Aside from obvious lies about the time and rope/shoelaces and his constant “and then I left”, Misskelley told a coherent story. His identification of Damien Echols as co-killer and ringleader was corroborated by multiple eyewitnesses who placed Echols walking along the highway near the crime scene covered in mud, and by a friend of Echols (William Winford Jones) who told police a week earlier that Echols had drunkenly bragged to him about the crime. Not to mention the psych evidence, criminal history and witness statements indicating that Echols was a deranged psychopath with homicidal fantasies.

    And Misskelley did not just confess once. He continued confessing to his defense lawyers for 16 weeks. His friends and family built him a fake alibi, and his lawyer convinced him a “false confession” defense would set him free, so he went along. After his conviction, he returned to his original story and gave at least three more detailed confessions.

    True confessions happen too.

      1. Joey, the confessions I am talking about happened after the trial and Mr Misskelley was found guilty. The first one was the incident report which was followed by Mr Misskelley”s own lawyer bringing in the tape recorder and asking all sorts of questions about what happened.

        Transcribed Incident Report from February 5, 1994:


        Transcribed confession to Dan Stidham on February 8, 1994:


        Transcribed confession to the prosecution team on February 17. 1994:


        The above confessions made me sick to my stomach. The description of the little boy at the bottom of the water “wiggling like a worm” was outright monstrous.

        The documentary makers know these exist, but have not put them in their films. I believe if they did, they would not have such a big support base. These tapes are as damning as it gets, and why no one goes to read these is beyond me. They are found in the documents are of the callahan site:


    1. From what I understand, Jessie made comments that did not square with the evidence (e.g. no one was sodomized). So, his statement did conflict. I just cannot get past the lack of physical evidence of the west memphis three. I cannot imagine how someone could do that crime and not leave any DNA behind.

      1. Kathleen,
        That was one oppion out of lots of experts that is working on their side. Want to how they all disagree. Watch the OJ trial. They would like you to believe that one box turtle would do all that damage. In 24 hours . Why wasnt that turle still there.
        They are they are territorial and wouldnt leave the food source and they travel in packs. You try to get near one . Hit is with a rock it doesnt leave.

  23. Jessie does talk about this vividly in his confession to his lawyer on February 8th.
    I am sorry about getting graphic here, but Jessie states Damien and Jason did not fully put their penis’s in the victim’s rectums, but did force the boys to perform oral sex, which is what the medical examiner concluded in the trial (again, the transcripts of the trial are at the site callahan.8k and show the medical examiner was very knowledgeable in these areas).

    I urge you to read the full confession made to his lawyer as Mr Misskelley also talks about other things he lied about in the earlier confession he made to police. It is extremely disturbing to read.


    1. I appreciate your constant–and consistent–urging of supporters to read Misskelley’s statements and (in a perfect world) everything on Callahan. I think you might be surprised to know that any and all “serious” supporter of the WM3 (casual supporters and one-time PL viewers aside) have read these key transcripts, and probably multiple times. I know I sure have. Serious supporters take this case as seriously as serious non-supporters, I think, so we don’t have to play this, “Well…if you only read this one magic document” game with each other. It’s condescending. We’ve read his statements, LB.

      And I know they came after his conviction. My question is did Misskelly ever confess after the trial and convictions of Damien and Jason? Their trial was second, it ended in mid-March of ’94.

      This is a very important aspect that shouldn’t be discarded outright. If Misskelly had ultimately testified against them — which we all know he flirted with the notion of — he would have received a degree of leniency. He wouldn’t have been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. And if he did decide to take the deal and testify against Damien and Jason, he would have to go on the stand and swear under oath and credibly stand witness against them. The prosecutors wanted Misskelly to testify against Damien and Jason really really badly. They knew it would make their lives and their jobs a hell of a lot easier. They tried to persuade Misskelly to confess. We know this. I’m not even criticizing them for this, ok, it was part of their job, so be it. For whatever reason, I won’t even speculate (although I think my opinion is obvious), Misskelly accepted his life term and did not testify against Echols and Baldwin, even though we all know he flirted with the idea.

      My question: Did he ever confess after that?

      Because if he didn’t, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that it was because he no longer had anything to gain by doing so, and had resolved to sticking to the truth.

      1. Joey Yes! I am the man. My Betamax has a remote tethered by a 25-foot-long cord. How long is yours?

        But seriously, I see your point about whether or not Jessie confessed again after Echols and Baldwin had been tried. Hmm. I don’t think he did, but I will let WM3Truth answer that.

        I know supporters believe Misskelley was promised things in return for a confession, but there simply is no evidence to support that claim. I don’t think there’s any proof he even met with prosecutors before his last confession.

        1. I thought in Jessie’s last confession the prosecutors added that he wasnt promised anything. He just kept on saying …….I want someone do something about it. ………. What I was getting from the confession is that he just wanted to tell the truth. Even with his lawyers objecting to the confession. I dont know I am confused how anyone can see different.

  24. I’m about as neutral as you can be and am honestly tired of both sides and their often ridiculous debates.

    Let’s say the WM3 did commit the crime. They were 16, 17 and 18 at the time, so two of them weren’t even adults, and one of them barely was. Teens do unexplainably terrible things sometimes, which can often be attributed to a lack of prefrontal cortex development (an decision making based area that can sometimes take up to the age of 20 to develop). Obviously if they did it there needed to be consequences, but even then their sentences were ridiculous. Lethal injection for something you did at the age of 18? C’mon guys, even Ron Paul knows better than you. I think if they committed the crime, the time they served was sufficient. 18 years is a long time, and if they did it, it looks like they are pretty classy individuals now with good heads on their shoulders. It’s clear by their current actions that they are not a danger to society. People fuck up (especially teens), sometimes so badly that they kill 8 year old kids, but to strip them of their lives for eternity because of something they did before the decision making component of their brain was not fully developed is absolutely ridiculous.

    Now, let’s say that they didn’t do it and it was Hobbs who committed the murders. If he did it, he has had to live with people suspecting him of doing it, live knowing that he killed three little boys, and live knowing that he sent 3 innocent men to prison. On top of that, Peter Jackson is giving so much funding to actual physical evidence testing, that if he did it he will undoubtedly get nailed and get sent to prison.

    Either way, the WM3 are free and will not be returning to prison unless they do something stupid (which seems unlikely given their current demeanor). If Hobbs didn’t do it then I feel bad for the guy for having to put up with all of this stuff surrounding him, but if he did do it, what’s the harm in Jackson funding an investigation and finding the real killer? If the WM3 did it, that will eventually come out and trust me, Jackson isn’t a forgiving individual.

    So how about everyone just chills out, stops name -calling and using the same bad arguments over and over again and just wait a little bit longer until some news that legitimately furthers the case is released?

    1. “I’m about as neutral as you can be and am honestly tired of both sides and their often ridiculous debates.”

      Yet you yourself have just debated Hans. Ha ha… what irony!

    2. Hans, if the wm3 are guilty they should def. still be in prison. Lethal injection would be much nicer to go through than what those boys did don’t you think? If my kids were murdered by someone I wouldn’t want them to walk free before they served their sentence. I saw a picture of Jason at Disneyland. Well, those little boys never got to go. Wheres the justice in that?

      1. I don’t think in your terms. Thinking the way you think is a very dangerous thing. Having no concept of psychology or development leads to people using their emotions over logic.

        1. You can say what you want about prefrontal cortex and decreased impulse control but if you go around mutilating and basking, drowning and ultimately killing other human beings, your life is over, at least as a free person.

    3. Hans,
      Jackson isnt trying to find out who did this crime. He is trying to find away to get the 3 of them off the hook. If he was trying to get to the heart of it . Why didnt he bring all the facts out in his movie? 4 confessions and Damiem’s medical records. The way that Damiem had no sympathy for the victims families. ( licking his lips and blowing a kiss to the families was so cold hearted ) Hans no one from the suporters can answer why these movies were so one sided . So I dont think that Jackson has any intrested in finding out the truth. I think that this is so like a OJ trial. The one that has the most money wins. Answer some of these questions and I would be more then happy to go back to being a suporter. Till then they are not going to get one more dime from me . Tell the 3 to go get jobs .

  25. I meant no disrespect. I am actually on the same page with you with regard to the confessions. I have studied false confessions while doing my Master’s degree in forensic psycholgy and you’d be surprised how easily it can happen. Even perfectly intelligent individuals can end up confessing to a crime multiple times, even sometimes convincing themselves that they did it. It’s scary stuff.

    However, that’s not to say that Misskelley did falsely confess, but there are certainly multiple signs in each of his confessions that he may have been falsely confessing.

    1. Haha, none taken. It is truly scary, amazing stuff, what we now know about false confessions. I think too many people think, “I would never confess to something I didn’t do, especially a heinous crime like this! Therefor, no one would.” They also think, “The fact that he confessed numerous times is proof-positive that he means it.” Divorced from the context of this case, we know this happens, especially when it may involve a reduced prison sentence…

      1. Like I have said before, Jesse has to be a genius for reciting what has been “fed to him”. I couldn’t do it. And to actually match the injuries to the victims? Michael Moore had the least injuries, and Jesse actually told Damien/Jason “No, you are not doing this one like you did the others.” So they tied Michael Moore up and drowned him. It just makes the most sense. I don’t see how supporters could not see that. He could not recite/memorize all of these facts. Like I said, if he did, he is a hell of a lot smarter than all of us. A person with the IQ of 72 could not do this.

        1. He doesn’t really recite anything. There’s no flow or rhythm to his confessions whatsoever. Save for one or two occassions, any open-ended questions he is asked are responded with, “I don’t know.” He can say yes and no, but anything that needs to be responded to in any detail he can’t answer unless the question is implies a possible answer.

          As for him knowing about injuries, etc., that is a question mark. Either he actually did know about them or he was told about them in the two hours leading up to his confession recording. For subsequent confessions, obviously he would know about the injuries based on the repetitive nature of the trial.

    2. Hans
      Is it true if someone wants to make light of what they did . They would confess to where they really didnt do anything to the point of murder.. Remember he just held him and ran away on the first confession . He tried to make it like he didnt do anything but hold the child from running . He tried to make light of what he did . 🙁 What about him crying all night the same night it happened .

  26. He could not recite/memorize all these facts? Is this an empirical, scientific assertion? Is this testable? Do you have any further knowledge of what Jessie can or cannot memorize?

    Let’s put it like this: he said what’s in the transcript. Can’t refute that, I don’t know anyone who would. That means one of two things.

    1. He remembers everything that happened that fateful day.

    2. He remembers everything he was coached and led to remember from that fateful day.

    Either way, he managed to remember one heck of a lot. I don’t know that smarts has everything to do with it.

    I haven’t re-read the transcript recently…but as I recall there are a lot of little things involving Damien and Jason in the water, versus Damien and Jason never going in the water. He says some dude had a photo of the three boys, or Damien had it in a brief case, but then is it random that they crossed paths with the boys in the woods or was it pre-meditated, a targeted attack? Those 3 kids were certainly NOT the only kids to frequent those woods.

    1. Yeah, that always struck me as odd. If I remember correctly, in the first confession they were all in the water, and then in the bible confession first both Jason and Damien were in the water, then none of them were in the water, then just Damien. If his 4th confession was to get everything truthful out on the table, he surely did a terrible job of doing so. The argument of, “They will lie about certain details to make it look like they had less involvement,” doesn’t apply here.

  27. Comments and ?’s,,,,1. The ME carved in the tree at the crime scene. Michael Echols? When did he change his name to Damien? 2. Why did Damien break up with Domini? Does he see his baby? 3. The knife Damien used to tattoo his chest was described by Domini as the kind with a button on it. Jessie describes this same kind of knife with a button on it used at the crime scene. 4. Damien blowing kisses to the boys parents? This is not normal folks, u can’t dismiss it as him thinking he wouldn’t get convicted because he was innocent.. I think it was because Damien was and is truly sadistic and he can’t control it. 5. There was a satanic crew (ripper crew?) that went around murdering women cutting their breasts off. A witness stated that Damien threatened to cut her nipples off. Please answer these questions if u know anything about them. Thanks;)

      1. I know, that’s why it’s so confusing. I really don’t see( so far from what I’ve read) anything that makes me say, yes! Now I know! I don’t even pretend to know half as much as all the people on here do but I’m giving myself a time-out from reading it for a while. I’m losing too much sleep because it’s so interesting. You guys rule out ALL possible subjects for me:),

        1. Maybe Damien began to carve his initials and realized “Oh yeah… I changed my name to Damien. Fuck! Oh well, since I’ve already started…”

          People have speculated Echols may have changed his name to Damien after the character in The Omen, but I wonder if he named himself after Father Damien in the Exorcist.

  28. I just read the confession again. It is hard to believe a mentally challenged individual can remember and answer more than 100 questions without pausing. He could not make up the details.

    And if he did answer question because he was “coached”, are you saying that he might be mentally challenged EXCEPT when he memorizes facts from the trial and all these things the cops/lawyers told him to say? There are a lot of details that the police/lawyers could not have known. Only someone who was there could have known.

  29. And about the “photo” of the 3 boys…it’s very possible that he had a photo. He had been staring at and following children. One claimed he was hiding behind a bush taking her picture. Even Chris Byers said someone in black took his picture while he was outside in front of his house. I do think there were photos in a briefcase.
    As far as it being planned – Damion and Jason most likely knew that kids played in those woods all the time. When Damion saw the boys he also saw his chance.

    1. Stacie,
      And Damien had Jason take photos of him with his shirt off. So we know they were taking photos.. I think Damiem wanted to be famous for something like he said in the first film. Remember in his medical records..

  30. This is a quote from Steve Branch “Branch was upset when he saw parts of a recent interview Johnny Depp did for an upcoming episode of 48 Hours Mystery . “To Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder and the rest of you celebrities trying to get in the spotlight by standing on my son’s shoulders, stop it. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” Branch said.

    1. Think of it this way. There are thousands of innocent individuals in prison for crimes they did not commit who do not have the means to fund an investigation. If the WM3 are innocent (I said “if” so don’t twist my words), there is no possible way they would have been released without the kind of celebrity backing and funding that they have received. We should be lucky that these people are willing to step into a situation where these people might end up actually being guilty.

      And as for Peter Jackson, this isn’t really a guy who just pisses around looking for publicity and his wife who is handling the majority of the work is not attention seeking in the slightest. They have nothing to gain except fighting for something that they believe in, based on the facts that have been presented to them. If they turn out to be wrong, trust me, Peter Jackson will cut Damien loose faster than you can say blueberry pie. He is not a forgiving individual.

      As for Amy Berg, she had a huge hand in exposing a massive amount of crime in the catholic church. She isn’t somone that goes into something without having a great deal of knowledge about the case.

      I personally think there is no harm in what they are doing. There isn’t enough evidence on either side to dictate guilt or innocence. If something is found that proves their innocence, great. If something is found that shows they are guilty, like I said, Peter Jackson is not a forgiving individual. That information will be shared.

      1. Hans, after looking at all the evidence I could see someone being on the fence as to whether or not the three are guilty. But to flat-out proclaim their innocence if foolish. What’s more, to make documentaries that only shows evidence that suggest their innocence is reckless.

  31. I want to say I’m sorry to the parents of the slain boys. They seem like such nice families. It is truly tragic and a loss. I do think there was misconduct on the prosecution part, they really weren’t looking out for the well being of the family. I pray for everyone involved, that they will find peace. I do believe they will, God helps all of us. God Bless.

  32. This is a very interesting case that I am going to have to put myself in a “time-out” from. I get so interested in reading all the documents that I lose track of time and lose sleep, lol. I certainly don’t think the wm3 should’ve been released until their innocence was proven or their sentence was carried out because like it or not, they were convicted. I don’t know if they did it or not. I am def. leaning that way but the more I read the more confused I get. I have changed my opinion 3 times already. Maybe one day when I don’t have anything to do I can read all of them. So, peace out;)

  33. can one of you tell me, to an absolute certainty, which laces originated from which shoe, and if there is a piece of foreign lace involved?

    the WMPD didnt give a f* about this. as well as the bojangels blood. you need 3 detectives to f* that up. jar of water from the ditch to compare it to the water found in the victim’s lungs?… oops, lost! stevie’s friendship bracelet? lost! notes, audio recordings etc. that led to jessie’s first “confession”? not there, never has been.

    do you really think you have a solid case here?!? you have an UNFAIR case! i bet you non supporters dont give a f* about serious jury misconduct, right….

  34. I live in a town an hour away and grew up in what seems to be the twin of
    West Memphis . I was the same age as Jason when the murders happened and the fear spread here as much as it did there. I see lives ruined for everyone involved in this case and no debate is going to change what has happened to the parents of three 8 year old boys. I will not try to defend any one of the people who have had the finger pointed at them. Terry Hobb’s, though, has the right to hopefully get a clear picture. If your not from this type of southern small town, he looks like the biggest ass ever and most likely is, hell, he beat his wife. (Reminds me of my dad, and every other man around here.) Look to the Mary Winkler case in Selmer for a religious view of some people’s way of thinking around here. Most men that age never finished school because they had to work. They grew up in the south taught to rule your family with an iron fist and never show emotion. Hearing his interviews and in PL3 watching his depo. he is many many southern white men. Men who don’t bow down to “big shots” and have a fierce hatred of outsiders; even inside his own hometown. I got whipped with steel toe boots, planks, all that but that violence is a part of many of our small towns. Today I have learned that these people are doing what they were taught by thier own parents and without condoning the behavior at least I understand it. Do I believe Hobbs murdered three boys? It’s unimaginable to me. Do I believe the WM3 did so. Also unimaginable. To bad Bojangles was never thoroughly investigated. Backwards, yes, we are. But we ALL love our neighbors, and in our small towns we all keep close eyes on our children. I want to say I feel pain for all the parents. Mark Byers in the midst of all the tragedy is so funny, and as for shoooting dang pumpkins, well…if the cops ever told me that a peticular person had done those things to one of my children we’d all be shooting pumpkins in this backwoods hole. Right or wrong.

  35. Just saw the documentary on HBO, never heard of the case before tonight. Just reading the evidence, I have come to a conclusion. Hollywood has the potential to distort facts to cause controversy.Michael Moore and his documentaries come to mind.The facts are there, that according to Jessie and his knowledge of what happened , and his implicating Damien, convinces me, that they are guilty.The drinking, the whiskey, the mutilation of the one boy, the boy scout uniform, the mental history of Damien, his “oddness”the drinking blood statement, is not normal.I don’t care if Johnny Depp was an odd kid, Damien wants out of jail, and through the efforts of Hollywood, got what he wanted.My heart breaks for the families, they have to relive this over and over again.

  36. Seriously I get so bored with and tired of these supporters lately, it boggles the mind.
    How fucking stupid are 99% of you supporters? you have the web site callahans to find your facts yet almost all of you revert back to paradise lost movies or web sites that have no credibility in the first place and quote them as facts…. gezz it boggles the mind, you have to ask yourself are people really this danm stupid to buy into these theories, can people not think for themselves. Take jessies 4th confession to dan stidham (his own attorney) where dan himself admitted jessie was guilty as hell once they found the even williams bottle jessie admitted was proof, that confession is called by some as the final proof. yet there are those who claim even that was coerced. Ask jessies step mom (Lee Rush) if she thinks he is guilty her statement stands alone…. there are many such as Buddy Lucas who had first hand knowledge until Ron Lax got ahold of him was ready to testify to jessie admitting to the crimes.

  37. While I know and blame jessie for the murder of my son whom he admitted to killing himself. all jessie had to do was let him to get away once he tried to get away yet jessie chased him down instead, I believe with my whole heart jessie felt guilt over his involvement thus his crying himself to sleep each night afterwards according to his step mom Lee Rush (documented, see callahans)
    If any felt any remorse it was jessie… my only question to him is why could you not let Michael get away? he didnt want to kill him but was forced to by the situation, could he not have made an excuse why he let one go haunts me to this day.

    1. I agree. Such as sad “if only……”
      Jessie was such a follower and did exactly what Jason and Damien wanted him to do. I believe he has lost something of that “follower” in the intervening years. I notice that he is not part of the game that Jason and Damien are playing these days trying to get more than their 15 minutes. I truly do think that Jessie is remorseful to some extent. I only wish he would speak through a professional writer and put an end to all of this ridiculous and sad supporter flimflam. The truth truly can set you free.

    2. I’m so sorry Todd. I wish so much there was an end in sight to all this. I can’t believe how much money is being made off this tragedy. It is mind blowing. It is so hard to watch Pam and Mark sit with these murderers and think they are all friends.
      I hope there is some closure soon. Some proof that will put all of this to rest. It’s a shame that they are no longer being investigated.

  38. I think we all know who will eventually spill the beans so to say post release. Unfortunately, regardless of what comes out of Jesse’s mouth, the vasy majority of supporters will still say he is lying, or has some fantastical reason for confessing for the umpteenth time. My guess is it will be a few years, LD will have long since dumped Echols after the cash has dried up. Paradise Lost 9: Stidham did it will have bombed at the box office, and realizing she married a white trash dimwit sociopathic child murdering douchebag who she can’t syphon money off of anymore, she’ll walk away.

  39. I agree to everything written above by the parents of the victims. I was shocked that they showed the actual crime scene footage and at the way they have villanized the families while making the perpetrators look like folk heros. I don’t sctually think the documentary helped their case, after watching it I thought they were guilty. It was only after watching the documentaries did I learn some of the really damning avidence that was left out. It makes me sick that Hollywood is embracing these men when their innocence of murdering three little boys is extremely questionable. Anyway, why should Eddie Vedder or Peter Jackson’s opinion be listened to anyway? Who are they that their opinion matters so much? Because one is a talented musician????Because one is a well known Director? It just sickens me that they are given that much credibility.

    1. Shari
      I agree……I think most of the ( so called stars ) are jumping on the bandwagon because of the power Peter Jacksons has in Hollywood. The sad part is Jackson can make a movie that distorts the truth. And people watch it without getting all the facts. So they are only seeing these poor misfits getting picked on . Which that was a lie too. See when I watched the movie I thought they were innocent . I didnt know all the facts. I never cared if Depp wanted to get involved or Eddie Vedder. Really I didnt even know what band Eddie Vedder played in lol. He is so yesterday. But the movies give some of the story and leave out sooooo many facts………. And distorts a lot of the facts like it was all about their hair and music ..If your going to call it a documentary then make it truthful. Bring all the facts to the table. Or he just should have said this is fiction.

  40. It really made me feel sad and sick inside when I read that some of the parents of the victims ate dinner with Damien Echols at the release of installment III of the HBO documentary which was held at Sundance Film Festival in Utah last month.
    These guys have not been proven innocent. What made those parents (and I realize that NOT ALL of the parents did this) feel that they owed Damien something? What made these parents celebrate with HBO and Damien Echols that their child’s memory and tragic story was once again exploited for profit? It’s just truly beyond the comprehension of a reasoning adult.
    Eventually, this media circus will come to an end. I truly believe that Jessie Miskelley will once again at some point of his life assert his guilt. I beleive this is why he is already distancing himself from them, and they are distancing themselves from him to some extent. What Jessie did was very wrong, but he still had deep down one fundamental thing that the other 2 lacked, a conscience. Hopefully all of his years in prison didn’t harden his heart enough that he lost the small bit of conscience he was holding on to. I’m rooting for him to do the right thing. Give these parents some real closure, and put this media circus to bed.

    1. Shari
      I agree again . This is their 10 minutes of fame (WM3) Damien wanted to be known for something. I think he will be shocked when no one cares in a year or two.Like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. And the movie that they are making after this. What more can you watch……. I dont think many will care. I would say only 1 out of 1000 people even remember this case in IL. And they are either lawyers or have a class in pre law……..Dont worry Sheri this will all be forgotten. And the parents will have peace.

  41. If Jessie woke tomorrow and made yet another confession, would there be anything that could be done? Jessie is distant from them, but does anyone here know how he lives. I know I read that some of the guys got him a place and are helping him get started, but if he’s being paid any serious money from the “free WM3” it’s likely enough to keep him quiet. As long as movies are coming out there’s going to be plenty of money going in to support these guys. It’s wild that people are throwing all this money into the hands of three PHYSICALLY HEALTHY men, and there are starving children all over the country. If the money is to help readjust to society, I’d send them some of my extra coupons. I’d even teach them how to use them. Is there anyone else this well taken care of just for “being falsely accused”? I wasn’t there, but with all the doubt how can it be justified to be this infactuated with those three. I’ll keep my donations going to real charities.

    1. “If Jessie woke tomorrow and made yet another confession, would there be anything that could be done?”

      They have been freed, but their convictions still stand. And they have given up their right to sue for wrongful imprisonment. That’s part of the Alford plea. A confession would definitely send them all back to jail.
      If they were exonerated, it would be an entirely different thing. Double jeopardy would come into effect. But even then, a official confession could lead to a new trial with different charges and that would probably mean serving some serious time for lesser charges than murder.

  42. Not to make light of their loss, but the parents who sent the letter are an odd combination, don’t you think?

    Todd Moore, father of Michael Moore
    Diana Moore, mother of Michael Moore
    Stevie Branch, Sr., father of Stevie Branch, Jr.
    Terry Hobbs, stepfather of Stevie Branch, Jr.

    Pamela Branch (Stevie Branch’s mum) isn’t complaining, nor is John Mark Byers (Christopher Byers step father). In fact, there is footage of them both expressing doubts about the guilt of the WM3, urging the state of Arkansas to allow a retrial and Byers outright supported their release even after he was accused by Echols. Ok, they were vocal in their belief that the cops had the right guys at the beginning, but I wonder why they changed their minds, don’t you?

    Terry Hobbs is a creep. There is no way that guy could’ve made himself look more suspicious during his deposition for the slander lawsuit. Not to mention he was trying to cash in on the publicity. What an ass-hat. And he does seem capable of harming children imho. Something about his stupid face and that rat-like laugh. Motherfucker couldn’t even tune a guitar in that scene in Paradise Lost: Purgatory. But his alibi involved being at a friends place… playing guitar…

    Having said that, there is something about Damien Echols that doesn’t sit right with me either. I mean, being accused of murdering 3 little boys would have anybody else professing their innocence vehemently on camera instead of being all aloof and cool on the stand. Not to mention the talk of the murderer gaining power from commiting the murders. At least the other two dumbasses managed to look a little concerned at some point and not talk crazy.

    In the end, the trainwreck of a trial coupled with the nearly 18 year gap and all the media and celebrity attention makes the whole thing such a mess that nobody will ever get justice now. If the WM3 were wrongly convicted, they will never be compensated or fully pardoned cause the courts need to cover their asses and not allow the creation of a precedent that may allow other wrongfully convicted people to sue them. And the parents of the 3 children will never see the real killers convicted. Worst case scenario, no justice for the families and the killers are the ones who were freed and are making money.

    And unless they are pardoned, I don’t think the WM3 should be allowed to profit from anything to do with the case or their imprisonment. Wouldn’t money made that way be considered proceeds of crime?

    In the end, my biggest concern is that the American justice system was manipulated by the media and celebrities. From begining to end, this whole thing was a media circus. Public opinion and pressure should not have any impact on legal matters.

    Seriously, who gives a fuck what Eddie Veder and the Dixie Chicks think. Writing crap country music or being in Pearl Jam doesn’t make anyone an expert in anything. It does however seem to help raise enough money to get people that may or may not be guilty of murdering children out of jail. Is that really a worthy cause? Do people honestly believe 100% that these dudes are innocent? Now that they are free, I really do hope they are. And if they are, they should be pardoned. Still having convictions for murder makes them look bad, even though they are free.

  43. MetalMonkey-
    Shame on you for your first few paragraphs. Those parents lost their children in the worst possible way. The children didn’t have a quick and painless death. They were beaten and humiliated…and maybe even raped. I can’t begin to imagine the pain in knowing that something like that happened to my child.

    But the rest of your comments were pretty damn funny and I agree with a lot of it…..

    But still…first paragraphs… harsh.

    1. I totally feel for the parents loss. But I question the motivations of Terry Hobbs and Steven Branch Sr. More so Mr. Hobbs. He seems like an opportunistic dickhead. John Mark Byers didn’t get all litigious when he was straight out accused of being involved in the murders. But Hobbs went straight for the Dixie Chicks pockets. And he is so dumb that he ended up having to pay them thousands of dollars.

      And since Pamela Branch (who was raising Stevie) has decided to side with the WM3 and doesn’t seem to have a problem with the documentary being nominated for an award, doesn’t Mr. Branch look a little like a deadbeat dad who is getting in on the ground floor in case there is any cash to come from any future litigation?

      I know it is mean to say it, but that’s how it looks to me.

      My heart goes out ot Mr. and Mrs. Moore. They seem to have had their closure taken from them when the WM3 were freed. I kinda get where they are coming from. But now there isn’t much they can do.

      1. Okay. I get where you are coming from.

        Really?? One of the Mothers (Pamela Branch) is on board with Purgatory being nominated? Thats just of mind boggling and wrong on so many levels.

        1. Where is the proof that these guys are innocent? There isn’t any. According to the DNA there is no proof that these guys are guilty or innocent! I comprehensively read the DNA reports. There were 100+ peices of evidence submitted for testing. They were cleared from 42 peices of the evidence. Unfortunately, some of the samples submitted were either not large enough for testing or were ruined during the testing process rendering the results unreadable or undectable for anything…which is not out of the ordinary. Most of the samples had the boys DNA and no one else’s. Some of the most important samples were ‘unreadable’….like penile swabs and from material taken from under their fingernails.
        2. Those documentaries ridiculed the families of the victims.
        3. The documentaries showed totally unnecessary footage of the boys naked defiled bodies. I’m not going to even comment on why that is WRONG on so many levels….okay…maybe I will comment. LIFE imitates ART (or to spell it out…life often imitates the movies). Why are they giving such visual images to any number of SICKOs out there?? Not to mention it was just a total disrespect of the victims and their families.

        Uggghhhhh. Hopefully NONE of the parents are on board with the nomination of any of the WM3 documentaries.

        I should just shut up….I could go on forever:)

  44. A documentary film that has ALL of the people who signed the letter in it, a documentary film that paid compensation to all of the people who signed that letter , a documentary film that continues to examine a case that for 18 years remains questionable, at best. Personally, I am more pissed off about the dolphin slaughter in Japan than the shenanigans of these red neck, white sock, blue ribbon beer drinking idjits who keep looking up to the heavens for more cash to fall out of the sky and into their bank accounts, all in the name of murdered children. Shame on all of you! Repent, or stay tuned for PL4, coming soon on your paid cable channel.

    1. You sound about as smart as what you are implying the parents of the slain boys are. Really? Are those the best slurs you can come up with? These people are poor, and happen to be from a region where poverty is rampant. DO YOU KNOW what they got paid? Come the hell on! Of course they took money for the documentary-it was already a national news event and it would have been made with or without them. I’m sure they assumed their story would be told un-bias.

      1. Totally agree with Just Jane.
        It’s really none of our damn business if they got money and how much they got. How much do you really think they got thrown?? CRUMBS!!! It doesn’t begin to replace those children. You think HBO and the other media should profit from this?? I hope to HELL that they gave some to the parents. And if the parents drank beer with it then I’m sure that they will add that to their list of things that they already feel guilty and sadness for.
        If a family member dies and you collect life insurance should you not take it because you are benefitting from their death??
        I actually have a friend whose little boy died of SIDS and she received a death benefit. She bought a car with the money the next year and then felt so damn guilty that she had somehow benefitted from the death of her son. She kept the car as a shrine to him. Two years later she got in a wreck and she had an emotional breakdown because she related this with her sons life all over again.
        Just saying that I’m sure that they are greiving that they gave their childrens story up for money.
        The parents have been quoted as saying that they were shocked to see the portrayl of themselves in the documentary. They were told that the documentary was in support of the parents not of the alleged perps. They were upset to see that select footage showing them as bizarre, backward-country folk was used instead of a good representation of the entire filming.
        And those parents were poor. They probably couldn’t even afford the funerals or to get the counseling that they SHOULD have had afterwards. Who cares if they got money from it. It couldn’t have been much anyway……

        1. Thanks Shari, you compled my thoughts a/b the funeral cost and everything. I can wrap my head around people who believe in the innocence of the 3, but never the slander of the parents of the victims.

  45. Now I’ve heard it all!

    This is what I read earlier today. It’s from Jason Baldwin:

    I want everyone to know that my apartment is coming together…everyone who has purchased items from my Amazon wishlist, mailed a gift card, made a donation to wm3.org, written a lett…er or post – thank you!

    Really…he has a amazon wishlist…..and random people are furnishing his apartment… Hmmmmmmmmm.

    1. I guess there are many people who support them, just as there are many who are convinced of their guilt. And in their supporters minds, for 3 people to be imprisoned for half their lives when there is doubt as to whether they commited the crime is an awful thing and I guess there are those supporters who wanna help them out.

      I still say any income made from the case and its aftermath should be considered proceeds of crime unless they are fully exonerated. Like Thomas Haynesworth who was freed in March of 2011 and exonerated in December. Haynesworth served 27 years for a rape he didn’t commit. Another dude – Cornelius Dupree was freed after serving 30 years for a rape and robbery in March also with a full exoneration. Where are their Amazon wish lists? Or aren’t they big enough Pearl Jam fans to get their own rally.

  46. For those who constantly refer to the “Callahan” documents , it should be known that the person who compiled that information for public consumption started out believing the three then teenaged boys were guilty as charged. He no longer supports those charges and is himself an advocate for their exoneration. Two of the three victims parents are also in support of their release and FULL exoneration.
    The obsession that those who believe in their guilt is astonishing and borders being sociopathic in and of itself, as if the exoneration would give them nothing more to live for. Visit their truth site and see for yourself. Some of their posts are as sick and deranged as the crime itself.


  47. Sunday, February 26, 2012

    LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Todd Moore isn’t sure whether he’ll watch the Oscars this weekend, when a documentary about the murder of his son and two other Cub Scouts could win an Academy Award.

    Moore and his ex-wife, Diana, believe “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory” glorifies the three men convicted in the Arkansas boys’ deaths and asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to bar it from consideration for an Oscar.

    The academy refused, saying the film met the basic eligibility requirements and was being viewed and evaluated by members.

    “It would not be possible for the Academy — its leadership, executives, or administration — to insert itself into this process without risking the integrity of this longstanding procedure and of the awards themselves,” wrote Rob Epstein, who chairs the Documentary Branch Executive Committee, in the letter dated Dec. 13. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter this week.

    Epstein thanked the family for writing with such candor and said he could only begin to imagine the anguish they’ve suffered.

    “I would not trivialize your pain by asking for your understanding, but I do hope this has clarified the organization’s role in the Awards process,” he wrote.

    The film, directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, is the third in a series of HBO documentaries about the killings of Michael Moore, Stevie Branch and Christopher Byers in West Memphis. The three men convicted in their 1993 deaths, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, entered a plea deal last year that cut their prison term to time served and let them still claim innocence.

    “They’re probably going to wind up winning,” Moore told the AP on Friday. “Hollywood seems to glorify people like this.”

  48. It’s a movie, and all the people who signed the letter were paid an honorarium for being in the movie!

    Did they think it was not going to be shown?

    I am dazed and confused!

  49. Even if the WM3 were innocent of this crime – and I don’t believe for a split second they are – they are still horrible human beings. They admittedly stomped a sick dog to death, trapped dogs and killed and skinned them and ate parts of them, and there are witnesses to it.

    As anyone who studies psychopaths and sociopaths knows, people who do this kind of stuff to animals early usually move onto people at some point. And it wasn’t just dogs. Damien apparently had a cat skull in his bedroom and reportedly skewered frogs and watched them die.

    Yet, these boys were just “misunderstood,” correct?

    I’m sure that all 3 were the victims of horrible childhoods themselves, but that doesn’t excuse the horrific crime of which they are guilty.

  50. No Oscar for Purgatory!!!

    I just read the ‘Letter to AMPAS from victims’ parents’ again. Brilliantly written! I have no idea who wrote that for the parents, but kudos!!!

    I watched the Oscar’s up until the part where they announced the winner of the documentary film category. Then I shut it off. Thank God that it was in the first 1/2 of the program!

    I don’t care who you are, or what you stand for, or what side of this controversy you stand on….that damn docudrama didn’t desrve an Oscar! Let’s just be REAL about that!

  51. I love all this slinging back and forth like somebody in here actually knows what really happened on that night. I watched all 3 Paradise movies, read 2 books and read posts from hundreds of sites like this and there is NO WAY I can say who did it and who didnt do it. I would never go out on a ledge and say somebody didn’t do it so they could get freed from prison. Personally I would feel a lot safer for my children if WM3, Hobbs and Byers were all in prison. A couple things here: people are saying that Hobbs is guilty because he didn’t have an alibi. Well, niehter did the WM3. I take that back, they had about 4 different alibis. People say Hobbs is guilty because he refused the polygraph. Damien and Miskelley took it and showed deception. Byers took it but he was so drugged up that he probably beleived he didn’t do it. You can do that with a polygraph. I am truly afraid that there may be 5 killers running around free right now instead of 2. Put the WM3 back in prison along with the other two jokers and we’ll all be safe. Hell, find the bojangles man and throw him in there also. The only thing I am 100% sure on is that HBO made a lot of money on the films and the WM3 are very rich and they all appear to have gotten a pretty darn good free education in prison because the only one that could speak decent English in Paradise 1 was Damien.

  52. Ive always thought mr bojangels did it.. But if thats the case we will never know! God bless the families. I could never imagine what they have been put threw!

  53. I never authorized for my picture to be posted on this site and I will guess that neither did anyone else. This is mainly an anonymous site for me because there are those in the other side that have made hell for us “nons” I was never notified about my picture being put up here and I certainly would never have authorized it. Remove at once!

  54. This is not a good idea to post people’s pictures here in this site. I can only assume the pictures were taken from Facebook profile pictures. I do not have a photo of myself on Facebook so I do not know where or who had gathered this picture. Remove all pictures at once!

  55. One quick point – and this is not proof of guilt in any shape or form, however it is very, very telling-

    In the first documentary, not having any idea of the swarm of supporters that would emerge from it, Damien (after his conviction) boasted that he was proud that kids in West Memphis would think of him as the boogeyman. Someone who’s been convicted of a murder they didn’t commit would be spending every breath screaming “Why am I hear? I didn’t do this! Why isn’t anyone listening to me? I am innocent!” – NOT going “isn’t it great? Kids will think of me as the boogeyman!”

    The excuses I see from supporters on this behavior is absurd. Instead of simply going “yeah, I have no explanation for that. I think he is innocent but that little thing was not good,” they come up with all kinds of idiotic excuses, none of which make a bit of sense.

  56. Damien Wayne Echols: I kind of enjoy it because now, even after I
    die, people are going to remember me forever. Theyre going to talk
    about me for years. People in West Memphis will tell their kids
    stories. It will be like, sort of like Im the West Memphis
    boogeyman. Little kids will be looking under their beds before they
    go to bed…”Damien might be under there!”

    Sure sounds like the words of an innocent kid wrongly convicted of child murder, doesn’t it?

    1. It sounds like what it is. A white trash messed up unschooled teenager trying to come to terms with a situation that’s so far beyond his depths that Martians might have as well have taken over the earth. The focal point of this entire horrible twenty years is how did the police come to look into the three boys in the first place? Jerry Driver, and his assistant. But I digress. The powers in Arkansas never expected these three railroaded misfits to live through this nightmare long enough to string some interesting thoughts together. When a powerful entity like the state finally picks a scapegoat, the news crews repeat it till it is truth. I live on the other side of the country, and have only found this case in the last year. I’ve studdied the evidence at all three cases. I’ve only seen about ten minutes of any show pro or con. So in effect I’m about as pristine a juror that you could ask for. After going over all three cases, through two trials I have to say the nitwits are innocent. Then I watched all the films pro and con and they boys are still innocent. As I said the crux of the matter is how did the lawmen become aware of the three boys? there is the true issue, Jerry Driver. Who found the boys? look into those areas and you’ll see a conspiracy taking shape. that’s why the state absolutely had a stake in keeping the white trash in jail. It would have cost the state Millions once they found out the link between Driver and the on going investigations. Look at the evidence, its in the mundane uninteresting stuff. you’ll see.

  57. there is so much here say and jargon on the internet, no one will ever know now. We all have our biases too. I personally believe they did it. People have been convicted on way less. Too many leads point to these 3. They were stone faced when their verdicts were read, an innocent person would protest that…it makes no sense!

    I think the Alford Plea gave them a way OUT, literally and figuratively; no one will ever know and they can bathe in the false lime light of this case, become famous and rich and party with rock stars. AND JOHNNY DEPP Is a fool!
    I personally think these boys did this; Echols was the alpha here, and years of prison “matured them” where they might even regret it–but it’s DONE! so “since I’ve paid with half of my life, I might as well sail on out of here, it’s better than dying by lethal injection” and besides Echols is a witch and he believes very highly of himself; above the law–a cold narcisist
    none the less, those poor little boys and how they died is worse, it wasnt in an accident, they lived fear and horrible pain and shame before they were murdered like they were a toy. KARMA will prevail and we will know the truth, more purely

  58. This case will never cease to astonish me.
    The outcrying of suport for these three monsters sickens me to the pit of my soul. Their freedom makes me sad to live in such a world.
    To the parents of the slain children – my heart aches for you. You will remain, for as long as I live, in my thoughts and my prayers. I cannot imagine the agony of having to endure what you have endured, with the added weight of all that has followed… know that God has not forgotten you. Even if it feels like most of the rest of this world has. There will come a judgement day. As well as a reuniting with the children you so love. May God bless you.

  59. Reading through these comments its obvious that both sides have deep passion intheir beliefs. To say the WM3 had 17 years to prove their innocence is incorrect. Judge Burnett simply refused to allow anything to ran counter to the original trial. Which goes against the purpose of our imperfect legal system.

    DNA testing has come a long way in 17 yrs. Enough so that we now have 260 post conviction exonerations. We also now have a hair from Terry Hobbs found inside the knot used to bind Stevie.

    Satanic Panic was all the rage in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Much like the recovered memories of sex abuse that landed many in jail, only to be exonerated years later. McMartin preschool anyone?

    I live in TN and I understand the mentality and belief that no one could or would ever falsely confess to a crime. More than reading the transcript of the Misskelley interrogation, listen to the tape. Listen as Jessie stumbles for words, the cop then supplies the words and then Jessie parrots the words back to him.

    Bottom line, this was a rush to judgment. This was during the time before Susan Smith proved to all of us that yes, parents can kill their kids. That in a small southern town, being different can make you a mark and egos stand in the way of justice.

    There are still 3 dead little boys and usually its a parent or caregiver who is responsible for the death of a child or wife.

  60. cs2 looks good but its nothing new or special or something we havent seen earlier. the story though is the thing i await. for the console software package war- crysis 2 appearances worse on console than crysis 1 on pc with medium settings not to discuss high and very extreme. playing on the console is thrilling it costs little play good games. pc cost a lot but on pc u can have max quallity. the only thing i hate about consoles is this rts games stink via it. thats why sc2 is released for win and mac osx only.

  61. New here . Can somebody tell me if this douche Joey is also douche Damien Echols or just the biggest douche fanboy in the galaxy . Joey we get you cream over the killers . Get a freaking life, hobby or better yet learn to read and study the crime as opposed to believing everything HBO tells you. PL docs all sucked , were in poor tasye and staged.

  62. In my opinion Diana Moore’s got a lot of nerve contributing to a letter like that after she MURDERED someone dead in the street selfishly driving drunk!

    And she only got PROBATION!!!


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