70 thoughts on “Trench Reynolds Talks Back to Murder Groupies”

  1. “You know, I wonder that if Harris and Klebold had survived Columbine would they have their own supporters going against all common sense to have them freed? Free the Littleton 2? Would there be an L2.org? Would celebrities like Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp be calling for their release because they were ‘outcasts’? ”

    That, Mr. Reynolds, says it better than I ever could. And for that, I thank you.

    1. Dylan Klebold tweaked his fantasy baseball roster the night before the massacre. Does that sound like someone who plans to commit mass murder-suicide the next day? Of course not! One of the victims’ parents obviously did it. Exonerate the Littleton 2!

      1. Hey, question for all dipshits:

        Have you ever heard a WM3 supporter also throw their support to the Columbine killers?


        THAT says it better than I ever could, or T-Frog, or Burt Reynolds. WM3 Truth, I would have figured you’d be above this ridiculous “line of attack.”

        Yeah, Johnny Depp would have supported the hell out of the Littleton 2…but only if they survived. Because they killed themselves Depp is going to keep his true feelings about them to himself…like all the rest of us devil worshippers out there. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored if checking in on the fucktards who post on this website.

        1. WM3 Truth, I would have figured you’d be above this ridiculous “line of attack.”

          You’re right, that was childish. I don’t like “If you believe X, you probably believe Y, and Y is really stupid” arguments, so I should refrain myself.

        2. Joey,
          Let me fill you in Eric and Dylan killed themself .:) So what are they going to support. I am sure if they had lived they might defend them on they were bullied issue. I don’t remember Depp doing anything to help the survivors of Columbine. There are groupies out there that still think Eric and Dylan are heroes and they have many fan pages (till they are made to take them down)

          1. Perhaps the greatest statement in the HISTORY of our ongoing debate, Pru. “I don’t remember Depp doing anything to help the survivors of Columbine.”

            My love for you knows no bounds.

  2. God, that was pitiful…

    Hey T-Rog, you know what else says it better than you ever could? You’re a fucking moron. And a douchebag to boot.

    1. your eloquence and superior vocabulary are unrivaled. but please, no ‘humility bows’ unless you’re bending over to kiss your own ass.

      1. You’re right, Tom. Trench Reynolds is wayyyyyy more eloquent than I am and commands a far superior vocabulary. I must up my game. How about Pig Latin?

        ucksay ymay ickday

  3. We Get Letters: hey trench

    Dear Mr. Reynolds,

    You’re so full of shit it’s leaking out your ears. Get a Q-Tip.



  4. Wow, I have drawn the wrath of Joey -takes a bow-

    But seriously…Joey…what gives? I read back through some of your posts and you seem so hell bent on not being put in the catagory of “all teeny boppers, screaming and throwing our panties at the WM3 like teenage girls used to do with The Beatles. Plenty of us are old enough, and wise enough, to form informed conclusions.”

    Yet you come to this site, call names like an adolescent, bully instead of debate, and generally make an ass out of yourself. Which is ok…it’s about what I’ve come to expect from most supports.

    Since you’re stepping up your game, I decided I’d step up mine in my response:

    Uckingay pocrithyay. Ustjay ikelay the estray.

  5. Yes, T-Rog, I tend to post ridiculous, profane-laced responses to what I view as ridiculous, idiocy-laced posts…believe it or not, I consider it an amusing form of satire. Of course I’m not attempting to debate…but can you blame me? How can anyone debate with this preposterous “Littleton 2” garbage? Here, I’ll give it a try:

    I happen to believe Johnny Depp would not support the Littleton 2! He was so stellar in Dark Shadows — did you even see it?!?! You know, the world can learn a lot from liberal Hollywood. Johnny Depp is much more than a pretty face…he is one of the heroes of our time.

    Or, maybe you’d prefer this tact:

    So what if Johnny Depp would support the Littleton 2? So would I! They were bullied, and misunderstood, and maybe some of those Columbine kids had it coming! I’ve got a red dildo that I suck every night when I pray to Satan!!!

    Listen, T-Rog, don’t post something on the internet just hoping it will exist in a vaccuum, or a bubble, where everyone will just virtually hi-5 you and say, “Right on, dude!” Expect there will be some “bullies” out there with wildly different opinions and perspectives. If you want to engage in intelligent debate, start by making an intelligent point.

  6. “If you want to engage in intelligent debate, start by making an intelligent point.”
    I would add to that: If you want people to pay attention to your point of view (because you feel that you actually HAVE a legitimate point of view worth sharing), use the kind of language that shows some respect for those you are conversing with/trying to convince. “Wildly different opinions and perspectives” are extremely interesting if they are presented in an adult way using language that helps get an actual point across.

    1. Do you think if I cared about you…TOM…paying attention to my point of view, I’d just straight-up call you a dick weed?

      I’ll let you think about that.

      If I felt Burt Reynolds deserved respect for his idiocy, I’d probably pay him some respect.

      And I loooooong ago gave up trying to convince anyone of anything regarding this case. The same facts are available to all of us. We all come to our own conclusions.

      What was my actual point? Likening WM3 Supporters to non-existent supporters of the “Littleton 2” is so stupid it doesn’t deserve a serious response.

      1. Dear Pru,

        As much as I’d love to write you back more frequently, I can barely concentrate on my typing because of all the trucks honking outside this gosh darn truck stop! Hope you understand.

  7. You call it “satire”. I call it douche-ry. Po-ta-to. po-tat-o I guess.

    And I thought Trench’s “Littleton 2” statement made a valid point. By all accounts, those 2 were “misunderstood”. They were “outcasts”. They wore all black. I don’t remember King or Crowley…or Metallica for that matter…being mentioned but they listened to Manson and he’s a supporter so maybe that’s significant. And lastly, they went on to kill innocent people.

    Just like Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley.

    As far as a “bubble” goes, I don’t need it. Thanks, but if I needed a bubble, I’d go sit my ass on WM3.org and talk about how cool Echols latest Twitter posts are. Or I’d debate the latest lie/smokescreen/half truth/propoganda piece disguised as a movie/whatever.

    But you want an intelligent debate? Then answer my question. Why claim you’re not a typical,teeny bopper, ect supporter then act like one by resorting to personal attacks when you can’t win an argument? Or is hypocrite comment above right on the money?

    Enjoy your red dildo.

    1. Thanks, T-Frog. I’ll keep it warm for you.

      Per your question…since you asked so nicely…

      I claim I am not a typical, teeny bopper, etc supporter because I have read The Blood of Innocents, Devil’s Knot, I have seen the Paradise Lost Trilogy (gasp!), and yes, I have read pretty much all (I’d never say all with certainty) the docs on Callahan at one time or another, and I have come to the conclusion that the WM3 are innocent.

      THUS…likening a supporter, say, Johnny Depp, or ME, by proxy, to someone who would support the “Littleton 2″…but only if they SURVIVED the Columbine attack…is not, in my humble opinion, “an argument,” and it is certainly not “an argument” I “can’t win.”

      THEREFOR…you deserve the personal attacks I hurl at you (being the bully that I am).

      IN SUMMATION…go sit on a parking cone.

      1. But again, you’re wrong…

        First, there wasn’t an “argument”. Trench made a comment, I thought it was a good point (for the reasons I pointed out above). A simple “no I wouldn’t have” or even “no” or even no comment (since you seem to think the question is beneath you) would’ve sufficed.

        Second, of course only if they SURVIVED the attack…kind of hard to put dead bodies on trial. What are you going to do if you convict them, sentence them to lethal injection?

        Thirdly, the statement brought to mind (at least to me) the similarities between Klebold/Harris and Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley (again, reasons above). Therefore, since I (and a lot of others) believe that a fair number of people side with the 3 due to the belief they were “outcasts” in West Memphis would these people also side with Klebold and Harris had they survived and gone to trial?

        But go ahead with the name calling. You just keep proving my point. I’m starting to get the impression you’re just another troll.

        Oh, and keep the parking cone. That way you have somewhere to sit while you suck on that red dildo.

      2. Joey,
        This must relieve your hate or something to that effect. If you are not trying to make a point. Why hang around a blog. I never found you to have that much knowledge of the case so I would suggest you look over Callahan again. Try reading the documents from A-Z . Your obsession with Depp is scary . You act like his stalker .

      3. Joey,
        Blood of Innocent was fiction and did not reveal all the facts in the case. Neither did the Paradise Lost 1,2,3 that is for sure. Both are supporter base information. You and the Johnny Depp thing is getting weird . As far as you reading all the documents are hardly doubt it. WM3 groupie I don’t know maybe you just follow what Johnny Depp does . He is your Idle or something.

        1. Dear Pru & Donna,

          Are you two soul sisters or something? No, not likely, in fact I am now quite convinced you are the same silly troll. In both of the above posts, you EACH manage to make the SAME typo! Girls…how silly. Can anyone spot it?

          It would just seem to me an awfully big coincidence if you BOTH liked to put spaces before certain periods at the end of your sentences. Then again, if you really ARE soul sisters…I suppose anything is possible.

          As for Depp being my “Idle”…I’m surprised neither of you have figured out yet that I AM Depp.

  8. You’re really big on that red dildo, aren’t you? Wonder if that means anything…

    Anywho, since your position seems to be “let’s agree to disagree,” I’ll continue disagreeing with you, and you’re welcome to back off at any time.

    Let’s see how this one lands on the dense sponge shit that you like to believe is your brain:

    Difference between WM3 and “Littleton 2”? Let’s think long and hard. Oh, I got it, yeah, the difference is with the “Littleton 2” we know, in part because the whole thing is on video tape, THAT THEY DID IT. I have never heard anyone…since 1998…ever once postulate that they didn’t. Not even the most crazy of conspiracy theorists. As for the WM3? Ok, I get it, you’re convinced they did it. But we don’t have anything resembling video tape of them doing it, I think you’d agree there. I would also like to think that you could recognize that there’s at least a decent reason for controversy regarding guilt or innocence in this case. A lot of very reasonable WM3 haters would agree that there are many frusterating aspects and a lot of nuance here.

    I have never heard a single WM3 supporter say, “I like Damien because he’s misunderstood, therefor I respect and understand why he killed those boys.” As a supporter, we’re not supporting people who we accept and believe are child murderers, we are supporting people who we believe are innocent. INNOCENT. No one ever for one second suggested that the “Littleton 2” were innocent, therefor they have no one out there trying to clear their name. If they survived, you wouldn’t have anyone saying, “I know it looks like they’re guilty, but I think one of the parents of one of the kids they shot in the library was really the killer!”

    I can’t believe I had to type that out for you. I will gladly sit on the parking cone. And then I will gift it to you, along with the red dildo that you love talking about so much. It would be my pleasure.

    1. Hey, the dildo was your idea. I’m just making sure you know it’s yours and all yours.

      2nd, wow. Except for the shit and brain comment, that was actually pretty well thought out.

      I knew a good chunk of the shooting (mainly the cafeteria) was video taped, but I didn’t know it all was. Learn something knew every day.

      But my basis for the comparison is 2 fold:

      1. The background similarities (but those have been covered).

      And I’ll throw out a disclaimer right off the bat that I haven’t seen where you have done this, so feel free to exclude yourself from this part.

      2. But yes, there is a LOT reason for controversy in this case. The problem is, the majority of it is misinformation put out by SUPPORTERS. Jessie’s IQ, the 12 hour interrogation, Jessie confessing once and immediately recanting, no physical evidence, D/J/J having alibis, the softball girls recanting…I could go on and on.

      I won’t speak for Trench, but from where I’m sitting I could definitely see someone coming up with a slick PR campaign (like happened in this case) to muddy the waters further than they already were. That’s what I got from his statement.

      Would Eric and Dylan have gotten off? I don’t know. susan Smith got off and I never thought that would happen. Anything is possible in our justice system. But in my opinion, yes there would’ve been people clamoring for their release and blaming their “outcast” status for either their incarceration or for them snapping in the first place.

      But thanks for taking the time to explain your position. Now sit on that cone, take that red dildo you brought up, and fucking choke on it.

      1. T-Rog, what are you going on about? Didn’t you hear? Exhibit 4 of the state’s exhibits in Misskelley’s Rule 37 documents (available on Callahan) blew the debate over his IQ all to Hell. Basically, his mental deficiency was not made up as part of a defense strategy.

        Also, neither multiple statements nor maintaining guilt for a length of time are even unusual in false confession/exoneration cases. It really doesn’t matter that the length of his interrogation was originally misrepresented, or that he gave multiple statements and still could not quite get it right.

        Want to talk about the claims on the other side that have fallen apart. Hey, I know, “Echols had special knowledge of the crime/scene!” Want to go there?

    2. Joey,
      It was 1999 for Littleton.(Columbine). Yes there were conspiracy theories. No not all of the massacre was on tape. No we don’t know why they really did it. Books were written but no one will really know but Eric and Dylan. Yes both cases have a lot of similarities . Both deal with psychopaths . With the WM3 case after looking over documents from A-E (still working on it) the state had a strong case. Getting witness to testify was the hard part because they were afraid of them and their families. Jason followed Echols around like a puppy. Looked up to him.

      By the way Joey if you knew anything about the Columbine case you would know not one of their friends were in the school that period. Eric had a blog that many of his friends read. Witnesses were saying there were 3 to 4 of them.

      1. Hey Donna,

        It’s interesting that you note all the glaring similarities between the Columbine massacre and the Robin Hood Hills murders…most telling of all is that “both deal with psychopaths.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Mr. Magoo of internet sleuths: Donna!!!!!

        Hey Magoo, just to clear this up, are you suggesting at the end of this latest post that there were 3 to 4 shooters at Columbine? Please clarify for us simple folk.

          1. Speaking of educating oneself, perhaps you should know that the “basement tapes” filmed by Eric and Dylan spelled out EXACTLY why they did what they did. They will not be released for fear of copycat massacres, thus depriving the public of ever being able to truly understand what drove those two misfits to their heinous act.

  9. Here’s the thing Joey. I was once a typical WM3 supporter. I got into it just like everyone else. I saw Paradise Lost and identified with Echols because when I was Michael Wayne Hutchison’s age I wore black, I listened to metal and I was an outcast. But the more research I did on Echols the more I noticed the similarities between him and Eric Harris.

    Arrogant selfish megalomaniacal manipulative violent psychopaths who convinced lesser minds to join them in their acts of brutality. As I’ve said many times before if Echols was born 10 years later he would have been a school shooter.

    1. “I was once a typical WM3 supporter. I got into it just like everyone else. I saw Paradise Lost and identified with Echols because when I was Michael Wayne Hutchison’s age I wore black, I listened to metal and I was an outcast.”

      These statements always make me chuckle. What does this even mean? – more than you mean it to, I wager. It shows you are easily swayed. Not a strong point, that.

      1. Oh, and in case the implication wasn’t clear: if you are easily swayed one way, you are easily swayed the other way. I prefer case facts and evidence over black tshirts and whatever. Likewise I prefer an educated understanding of things such as ex500 over the histrionics involved in the presentation of said documents.

        1. Keese,
          It isn’t that people are easily swayed to one side or the other. The real facts were not available . Paradise Lost sure didn’t give any of the real facts. It isn’t just exhibit 500. It is everything put together in the case that shows they are guilty. I would say about 90 percent of the supporters never did their homework on the case. Most just follow what is on the WM3.org blog or just took a side from the films.

          1. Pru,

            You have entirely missed the point, or you did not read the comment to which I was responding.

      2. Keese
        Maybe it means they read callahans A-Z. Maybe they looked over all the evidence not just what was out there on the WM3.org board.

          1. Hey Keese,

            Don’t want to damage your reputable brand too much by aligning with you, but have you taken a look at my Pru/Donna theory? In pretty much all of their posts, there are clear “.” typos where the dummy(s) put an extra space before some of their periods! I smell something fishy…

          2. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the different names until you pointed it out. Same style, same arguments as posted since I’ve been here.

    2. Trench,
      I found the same similarity too. Even to the point they both told their therapist that they were afraid that they would kill someone or themselves. Both could look someone in the eye and lie. If you look over Callahan documents it is like they were two of a kind. Echols is still manipulating everyone around him.

  10. Hey Joey

    http://acolumbinesite.com/eric.html Educate your self before you open your mouth. There were wittnesses that thought they saw more then two people. One of their friends (Brown) was there and Eric told him to run. They were not good friends anymore . They also thought Chris Morris had something to do with it.

    1. Hmm. Yeah. Fascinating. Things have taken a fascinating turn here, and, in a way, come to a head. After all these many many months of back-and-forth, many truths are making themselves known. If I were not such a humble chap, I might even declare, “Check Mate!” But I am far too humble for such pomp.

      First of all, this thing about two of you being at the same computer is bizarre. Surreal. Frankly, it’s a little disturbing. And it has no credibility. I leave it up to T-Frog and Burt Reynolds and our kind host, Mr. WM3Truth himself to make up their own minds, but that “explanation” smells rotten.

      Being at the same computer does not explain away consistently maintaining the same typo. Are you two such butt-buddies that you misstype the same way? Or are you going to tell me your keyboard is defective, thus once in a blue moon it insists on adding a space before your periods? Doesn’t wash. You’re the same person. And I think you should own up to that and stop being needlessly weird. Not to mention, pitifully insecure. You’re so insecure about your position that you felt the need to create an alternate persona just to back you up. Honestly, you lose some serious credibility for doing that. I think even the most fervent WM3 haters would agree.

      Setting that aside, your Columbine position is very, very telling. I wonder if T-Frog, Burt Reynolds, or WM3Truth care to align themselves with this line of thinking…I suspect you, Pru/Donna, and you alone…will so readily march down this preposterous road to “prove” your so-called point about Echols, et al.

      It seems very clear to me that you are now seriously putting forth the notion that the Columbine shootings weren’t caused by 2 psychopaths, but perhaps 3, and perhaps even more. Your evidence for this is eye-witness testimony. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you the kind of mind we WM3 Supporters have been dealing with for all of these years. Pru/Donna would sooner dismiss the widely (and I MEAN widely) held understanding that Columbine was committed by 2 shooters (based on REMARKABLE evidence) and accept that there is a vast conspiracy at work here, preventing us from knowing the truth…that there were MORE shooters!

      The fact that you don’t understand that in the midst of chaotic situations things can be misunderstood and misinterpreted (not to mention, not remembered correctly) is an ASTOUNDING blemish on your already dwindling credibility. Do you also subscribe to the theory that 9-11 was an inside job and a controlled demolition? You can finds all kinds of witnesses giving you statements to back up those allegations. Do you also believe that the Holocaust never happened? I can show you plenty of Youtube links with a lot of pretzel-twisted reasoning to make those allegations seem vaguely possible.

      You can argue that the jury is still out on the WM3, that the fact that they’re still convicted child killers means the debate can continue (despite the fact that Arkansas released them due to fear that they’d have their asses sued off for wrongful imprisonment)…but bad news, girl(s), the jury is in on Columbine, and you can not find ONE reporter with half a shred of credability who is willing to dispute that. Are all the reporters in on this conspiracy? What is the purpose of this conspiracy of silence and suppression? If there were multiple shooters, no one would have anything to gain by protecting them. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THESE MULTIPLE EXTRA SHOOTERS GOT AWAY WITH THIS?

      What’s the use…I already proved I’m talking to an internet psycho…how disenchanting.

    1. Donna, Pru, Donna Marie, you post bullshit links ALL the time, and everywhere you post. Not a link you posted was a “tribute”. (And you posted the same video twice about a kid who said he saw “maybe 3” shooters. He was clearly unsure and ALL that proves is how easy it is to elicit a statement from an eyewitness who isn’t all that certain about what s/he is saw.)

      Why do you do that? If you have to lie to make a point, it should tell you something about your point.

      And I realize it will go nowhere fast, but comparing Harris to Echols only means you haven’t read passed your own bias about either. Most people who knew him were quite shocked that Harris was capable of the Columbine Massacre. The reason? Because he was a real psychopath.

      1. It’s safe to say PruD is either a troll or a very sad speciman. It’s time to say “Check Mate,” Keese, at least as far as this twit is concerned.

  11. Have a lot of reading to do, have not read the last few blog entries, but just wanted to say hello to everyone. The investigation, the witnesses, to me are lacking, weak. In following the law I would have had to find for NG. I do not see anything that proves to me that they did not do this, but more importantly, I do not see anything that proves they did.

    I do not see the relation of the columbine killers to the WM3.

    1. Hey Louise! Longtime no speak. Glad the old crew is having this reunion.

      As you can see, things have gotten a little surreal here. The good news is PruD has really been exposed here. In addition to parading around with multiple personalities, he/she/it has really jumped the shark with this Columbine thing.

  12. I missed the “school shooter” comment.

    Eric Harris wasn’t a “school shooter.” That is a myth. He was a psychopathic mass murderer who picked a venue he knew well – his school. Had his original plan worked; had he or Klebold been able to wire their bombs better, they would have killed hundreds of people, and probably multiple hundreds. Harris hated the world and everybody in it, students and otherwise. There was no Eric Harris in the woods with those boys May 5, 1993.

    As far as Echols eventually being a school shooter:

    “””That’s funny. The central idea of the Secret Service study was
    that no such profile exists–and it says so, explicitly and
    unequivocally, right in the overview: “There is no accurate or
    useful ‘profile’ of students who engaged in targeted school
    violence” (which is how they define school shooters–p. 11).
    How much clearer could they get?”””” ( http://www.talkleft.com/story/2007/4/18/13241/8124 )

    How does one decide that?


  13. According to Damien he is ready for Lorri’s birthday with some ‘appropriate’ decorations in their apartment:
    “There is a curious George pinata hanging in the living room, ready to be beaten.”
    Wow. Kinda reminds me of another situation where a small being was tied up and beaten to death while people laughed and a concerned parent was, no doubt, out looking everywhere for his little guy.
    mmmm, happy b-day lorri.

  14. I am astounded that idiots would flock to aid of these morons I have read your posts and I am shocked of how many dimwitted dupes can actually say “they are innocent” because of whatever reason and actually overlook the fact that they pled guilty to the crime. And these celebrities are a joke and I encourage them to hang out with as many psychopathic killers as possible and just to show I am a decent guy I will mourn for their murdered children as I do for Chris, Michael and Steve. Just because a unspecified amount of people including a creepy little actor who is best known for playing mentally deficient characters or a Wilson Phillips wanna be singing group drags these buffoons on a stage to get their pictures taken does not make them innocent. So let’s do the math, pleads guilty to murdering 8 year old children + gets a tattoo with a creepy little actor does not = innocent.

  15. I seldom comment, however i did a few searching and wound up here Trench Reynolds Talks Back to Murder Groupies.
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