Jessie Misskelley Sr video clip

Someone dug up and posted this snippet from a local TV news interview with Jessie Misskelley Sr., which aired a few days after Jessie Misskelley Jr. and friends were arrested.

Misskelley Sr.’s statement to the reporter on June 6 or 7 matches what Misskelley Jr. told the police on June 3 — that he was there at the crime scene but did not participate in killing the boys. (In later confessions, Misskelley Jr. would admit greater involvement, including hitting one boy repeatedly and helping remove the victims’ shoelaces to tie them up.)

The exchange with the TV news reporter came up at Misskelley Jr.’s trial, after Misskelley Sr. testified that his son was at home with him at the time of the murders.

(Prosecutor) Brent Davis: Well, did – after your son was arrested, did you grant certain television interviews for reporters and things like that where you went on TV?
Jessie Misskelley Sr.: Yea, I imagine I did.
(Defense lawyer) Dan Stidham: Your Honor, I object to the relevancy of that.
Davis: Your Honor, I’m gonna ask him about some statements he made while he was on TV.
The Court: Go ahead. Overruled.
Davis: Did you go on TV and make some statements?
Misskelley Sr: I imagine I did, there was a bunch of news reporters there, yea.
Davis: Do you recall making the statement that your son may have been there, but you didn’t think he was involved in it?
Misskelley Sr: That was before I found out, that was before I went to work on the case and found out that he was not there. I didn’t have proof or anything, I said “he may have been there, I do not know.” I said “but if he was there he didn’t have anything to do with killing those boys.”

Berlinger and Sinofsky actually included part of this TV news report near the beginning of Paradise Lost — but they edited out the part with Jessie Misskelley, Sr.

Kudos to whoever found this clip and posted it. I did not know it survived.

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  1. Your site is a joke mate!

    Every single person I know who has followed this case for years all came to the same conclusion when the WM3 were released…

    The state realized when the new evidence would be heard the WM3 would be cleared and state would be sued for millions! so they jumped on the front foot and offered up a plea deal…

    Why not wait 4 months to hear the new evidence if they believed they were guilty???
    No they folded.. That right!

    1. Then why don’t they just prove they are innocent after 19 years and countless millions of dollars . If they have anything that shows they are innocent why don’t they just hand it over to the DA and not the media. Can it be they want people to believe that what they have is really evidence and it is not ? Best of best lawyers knowing that most people don’t know the difference . Why not tell the people you never asked the law students to set a case up against the WM3 just asked them to find fault in the prosecution . Why does the WM3 defense team have to trick the public into thinking they are trying to solving the case and all they are doing is laying a foundation of doubt . Right now people have forgot this a defense team looking at the case . They are not looking for the truth they are looking for a away to make their clients look innocent ! Maybe they will just wait till all the witnesses died or are gone . So they wont have anyone that will dispute them and they can go and twist the truth.

      1. What would qualify as “proving their innocence”? Seriously? In your opinion? I doubt that even finding the real killer would convince you, or anyone who still believes they are guilty. I honestly believe that, even if there was a trial and someone else was convicted, you would still insist they were guilty. The fact is, in America, you are innocent until proven guilty. They ONLY need to provide reasonable doubt. The burden is NOT on them to solve the case. The burden should have been on the state to prove guilt. I have carefully read everything on this site. There is a lot of hearsay. There is some material, like the carson testimony, that he (carson) himself has refuted. there is a lot of mudslinging and name calling, but there is not one piece of “evidence” presented on this site. You claim that the supporters of the WM3 aren’t interested in the truth? I wold counter hat their trials were not at all searches for the truth, but attempts to salve a very public wound. There is very little evidence, but nothing at all linking them to the crime scene (and I know you cite that fiber evidence that did not conclusively clear them. However, that was only because the tests performed left such a high percentage of potential matches that literally millions were NOT excluded. Those same tests not only did not exclude the three accused, but the parents, the police, and probably 12 the people on this site.). Wouldn’t there be SOMETHING? If they did it? I mean, you guys are so keen to talk about how stupid they are, and how you can’t believe them? Yet they are criminal masterminds that they could cover up all the evidence they would have had to leave? Yet, there IS evidence linking Hobbs to the scene? You will jump up and down and scream about that, I’m sure, but that one hair is MORE evidence than there was to link the WM3 to this case.

        I’ve looked at everything on this site. There is nothing of substance here. You can point out hearsay and contradicting statements all you want. The bar for the death sentence should be higher than that. Or did the devil cover it all up? Because it was a satanic sacrifice, right? You DO realize that the FBI claims there has NEVER BEEN ONE SINGLE CASE OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE… EVER???

        But I guess they’re all being duped by the devil, too?

        I think that, to look at this evidence, and want to see this as justice must be based on something else… Hatred of the media? Kneejerk reactionary responses to an “attack on religion”? Personal animosity against Damien? I DO see a lot of comments here about how they don’t personally like his attitude, or he’s “arrogant”, or something. It must be horrible having such small lives. You don’t put people in prison because you don’t like the way they dress.

        Fortunately, you are in the extreme minority. Your side is shrinking. and it will continue. Hopefully, the real killer will be brought to justice…although I doubt you would accept that verdict. You are sad, sad people. Let’s hope you are never wrongly confused… or maybe it wold be good for you.

    2. To be fair, those people you’re referring to probably came to that conclusion well before their release. They probably came to that conclusion the moment the end credits started rolling on a certain documentary they saw.
      Is this site a joke because it shares a different opinion than your own? I actually see it as a well researched and well laid out series of facts that a lot of people probably didn’t know about. That’s coming from someone who is neutral and athough you claim to be neutral, my fellow Aussie, you clearly show the kind of disdain for counter evidence of a person who has already made their mind up.
      Yes, the site and certain non supporters are a little more confident in their guilt than I would like, but what you won’t really find here is the kind of propaganda and blatant lies that you’ll find from the kind of people who’s main focus was, you know, making an entertaining movie.
      Which it was.
      So just chill and don’t listen to Donna.

  2. Every post on this website is like a Romney/Ryan ad lingering on late night television that somebody forgot to remove from rotation…

    1. How much would you bet “steve” and “Alex” are the same person?

      You like …

      Instead of coming here and bashing politicians at the same time that you insult the website. Why don’t you actually post something that shows their innocence instead of your ignorance?

      If you actually take the time to read the published data surrounding this case you might come to the same conclusion that many have already.

      And I got something else for you since you bring up US politics, since you seem to lack common sense and the ability to see the obvious. No matter who you voted for, they both play for the same team and have the same impact on this country in the end.

      Just look at the #’s. Almost 50/50 on the # of years Republicans and Democrats have served as the President. If either party had it right there would be a strong leaning one way or the other wouldn’t you think?? 88 years for the Republicans (18 presidents) and 85 years for the Democrats(15 presidents).

      Don’t let facts get in your way though Stalex.

      1. I was bringing up politics as a comparison for the fact that the WM3 have the same chance of being put back in jail as Romney has of being elected president. What I meant was that a post on this website is as useless in delivering the desired result as a campaign ad that is still on television after an election is over and done with.

        You seem bitter. Most likely because you are seemingly a huge Romney supporter, and also believe the WM3 are guilty. The fact is, people aren’t just let off of death row every day, and this wouldn’t have been possible without new evidence and logical people being put into decision making situations about the lives of the WM3. You can sit there and believe it’s all because of the powerful Johnny Depp and his dreamy eyes, but on behalf of everyone else in the world just know that we are laughing at you.

        In your case, it also sounds like you are a Romney supporter. Which most likely means you also watch Fox News. Keep in mind, we are also laughing at you for that as well. Your team has been on the losing end of 2 very big issues that you hold dear – the trial and the election, and that might be a bitter pill to swallow, but if you’re going to condescend just know that us logical human beings don’t need to justify anything.

        And no, I’m not the same person as Alex. It may seem surprising to you that 2 people in the world disagree with you, but let me remind you that you are in the minority in this issue. The majority of the people with full knowledge of the case, including the decision makers put into place after the abominations that were the original trials, believe that the WM3 are innocent. You are part of a small group, much like those that believe in Bigfoot, and you spend your time on a “wm3truth” website and think the world agrees with you. In the real world, most people do not, and Alex and I are part of the 98% of people familiar with the case that think that believe the WM3 are innocent.

        1. You are not surprising at all to me Stalex, I can read your type very easily.

          You on the other hand are not too good at it.

          You automatically assume I voted for Romney (incorrectly), I never said I had a problem with you bashing Romney, just that you have to resort to bringing POLITICS into this.

          No where in what I wrote did I say anything positive about ANY candidate.
          Do you think I am surprised that your retention level of what you read is very low?

          You like to label, your arguments are weak and you obviously suffer from some type of inferiority complex.

          Make some other stuff up to justify to yourself and try and label and insult me more.. it is very becoming of your type.

          Nice try.

          1. you have some pretty awful reading comprehension. he wasn’t making any kind of political statement or trying to “bring politics into this” when he made that post. his point was, the game’s over, these posts are useless. that’s it.

          2. Yep, trav is 100% right.

            Nowhere in my original post did I bring politics into this in any way whatsoever. Nor did I bring baseball into my son’s life when I told him to “swing for the fences” on his math test today.

            No where (sic) in what I wrote did I say anything negative about ANY candidate.

            I made an assumption based on the fact that you got so bent out of shape about my mention of the name “Romney” that you were a Romney supporter and sore about the fact that he lost. I should have instead made the assumption that you just get bent out of shape on a regular basis because you have nothing else better to do. If you’ve read through the WM3 case documents with the same fine-toothed comb, reading comprehension skills, and attention to detail that you read my original post, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you have the opinions you do.

          3. Stalex?

            Trying to get one back on your side from the whole Donna/Prue person situation are you mate?

            I’m actually Australian so forgive me I know you Americans are smart but to start debating your politics as another person kind of wows me a little.

            And Tom I am fairly comfortable with my knowledge of the case over readings through the past 6 years, have previously stated that I’m neutral in this case, I have never have any clear evidence that points to any certain individual/s.

            Horsham, Victoria too Tom if you ever out here should come pop in say hello 😉

  3. This site is not about getting the WM3 put back in prison. Unlike the majority of supporters, we’ve actually read how the law works and are quite aware that they have been released with time served. Double jeporady prevents them from being tried again (barring the 3 requesting a new trial which I doubt will happen). The only way they’ll see the inside of a prison again is if they visit someone, break the terms of their probation (unsupervised), or commit another crime.

    As far as the “why” of their release, I’m not going there at all. Mainly because I’m sure I’d have more success turning around and talking to the wall behind me. But if you believe simple evidence got the 3 out of prison you’re deluding yourself. Sorry.

    And while I agree with you that “they majority” disagree with me (or Tom since you were talking to him) I disagree with your statement “The majority of the people with full knowledge of the case…”. If that were true, the majority of supporters would know Jessie wasn’t interrogated for 12 hours, that he confessed multiple times, that he didn’t immediately recant, the girls at the softball park did NOT recant, the hair in the shoelace proves Hobbs did it, or any other misconception put out by the supporter movement.

    And for the record: I voted for a 3rd party candidate. I knew he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. I wanted my vote to make a statement: that I’m tired of the same old, same old in power.

    1. Fact – If you did know about this case and have spent the last 14 years studying the thousand upon thousand of documents you would KNOW that Double Jeopardy does not apply in this case, ……… and that the Alford plea involves a legal maneuver in which the three men had to acknowledge and agree that the state has evidence it could use to try and convict them for the same crimes, with the similar sentences………. not only did they NOT want to sign the plea but Baldwin was willing to spend the rest of his life in jail , not to sign that bogus plea. The only reason he did change his mind was because he knew DE would be dead before Burnett and the Warden let this go to trial. They are not UNFORTUNATELY exonerated but will be. As most of us know they do not have any evidence and never did in this case that linked DE JB or JM to the killings. Gary Gitchell had a gun to his back to get this case solved or lose everything . Burnett was up for re-election and wanted to look like a hero – Carson, Jones , Watkins and both Vicki and Aaron Hutchinson admitted to lying and fabricating the confessions – The ball park girls admitted they never heard anything from DE , aka RECANTED ,…… and lastly and most importantly the film crew , when going to W. Memphis to do the very first Documentary were without a doubt, 100% sure of the guilt of these boys. Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky were filming a doc, on a real life , true as can be , satanic ritual killing , and it wasn’t till AFTER the trial did they look at each other and all the evidence and recordings and say …… holy Mary mother , what did we just uncover ! They were flipped out, scared , scratching their heads and saying what do we do ………. we just uncovered the biggest witch hunt in modern US history and it’s all recorded …… these flipping kids are not murders …… they are just punk kids that don’t fit in and are poor as dirt …… easy pickings especially due to DE mental break downs from years of abuse and dragged through drudges ….. Jack Echols was a deranged sick child abuser and when you live in that kind of “prison” you go insane …… And yes JM was borderline mentally retarded , why do you think they questioned him first when supposedly DE was the main force and “danger” – they knew they could manipulate , manipulate, manipulate all in the name of political gain for Gitchell and Burnett …….. and at 19 and stupid in his own arrogant teen-ways DE didn’t help his case by being an idiot – winking at the parents and grimacing , being arrogant on the stand ( UNFORTUNATELY for him he was SMARTER than judge, jury, and prosecutors , ……and that worked against him again as an arrogant and apathetic little punk, and UNFORTUNATELY for him the ONE thing he was naive about is the corruption of justice and the greed of political gain for judge and prosecutors, that can suck you up and spit you out on the front line of death row. All that was needed in this already mind made-up trial was a few peers grasping for notoriety , saying “I heard him say he did it” , and that is all it took ……. one death row sentence coming right up and we will super size it for you !!!! ) ……. And please how big of a joke is Dale Griffis ……. and people fell for this bozo who spent an hour on a website to answer a handful of questions to become a Satanic Cult expert with a bunk doctret degree in the subject, …. and became an EXPERT witness ……. what a joke, ……. Griffis was certainly the icing on the list of botards and zafoos that dealt the cards in this sham.

  4. [i]Why not wait 4 months to hear the new evidence if they believed they were guilty???
    No they folded.. That right![/i]

    Why not wait 4 months after claiming innocence for 18 years and clear your name?

    1. Because it was the best outcome for both parties..

      State – cover their back against any lawsuit down the track. still got to uphold their verdict of guilty and therefore saving a lot of embarrassment for a lot of people (WMPD, prosecutors etc.)

      WM3 – be allowed to walk free without having to go through another trial which could have gone either way – based on first trial.

      All in all though it may have been the WM3 that came up with the plea deal, however the states the one with all the power and for them to go this way certainly leans in the favor of innocent if you ask me.


      1. Alex,
        I just cant see it that way. When you have the best lawyers money can buy with dream team that OJ would be jealous of . Then they turn around and tell them( WM3) to plea guilty . State has a limited budget on what they can use for resources. After the 2nd trials and when they were found guilty again .The appeals would start up again. All the pluses were on the defense team for the new trial . Such as a new prosecutor and he was new to the case. Some wittiness’s were dead and two parents were now were saying the WM3 were innocent. Still the defense takes the deal ? Do you think if the state offered OJ lawyers a deal they would have taken it ? No they wouldn’t have . They were months away from a new trial ! Year later they still have not provided evidence that they were innocent . They have talked away and explained some of the evidence but ignored most of it . So where is this evidence that proves they are innocent ?

        1. I think we will have to agree to disagree Donna,

          I understand what your saying about no new evidence being shown a year later, however I believe that would have more to do with the state not willing to hear new evidence and trying to bury this case as quickly as they can.

          I believe the plea deal was done because it was the low risk for both parties and both parties – partially got what they wanted (WM3 – release from prison, State – Uphold their guilty verdicts).

          Sad fact about this whole debate – I’m a firm believer now more than ever that this is it for this case and very little will ever transpire from here. No justice for Micheal, Chris and Stevie.

        2. Oh okay, so the state let 3 people who committed especially heinous murders against 3 small children–the state just let them go because of money. That makes tons of sense. And there’s no chance in the world that the new trial scheduled in December would have been postponed (again), right? Because that never happened before. And prison life is all honey and flowers, there’s no reason anyone would do anything to get out, especially not from death row–the guards there are perfectly kind and compassionate, and never abuse prisoners and prisoners have no reason to fear for their lives so yeah they should have just sat there hoping their trial would actually take place as scheduled, because obviously that’s what everyone else in the whole world would do, because everyone knows with 100% certainty what they would do in that situation. Flawless logic, that.

    2. Matt,
      You sound very intelligent ! Why if you had the best lawyers money can buy and you know you will have a retrial in 4 months . Your own lawyers advise them to take the deal ? That speaks volume in itself .Now the WM3 defense team are holding a trial in the media and that way they can say just about anything is evidence . Most people don’t know the difference between true evidence that would hold up in a court of law of just trash they put out there . They are trying to get exonerated by public opinion . I am one of many that really don’t care what Depp or Vedder say if they are innocent or guilty . They are no different then anyone one else’s opinion. Till the WM3 show proof they are innocent they are guilty . I don’t want to see doubt and I don’t want hear there is no DNA or physical evidence to link them . There is lots of evidence against the WM3. Not all cases are solved with physical evidence or DNA . Funny thing is most people are being mislead by the fact this is a defense team and they are not trying to solve the case . What they are trying to do is make their clients look innocent . They are not doing it with evidence or true statements all they are doing is misleading the public . Matt this will work for a while till some really smart writer comes a long and writes a book with all the evidence . Echols mental issues and being unstable at the time . All the dirt and meat of this case . It happened to Columbine massacre and it will happen again.

      I do feel bad that Echols was bullied at school and he was mentally ill. That doesn’t mean let him get away with murder .

      1. You do realize that the evidence may not be 100% proof of their innocence or any other person’s guilt–but it does constitute reasonable doubt, right? Does anyone here even know what reasonable doubt is?? And have you not heard that the burden is on the STATE to PROVE GUILT BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT? The burden of proof is not on the defense, ie, they do not have to prove that they’re innocent.

        “I do feel bad that Echols was bullied at school and he was mentally ill. That doesn’t mean he is a murderer.” <–fixed that for ya

    3. Echols would have been dead – and Baldwin and Miskelly knew it – He would never make it to a new trial ……. None of them wanted to sign the Alford Plea and admit guilt but if they hadn’t jumped the gun , the order would have been to kill Echols before a new trial …… not legally mind you …. he would have had an unfortunate “accident” in his cell …… Burnett wasn’t about to let Echols go back on the stand and make a mockery of him (Burnett) ……. They didn’t have a choice in this situation – Now that Echols is out he can work to prove innocence which he is on the cusp of …… but in prison he was looking at a one way ticket to shankville had they waited for a new trail !

  5. Alex/Steve cretin: “Every single person I know who has followed this case for years all came to the same conclusion when the WM3 were released…”

    You obviously are surrounded by illiterates and idiots.

  6. Maybe the holiday season has an softened me but after reading about Gail and now Jesse Sr. these poor parents had as much to do with the convictions as the wmpd did. During those times of extreme fear and stress about your child you say/do things that we look at as illogical in hindsight thinking you are actually helping. Did he think “hey, they already know he was there, I’ll try to soften the blow”? People believe the cops most of the time and they said they had the right people. Jesse Sr. and Gail, if nothing else can be said, loved their sons.
    Now, a while back I asked about what happened to Domini Teer and Susie Brewer. This weekend Brewer had an interview with either CBS or NBC Memphis about what happened with JM. She was anything but the blushing girl who was shown on PL as she described Jesse as being jealous and depressed of the events that have taken place since the release. It was a pretty good interview (imo) to get a look into what she and Jesse think about Echols fame, as well as Jason.

  7. Steve/Alex/trav, it was the WM3 defense that approached the state with the plea deal, not the other way around. They must have realized the new evidence they claimed they had would not overturn their convictions. I have no idea why the state agreed to the deal, but I’m sure the inexperience of new state prosecutor had something to do with it. The original prosecutor has said he would never have agreed to the deal.

  8. “In the real world, most people do not, and Alex and I are part of the 98% of people familiar with the case that think that believe the WM3 are innocent.” That’s rich. Really, it’s the exact opposite. Most supporters aren’t familiar with all the details in the case and you’ve just proved it.

  9. “You are part of a small group, much like those that believe in Bigfoot, and you spend your time on a “wm3truth” website and think the world agrees with you. In the real world, most people do not, and Alex and I are part of the 98% of people familiar with the case that think that believe the WM3 are innocent.”

    Says the guy who can’t stop coming here.

    I believe many supporters like this guy secretly have their own doubts. (The ones that like to degrade and throw insults, but keep coming back and refreshing to yet reply again)

    A non-supporter in the closet, or bathroom stall I think.

    1. Joey,
      Joey I think he need to talk to the general public that don’t hang on blogs all day waiting to respond to someone . They don’t think the WM3 are innocent nor are they shocked the 3 are free. Money can buy you freedom and we have seen time and time again . is a very cult like group that is it .

  10. “Yeah he could have been with them.”

    And you say within the first five sentences that he says outright that he was there. If you hear that man saying his son “was at the crime scene,” and not that “he may have been, but certainly isn’t capable of murder,” then you’re a fucking idiot. No one should need to explain the difference between:

    “He coulda been with them.”
    “he was there at the crime scene.

    All it took was a single post to confirm what I suspected all along. You’re a cunt.

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