The View fawns over Damien Echols

Holy fuck, now I’ve seen everything. Damien Echols was a guest on The View last week, and the hosts ate up every word.

Jeanine Pirro used to be a district attorney and a judge in New York. Did she bring the same astuteness to her job back then? “Well, Mr. Berkowitz, if you say you were out of town on the dates in question, that’s good enough for me. Case dismissed.”

Is Damien Echols in The Hobbit?

Last fall, several media outlets reported that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh might give Damien Echols a small role in The Hobbit. The main source was Roger Friedman, formerly celebrity gossip guru for Fox News and now author/proprietor of Showbiz 411: Damien Echols to Publish Memoir, May Be A Hobbit.

I haven’t seen any confirmations or denials or updates since then. Maybe Echols is a hobbit, maybe not.

And why not? The Hobbit is a beloved children’s book. Damien Echols is a beloved child murderer. Putting him in the film adaptation makes perfect sense.

West of Memphis misses Oscar short list

The Oscar competiton for Best Documentary Feature switched to a two-tier process this year. The five official nominees will be announced in January as usual, but the Academy’s documentary branch announced a short list of fifteen contenders this week, narrowed from 126 submissions.

Among the films missing the short list is West of Memphis, the documentary produced by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Amy Berg, Lorri Davis, Damien Echols et al (in theaters Christmas Day).

Not surprisingly, the WM3 murder groupie nation is outraged over this “snub”.

Myself, I’m pleasantly surprised.

The only film on the short list I’ve seen is The House I Live In, which is excellent.