West of Memphis misses Oscar short list

The Oscar competiton for Best Documentary Feature switched to a two-tier process this year. The five official nominees will be announced in January as usual, but the Academy’s documentary branch announced a short list of fifteen contenders this week, narrowed from 126 submissions.

Among the films missing the short list is West of Memphis, the documentary produced by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Amy Berg, Lorri Davis, Damien Echols et al (in theaters Christmas Day).

Not surprisingly, the WM3 murder groupie nation is outraged over this “snub”.

Myself, I’m pleasantly surprised.

The only film on the short list I’ve seen is The House I Live In, which is excellent.

14 thoughts on “West of Memphis misses Oscar short list”

  1. Having just seen West of Memphis, I can safely say that this film did NOT deserve to advance onto the Oscar short-list. While it is a fine documentary, competently shot and assembled, it is far from an exceptional piece of work. As an object of filmmaking, devoid of context (hard for many people familiar with the case to do that, fair enough), it lands nowhere NEAR the same level of craft as the Paradise Lost films, particularly the third one, which WAS nominated for an Oscar, and which frankly should have won.

    To WM3 supporters who feel snubbed by this, grow up. The production of this documentary yielded the Terry Hobbs DNA results, which prompted the attempts to get a new trial, which eventually resulted in the Alford Plea, setting the WM3 free. This is reason enough to celebrate. That the documentary itself is not a superlative piece of art is, ultimately, not a big deal.

  2. I would like to know why the author has posted a fake email address. For someone so bold when it comes to spreading hate and misinformation you are pretty cowardly to give your readers an incorrect email address. I guess it’s just an example of more misinformation. You are unbelievable and I mean that literally.

    1. Not the author but…

      You sure you typed it in right? Because I’ve emailed Truth a couple of times and gotten a reply both times. If you haven’t gottten an answer, he might be busy (I’m sure he’s got a life just like everyone else). And if you’re getting some sort of error message, you might want to check your spelling. Like I said, I’ve emailed him before and the address worked fine.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks T-Rog. It was an error message so I must have made a mistake (I did double check, but I guess I need to triple check! 🙂 ) Thanks again.

  3. I want to see “The House I live in ” . Thank you for the review . Elyse I guess you can leave the question on the board and David will respond 🙂 . I am curious how the film ” West of Memphis” is going to do on Christmas . Wow I think that is far from a Christmas film .

  4. Elyse, exactly how is WM3Truth spreading “hate and misinformation?” If anything, he’s clueing people into the many things they may not know about the WM3.

  5. I haven’t seen West of Memphis, and won’t until it is on Torrent or othewise free, so I won’t speak to the merits. I will say the recent reviews have been along the lines of what Truth and Joey wrote.

  6. 20 Years ago tonight on May 5th, 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas as the sun set and the moon rose, Christopher Byers (8), Michael Moore (8) and Steve Branch (8) were beaten, tortured and subsequently killed by Damien Wayne Echols, Charles Jason Baldwin and Jesse Lloyd Misskelley, Jr. The three spent 18 years in jail and now walk freely under the auspices of an Alford Plea. All three remain on probation until 2021.

    1. I would say we’re laughing our arses off… it’s just more a look of disgust or disdain really.

      This website is actually a little bit gross in itself. It comes from a malicious and cruel place within the author.

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