Is Damien Echols in The Hobbit?

Last fall, several media outlets reported that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh might give Damien Echols a small role in The Hobbit. The main source was Roger Friedman, formerly celebrity gossip guru for Fox News and now author/proprietor of Showbiz 411: Damien Echols to Publish Memoir, May Be A Hobbit.

I haven’t seen any confirmations or denials or updates since then. Maybe Echols is a hobbit, maybe not.

And why not? The Hobbit is a beloved children’s book. Damien Echols is a beloved child murderer. Putting him in the film adaptation makes perfect sense.

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  1. Regarding the release of the WM3:

    When does a legal system, especially in the US, really let a? convicted (with a death sentence) child murderer and child molester just go free??? … Something fishy going on here?

    Either the legal system in Arkansas convicts someone in a trial that in my opinion seems to be pretty appropriate for the medieval ages, or they’re setting convicted child murderers free? … I would be very afraid of the legal system if I was living in Arkansas. Luckily I’m not.

    1. Well that’s because they didn’t release actual “killers” and the State of Arkansas know’s it. They set free innocent men who were up against a well and plead guilty to the crimes (Alford) who were also wrongly convicted in prior trials.

      NO WAY on earth would they ever ever EVER agree to release them if they really thought they were guilty of those crimes. Just absolutly no way. They did it to avoid being exposed an incompetant and corrupt all these years. They did not want exposed what the NEW trial would have exposed about them.

      So, offer the Alford. It’s a way the State can retain a guilty conviction and save face and possibly face criminal charges (Gitchell,etc etc etc) and also avoid a new trial all the while Damien,Jesse and Jason all get their freedom. Win-Win/Lose-Lose double edged sword situation.

      Desperate times calls for desperate measures. The State was desperate but more importanly, so was the men. Especially Damien seeing how he was on Death Row.

      If that was me, I would have felt I had no other option and I too would have enterered into the Alford plea.

      Godspeed to the boys murdered and The West Memphis Three.

      1. Second place I’ve read this opinion. It does, at first glance, make a lot of sense. My question would be “Are there other similar cases being, or having been, disposed of with an Alford plea?” Another thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people debate the use of the Alford plea strategy without having any knowledge about the subtleties of the thing in the first place. Most people know ONLY that it involves a guilty plea, with a specific characteristic regarding the appellant’s prerogative to maintain, and CLAIM, innocence regarding the charges in an indictment. They seem to know nothing about the case law that led to the creation of the Alford plea, and how, and most importantly, WHY, it was adjudicated by the Supreme Court in the way that it was. I have a hard time debating the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of such a plea agreement with anyone who hasn’t read through the relevant historical case and statute law.

  2. As a massive Tolkien fan I am torn on whether to go see The Hobbit or not. I would love to see it on the big screen, but on the other hand I don’t want my money going to Damien Echols through Peter Jackson.

    1. Why did the state agree to plea bargain if they had such damming evidence? Real evidence holds up . I have always wondered why the police didn’t investigate all the families alibi’s at the time or maybe interviewed neighbors but what from what I have read on this site and others Mark Byers neighborhood was canvassed bit not the Hobbs,or Moore’s . I think it happens a lot a rush to judgement and sloppy police work real evidence is lost , and innocent people are jailed while the guilty are free to kill again . If they tried the case today with the same evidence, witnesses, I doubt they wwould be convicted: I’ve read this site and others and I know I have reasonable doubt if the case had been investigated better why didn’t they call in state police they New they weren’t capable of handling it.
      Political agendas also played in this case so the truth is no longer pure and we will never know the truth and that’s the saddest truth of all

      1. Donna I completely agree with you. I have done my research as well. As a citizen of the U.S. I state the WM3 are NOT GUILTY

        1. Hi Donna,

          The Alford Plea was a deal given to the 3 suspects. Doesn’t mean that they didn’t have enough evidence to convict if the 3 were given a new trial. The 3 new what this deal meant and this was the ONLY deal they were given by the state outside of the evidentury hearing (which would have occurred in Dec. 12′) which would have hopefully lead to a new trial. I understand you questioning why the state would let 3 child murderers go, but you can’t look at it like that, as hard as it is not to I know. A question I would ask is if the defense had so much damning evidence not linked to the WM3 why wouldn’t they hold out for a new trial the way Jason Baldwin wanted to. I used to be a WM3 supporter until going to and learning all of the facts about the case ( it took a couple of years for me to really go through everything on that site). The only question in my mind is maybe Jason Baldwin wasn’t involved.

          1. HAhahahahahaha@ “But you can’t look at it like that”……

            lma0! Stay free and clear of “looking at it” for hot it REALLY is! But rather look at it from my delusional perspective”–Angie B.

          2. @Brooklyn Boogie, it’s good to be objective and research instead of just believing everything you see in a documentary!!!!!! You need to research girl!!!!!! I love how when you bring up the Alford Plea and how it came about supporters like you and Britney get all defensive but can’t back up their insults w/case facts. Stick to the facts w/your addressing my posts. I don’t speak insults and blather!!!!!!

      2. Exactly. The bizarre, ridiculous conspiracy theories on this dumbass site all ignore blatant facts of their innocence, like the fact you just stated.

    2. Trust me any money u have given to Peter Jackson has been put toward or in the hands of the WM 3 in one way or another, (so its to late if u already saw/bought LOTR) whether it be legal fees or cost of living/starting with nothing, but having friends in high places pays in one way or another…so don’t deprive yourself a good movie for something you cannot control. That is said with all due respect 🙂

    3. Trust me any money u have given to Peter Jackson has been put toward or in the hands of the WM 3 in one way or another, (so its to late if u already saw/bought LOTR) whether it be legal fees or cost of living/starting with nothing, but having friends in high places pays in one way or another…so don’t deprive yourself a good movie for something you cannot control. That is said with all due respect 🙂

      I happen to be an Arkansan, and its sad that everyone thinks we are all a bunch of moronic redneck hillbillies with a low IQ, but those people would be wrong, we have one of the top Children’s Hospital in the country. As well as one of the top Medical Universities. Unfortunately the only thing the world sees is crazy people having 19 biological children and believe totally in creationism, even though there is proof of some evolution. Then there are incompetent lawyers that send 3 babies to prison 1 to be executed just to further their career goals….and last but not least Bill Clinton…enough said. Every state has its problems we are just judged harder by the rest of the country b/c we r a poor southern state. I just wish that the few bad ones were not how the rest of the country viewed Arkansas. For one bad person there are 100+ good hard working people just trying to pay their bills and provide for their families.. Thank u for those who are open minded enough to not judge a book by its cover. Wishing you all happiness in your lives and don’t forget it takes more muscles to frown than smile. Sorry for the novel, Arkansas just always being bullied and sometimes we need to help the underdog.

    4. The earlier comment was to Matt about not giving money to Peter Jackson but keeps getting kicked down sorry!

  3. I came up with a few reasons as to why Peter Jackson has made the gross error of taking up Echols’s cause: ignorance, laziness, greed, cowardice, pure evil in a demonic, illuminati kind of way (feel free to add more to this list). I sort of tend to rule out ignorance, as people with the managerial skills that Jackson possesses are hardly ever unintelligent and are very good at thoroughly researching their environment. Perhaps Jackson is just lazy and did not do a good enough job researching Echols’s background. Or perhaps Jackson took up Echols’s cause because he saw a chance to monetize the ignorance of the pro-Echols’s crowd. Perhaps Jackson is a coward who cannot resist an external source that has pressured him into supporting Echols. Or, lastly, perhaps Jackson is a Satanist and member of the illuminati who welcomed the presence of a “lawless one” on set. Perhaps Echols is in the movie as a simple subliminal message from the illuminati along these lines: “You see, stupid sheeple, we (the illuminati) have absolute power over life and death (or so we would like you to think, as our power is simply an illusion sustained by lies) and not only can we make the guilty innocent (nominally speaking) but we are also going to make you (subliminally) accept it and grow accustomed to financially, subliminally (as Echols’s is probably disguised partially in makeup) accept us turning good into evil.” Okay, I’ll take my tin-foil hat off now. Regardless of what the reason is, I think it was still a gross error for Jackson to allow a convicted child murderer onto the set. He put everyone on that set in danger. Any thoughts?

    1. Your entire premise is flawed. Jackson is very ignorant about law enforcement and legal matters. He made some really comments around the time of the release–he didn’t know the difference between McDaniel and Ellington, for instance.

      Jackson is a gifted director but I am uncertain as to his production skills, which would go to management. How do you know he is a good manager? He comes across as a fat, loathsome guy who can produce great art and stupid ass comments. I’ve never seen Jackson say one insightful things about this case. Not once.

      Here’s a twisted possibility and Jackson wouldn’t be the first Hollywood type via Auckland infected with this disease: he actually digs being around a murderer. His words say one thing, his actions betray another.

      But I’ll apply the razor and this is based in large part of Jackson’s comments. He’s ignorant. He’s an artist, but an ignorant one when he ventures outside of film. Anyone who hangs onto Damien Echols’ words as if they have substance has some serious intellectual issues.

      1. You’re absolutely right! Everybody who posts on this blog is an uneducated hillbilly who doesn’t even have the sense to turn a computer on, much less type! Why, I sit out on the front porch every afternoon just a-pickin’ my banjo! Nothing like a big massive chew of Beech-Nut! I have a spitoon as well. Can’t get that baccer juice on the porch! I spend most of my spare time riding my four wheeler and catching up on the monster truck contests on the old boob tube. When that’s not on, I enjoy Hee Haw reruns. By nightfall, I’m huddled up on the sofa with the love of my life, who just happens to be my cousin, stuffing our faces with deep fried oreos and kicking back mugs of Mountain Dew! Life couldn’t be better!

  4. I think his movies suck.

    Did anyone see the first film he ever made? I think he was still a film student at the time. It’s called Bad Taste.

    If you ask me, it shows he is probably very similar to Damien. Twisted.

    1. Bad Taste kicks ass. And so does is hilarious zombie film, Dead Alive. Making/watching horror films doesn’t make you twisted, hunny. I’m sure you’ve watched a few in your day you twisted fck

  5. Actually he’s not a child murderer, unless you are are one of the brain dead hillbillies that believe he is based on nothing. And even then, he’s only a child murderer in your very empty head.

    1. Sad that there are so many people who believe all the media hype before looking into the actual facts of the case. READ something Brit Brit. Hurling mindless insults only makes you look like the uneducated one. Are you basing all your judgements on the shlockumentaries that were happy to pin the blame on Stephen Byers until that became inconvenient? It is twisted and sick to cheer a possible child murderer. It was not without reason that Damien Echols was suspected of these killings. It was NOT because he wore black clothing! He has a very well documented history of mental illness that involved violence even before these crimes. He plays the victim in almost every situation. He was framed for his choice of clothing, the cops tricked him, he was beaten up by the police in jail, his best friend was trying to frame him, Jesse Misskelley was lying, the psychological reports are all made up lies again to frame him….etcetera, etcetera and in between having visual and auditory hallucinations and telling people during the trial that he was changing into a god…….um, yeah Brit you just keep cheering your hero on, but hey if Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp say he is innocent it must be true! There is no other reason you need to think for yourself or even attempt to read factual information just keep using that wonderful hillbilly logic and soon we can let all the child killers out of jail. Please be sure and invite them over to your house for the celebration party.

  6. I can’t believe you have the word “truth” in the name of your ridiculous blog. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you to be frank. This is full of nothing but obviously biased opinion of a regular guy totally uninvolved with the case who, for some reason, is determined to not see the real evidence and only believe asinine conspiracy theories. Open your eyes, read something factual about this case, and don’t trick people into thinking there’s ANY truth to a word you say here. Your opinions mean nothing.

  7. Hey Milton
    are you Hanzie who calls in to the Howard Stern. He and Peter Jackson run the illuminati. that had to b the dumbest post yet. actually makes me a little embarrassed I’m on this yet debating this with you obviously uneducated and or biased people. Thanks for at least givin me a good laugh Milton cause I really hope you were joking and not that dumb

  8. I think you need to recheck your facts many of the facts i just read on this website have been found to be not true if it were your life in jeopardy you would think differently the law is crooked ive seen that from experience those guys were kids also and the state of Arkansas took over half their lives away to me the system is the monster letting a real killer walk and ruining innocent kids

    1. “I think you need to recheck your facts many of the facts i just read on this website have been found to be not true”

      Could you provide specific examples? I’m happy to correct mistakes.


    These child killers were set free b/c Scott Ellington didn’t want to waste his precious time prosecuting. It stood in the way of his political career and agenda. It was a lazy way to get to guilty without having a trial.

    Suck it up weak murderers three supporters. The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself. Guilty as charged 😀

    1. If they are guilty then why would he let them accept a deal that would set them free? You are saying that they were just all sooooooooooo lazy that they’d rather let murderers, who they have a huge amount of evidence against that would hold up in court again, go free??? I find is hard to believe he would do such a thing and everyone around him would allow that to happen. Even if they got their “guilty” the lazy way, you don’t think that maybe they would want to keep them in jail more than getting that quick “guilty”? Typical non-supporters WOULD think that the state was just being lazy and would rather give this plea than have a full trial again. Obviously they didn’t want to go through with it bc they knew they could lose. Goddamn common sense.. quit with the stories..

      1. Also, please let me know what kind of proof you have of this laziness. Show me something that proves they didn’t want another trial just bc they didn’t “feel like it” and I’ll believe it.

  10. Guys, this ended up not being a case of guilty vs innocent. It started that way, but then HBO aired this “special” called paradise lost. Their goal was to cast the WM3 as victims. Then slowly the case became Money/Hollywood vs The lack of 2013’s “DNA” evidence. The boys originally pled guilty, then 20 yrs later with no DNA EVIDENCE on three second graders who were tied up, raped, then had there parts cut off, then DROWNED (and left submerged). Nearly 20 yrs later, what no DNA? None? Really, it was 20 yrs ago, we didn’t have the scientific evidence approach we do today, but we did have three guilty pleas. These were real guilty pleas, not the bs “Alford” guilty plea they came up with the 20th time around. They were guilty, they pled guilty, “Alford” or otherwise. Brittany, I’m about to go hillbilly redneck on your uneducated a$$.

    1. Shane, you are a retard. DNA and forensics in the civilised world was already far enough advanced by 1993. More importantly, the question is not what forensics they had back them but what kind of evidence handling procedures did they have that would have enable them to go over it again with today’s technology to prove their case.

      You might find it shocking but many crimes prior to 1993 have been solved by using modern techniques to go over evidence.

      So your argument basically comes down to – “20 years ago the police were neither professional nor competent to manage evidence in a sensible manner, and this fact shouldn’t reflect badly upon the initial investigation but instead be an excuse for present day failings!”

      You’re embarrassing yourself and in doing so showing what a 3rd World dump Arkansas was and probably still is.

  11. Screw Peter Jackson for getting involved and bringing celebrity support to 3 convicted child rapist murderers that confessed to doing it to a multitude of people. Guilty or not.

  12. It is very clear after examining this case thoroughly that HBO, as per usual saw this case through their ideological leftist perspective. That obviously applies as well to the celebrities and others that were wm3 supporters. They basically see the West Memphis police and legal system as backwoods and full of dumb rednecks. Likewise they see the people of the area as a bunch of religious fanatics prone to witch-hunting hysteria. Notice how many supporters of the wm3 in the HBO special and on forums, press releases and other place refer to witch-hunting. Add the deep involvement of the majority in Hollywood in the occult. Not to mention that Arkansas is part of the Republican dominated South or the legal witness who claimed it was a coerced confession having an anti-death penalty bias. Add it all up and you have a bunch of rich liberals/leftists bigots that despise Southerners, working-class whites and Christians, who created a tidal wave of propaganda that resulted in a movement that created doubt in people’s mind of the wm3’s guilt. This resulted in these brutal and savage child-murderers being released from jail and then paraded all over the media as heroes. Makes me want to vomit!

    1. Yes, a fairly accurate assessment.

      If you take away the ideological lens, it really comes down to the WM3 are guilty or they were framed by the police. There are significant problems with the “framed by the police” scenario. It doesn’t pass basic logic and is very unlikely.

    2. IF you would have done your research, you would know that they were released because DNA evidence was found on the bodies and around the bayou where they were found from Terry Hobbs, Stevie Branch’s stepfather. There was no evidence that the three boys (Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelly) killed those boys. Only the confession of Jessie Misskelly, who is Mentally Retarded for the lack of a better word. The police abused him and made him confess. They held him in interrogation for several hours without food or water. They told him that if he confessed that they would let him out and give him food and water. If they were guilty then they would still be in jail. You cannot base a crime on how someone dresses and what music they listen to. There was no evidence at the crime scene in West Memphis because the WM3 are innocent.

      1. Please, I beg of you, read the confession transcripts by Jessie Misskelley, or listen to the audio. There are multiple confessions he gave, voluntarily- please just read or listen to at least one of these in its entirety, rather than being satisfied with the minimal clips you heard in the Paradise Lost documentaries.
        He was also not retarded. The lowest IQ he was ever recorded as testing was a 72. It was reported that on previous tests (before he knew it might be a legal advantage to test poorly) he had scores in the 80s. But either way, above 70 is not “mentally retarded.” 50-70 is classified as “mildly retarded” and some people say scoring in the 70s is “borderline,” but to classify it as actually retarded is not correct. I would also maintain that he sounds much more intelligent than someone who anyone would call borderline retarded; take for example his tattoo of a clock without hands, that he said he would add hands to when he got out of prison. To me that shows a deep understanding of abstract concepts, which makes me think his prior IQ test results in the 80s must be more accurate.

  13. seriously? your comment about how perfect for a child murderer to be in the hobbit is just plain fucktarded!! you idiot

  14. If there were ANY real proof rather than circumstantial and hearsay I too would be inclined to believe that these kids were guilty.

    I appreciate that some people are willing to even make websites to ‘fabricate’ the sense of factual guilt merely on the basis of disliking the WM3, but it really doesn’t do the writer, the victims, the Arkansas justice system or anyone anyone else any favours.

  15. You know everyone who believes they are guilty keeps touting Yet when I went there and read the documents there is no knew evidence that proves they did anything. Even though they had problems with people in the neighborhood it does not mean this is hard evidence to say they did it. This was a red neck town and red necks like to fight so this does not prove they were capable of murdering three little kids . Lastly all the other documents only show what was turned into evidence and where the crime took place. Aaron Hutchison already admitted to lying along with his mother and others. So maybe you should take a deep breath and research some more. This is a very sad case I hope there is a break and those who did it will be held responsible.

  16. You are an idiot. No evidence, no proof. How did you actually get to post this? Oh, sorry, Freedom of Speech qualifies for the idiots as well. No solid proof…but guess that doesn’t’t matter. Last person seen yelling at the boys was Byers stepwhatever. He could be proven guilty but Arkansas legal hilljacks did not want to state they were wrong. You are a jackass

  17. Arkansas legal will never admit they were wrong. Released them but made them sign a guilty paper before released. People on death row aren’t released like that, moron

  18. He was not in the hobbit LOL.
    Jamie this is what is strange, I think their should be a page dedictaed to the west memphis 2, jason and jessie because i believe they are 100% innocent but Damien and terry hobbs etc ?? i do not know. I think their should be a page against him as there are so so so so so so so so so so many love adoration pages for this egotistic money grabber who wont give Jason and Jessie a cent of the money he earns, and its a HELL of a lot more.

  19. whoever made this page probably has a lower iq than jessie! jesus christ are you doubters retarded?!?! do you honestly think that the state of arkansas would have let 3 child murderers walk if they knew that the state would have won? NO! every shred of new evidence pointed so far away from the wm3. the alford plea has only been used 2 or 3 times in the history. they agreed to the plea due to the fact of all the new evidence. and everyone that saw over this case has made a name for themselves because of it! do i think hobbs did it? i think its possible but i think muddy bloody man in bojangles has some weight to it. any rational human being could pick up on that. i mean seriously think about it this guy comes stumbling in disoriented wet muddy and bloody around the same time the kids were supposedly murdered. duh! wtf!!!! fucked we’ll never know due to shotty police work. hell an officer even came up there that night and went through the drive thru and didnt even go in and the didnt collect evidence til the NEXT day and then it vanished!!!!!! and you idiots think arkansas government can rightfully convict someone? they are all idiots!!!! that supposed doctor who was an “expert” on the occult with a mail order degree bullshit! open up your eyes and really see. read and actually think for yourself! jessie didnt confess 2 or three times listen to taped 45 mins and read the actual 8 EIGHT….EIGHT…..EIGHT hour interrogation transcript…. EIGHT….not 3 not 4 not 5 EIGHT!!!!! at first he had none of the right details the investigators ridge and gitchells punk ass lead him down the known facts til he got it right! first he said it was in the morning…. {buzz} wrong!!! said the boys were tied with rope….guess again. gitchell can shove that 11 right up his ass!!!!! all of them made a career of this case gitchell,ridge,burnett, all of them obviously the new judge saw enough to give them a new trial. all i got to say is open up your fucking eyes stop being a tool and a troll and judge for yourself!

  20. did ANYONE else notice the 32 degree scottish rite jacket MDB is wearing when he walks out of the courthouse in PL 1, just after his first time on the stand?

    ANYONE? it would explain ALOT!

  21. Wouldn’t be surprised if the guy behind this website is the one who killed those boys. Just because they weren’t christians doesn’t mean they are killers. America the so-called land of the free as long as you are a god-fearing redneck christians.

  22. To the people who believe they are innocent and to the people that believe they are guilty: only a small handful of people know the 100% truth, they know who they are and have to live with the lie . They will be judged… The real West Memphis 3 are the 3 little boys who died in a ditch I’m ’93.

  23. Why isn’t anyone talking about rebecca? I swear she was involved, she just bought his book that’s gotta be a sign right?

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