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  1. I know it’s hard for Todd Moore to accept he has been wrong for all of this years. Lord knows he and his family have suffered deeply. But, covering for Terry Hobbs is obscene.

    1. I’d guess it’s probably even harder for Todd Moore to stand by and watch as the people who killed his child are celebrated. Though I agree with you that him and his family have suffered greatly, as well as Stevie and Chris’s.

    1. Yeah, Ralphie. Because no one has ever called Echols a “murderer”…

      …hmm, except maybe some cops, a DA, a judge, a couple juries, and…oh yeah, Todd Moore. FOR 20 YEARS. Where have you been, you fucking troglodyte?

  2. What do you mean covering for Terry Hobbs? Are you insinuating that Todd Moore is part of a conspiracy against the WM3?

  3. Not willingly, Matt. Look, when Misskelley “confessed”, that closed the case for many. Years go by and that’s what they believe. New evidence comes out, a lot financed by Hollywood, figuratevly. People are suspicious. Beliefs that they’ve held for years are questioned. Families want to move on. But the new evidence is overwhelming. Misskelley’s confession is bogus. The WM3 were not in those woods. There was no torture, no satanic cult. All a fantasy. Someone who knew those boys killed them, probably not where their bodies were found. Maybe it wasn’t pre-meditated; probably someone with a temper and a violent history. Someone like Terry Hobbs.

    1. The fact that you say “Misskelley’s confession” — singular — proves you’re clueless about the facts in this case.

      1. The fact that you think there’s a difference between one confession or several confessions, in light of studies done on FALSE confessions, means, wm3truth, that although you clearly are not clueless about the facts in this case, you need some more help interpreting them.

      2. A confession is not evidence of guilt. Especially one made under those circumstances and which contained such glaring inaccuracies. In his confession, he claimed the boys were raped: they werent. He claimed it was noon: it wasn’t.

        A coerced confession (repeated because he was terrified his lie would be punished) is NO CONFESSION AT ALL.

        Ask yourself this – if what he said in his ‘confession’ was true – why didn’t he agree to testify against the other two, even in the face of a ‘deal’ for his early release?


      3. You should look at the evidence yourself you stupid piece of shit! You should be ashamed of yourself for putting together this shit heap of a website. Im considering printing of every page of this site just to wipe my shitty ass with. Go Fuck yourself !!!!! EXONERATE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE !!!!!!!!!

      4. What a stupid piece of shit website, clearly set up by an in-bred moron without a brain and far too much time on his hands.

    2. No matter…the killers are free my friend. No matter who any of us choose to believe did the killing. The only important thing here truly is 3 innocent 8 year olds lost their lives. Before they really got to live them.

  4. wm3truth: Doesn’t matter how many times Misskelley “confessed”; on the way to prison, whenever; they are all worthless. By the way, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to research out the facts of this case. A simple google search will lead you to callahan, et al, genius. Get a clue.

    I wonder…do you think Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman were murdered by a Columbian drug cartel? You believe the police-planted-evidence conspiracy theory? OJ cut his hand reaching in his car for a cell phone? Or do believe OJ did it? A guy with a violence-towards-women history with his DNA at the crime scene? Let’s see, how many people have died around Terry Hobbs? Let’s ask Jackie Hicks Jr.. Oh yeah, can’t.

  5. wm3truth is a tad pretentious name for a website. One; you don’t know the truth. Two, you’ve built a website dedicated to that notion. What are you going to name it when the real killer is caught – wm3areinnocent?

    1. Tangier, although I won’t speak for wm3truth, who, in my mind, is a straight shooter, and a smart fella, I think you can bank on the fact that most of those who believe the WM3 are guilty, will always believe they’re guilty. As in no matter what. As in, they still are expecting Jessie to make another confession, and they still are expecting Damien to murder some kids who he crosses paths with in Salem. They are literally still expecting this. My guess is they are also literally still expecting Christ to come back home. My guess is they also think global warming is a liberal hoax concocted by those same liberal scientists who brought us evolution. My guess is some of them think all Muslims are terrorists…and others think 9/11 was a controlled demolition. They are the same people who, twenty years ago, would have been on Geraldo screaming, “Believe the children!” during the McMartin trial. I would wager to bet many of them STILL believe the McMartin children. I used to post here all the time, wasting a whole lot of energy, but it just got disheartening…while wm3truth would engage in a thoughtful debate, the sad irony is 9 out of 10 dumb-dumbs who agree with him think that the best “proof of innocence” these guys have is the fact that one of them is friends with Johnny Depp. We would ALL think they were guilty were it not for those queer liberal Hollywood Communist types like Peter Jackson and Johnny Depp…

      1. The fact of the matter is that it’s the supporters who are the ones taking the GIANT leap of faith believing that the WM3 are innocent. Branch, Moore and Byers were last seen going into the woods, they were discovered dead in the woods a few hours later. After the police dismissed DOZENS of suspects, Miskelley makes a confession(also after he failed a polygraph). Echols failed a polygraph, Baldwin refused to take a polygraph. Miskelley and Echols had ZERO reliable alibis, Baldwin didn’t even bother producing an alibi. This isn’t a movie, a TV show, or a fiction novel. This is real life. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

        1. Er ‘where there’s smoke there’s usually fire’.

          That isn’t so great for Hobbs, then. And if there are two fires, naturally there must be doubt about which one is the right one – which means neither are ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ – which means a grand jury should not have had the opportunity to sentance an american citizen to death! Ridiculous.

      2. Don’t think that’s fair Joey. I consider the WM3 to be the most likely suspects, almost to the point that if someone asked who I believed was guilty I would say it was them. I’m not a religious nut job, I’m a liberal and, most importantly, I have little tolerance for conspiracy theories. See, that’s the problem I have with what you’re saying. I like you and I often like reading your posts because I think you’re funny, smart and fairly informed about the WM3, but I FAR from see the non-supporters as the conspiracy theorists. Exactly the opposite.

        It doesn’t matter how popular the belief that the WM3 are innocent is (and boy is it fucking popular) it’s still a fringe theory. I see similarities with people who have watched PL and people who watch garbage like ‘loose change’. I admit PL is a much better film (and I still recommend and enjoy it) but it’s not a fair documentary. It’s totally biased secondary information, it’s not journalism.

        My point is, what’s with the fucking strawman? Like Tangier mentioning OJ? Why are you putting words in our mouths? Yeah I’m sure there’re fucking imbeciles on both sides of the argument, but why bother trying to slam people who disagree with you by slandering them?

        Too many people (I’m looking at this Tangier clown) are basing their information almost solely on their simplistic interpretations of the second hand information from the docos. He mentions Callahan as a source, but I think he’s full of shit.

        I guess, the biggest thing that convinces me are the confessions (as is the case with most Nons I think). You are always mentioning that there are such a thing as false confessions and you’re totally correct. But there’s also such a thing as truthful confessions. So one of us is right and one is wrong. I really wouldn’t be completely surprised either way. The fact is, true or not, that the FreeWM3 movement is the conspiracy theory by definition. It’s infuriating for you to paint it the other way.

        1. “Fringe theory”? Spengler, you sound like a wacko. Or maybe youve just got your head so far up your ass you can’t think straight. The wm3 are free, walking the street. Not because of Johnny Depp. Because the state knows they fucked up and figured a way out with the least amount of exposure.

          I’m amused how you wm3truther’s act like you’re frickin’ geniuses because you’ve read the case documents. How long do you think that takes – years? Amazing.

          1. The WM3 are free because instead of presenting their new evidence at their scheduled evidentiary hearing and possibly winning exoneration, they convinced the prosecutor to let them plead guilty instead. This hearing was the holy grail – not only would they be allowed to present DNA evidence, but they also could present the allegations of juror misconduct, and even take another crack at the evidence presented in the trials (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that last point, I found the wording of the decision confusing at times). Top if off with the fact that you have a brand new judge and you have a recipe for exoneration. But even with all that in their favor, the WM3 chose to plead guilty instead.

            So yes, they are walking the street, but they will walk the streets as convicted child murderers for the rest of their lives. And as long as there are convictions in the case (from jury verdicts and guilty pleas), the state of Arkansas is not going to waste taxpayer money investigating a closed case, not without some serious bombshell evidence, which the WM3 have not provided.

            Would the WM3 have been successful at their hearing? Did the WM3 plead guilty because they knew they would lose again or did the prosecutor accept the plea because he thought they would win? Supporters and non-supporters will argue this for years, but we’ll never know for sure.

          2. Would you rather spend your time in a prison cell or do what you could to get out ASAP? I’d rather be pursuing the truth as a free man, personally.

            Anybody can read the case documents. It’s how you interpret them that matters. I look at Miskelley’s transcripts and it’s clear to me from the start that he’s making it up – Damien screwing the boys, etc. That’s phony stuff he heard on the street in the month prior. mw3truth portrays him as being sophisticated enough to be manipulating the police. That’s not believable. 9:00 am turns into noon, turns into 6:00 pm. wtf? From a guy with an IQ around 70?

            Are you all friends of Terry Hobbs? Why the hell can’t you accept you might be wrong and focus your attention on a violent person with a barrell full of holes in his story?

          3. John, c’mon – do you really think that the state of Arkansas would have allowed three individuals genuinely suspected of being guilty of murdering three children, to walk the streets as free men, to save some taxpayers money?

            If the authorities were that sure that the evidence that would be used in the evidentiary hearing (which was sent to them) would result in another guilty conviction, the new (unbiased and with no reputation to protect having refused several hearings in the past) judge would have refused it.

            This shameful legal technicality is as good as an exoneration as far as I am concerned.

          4. Yes, it happens every day. Murderers plead guilty to get 20-30 years in prison instead of going to trial, getting found guitly and then serving life sentences. Are you really not aware of this?

          5. This is nonsense EJ, name one recent case where someone who deliberately murdered three children got a plea deal for 20 years in Arkansas.

            The WM3 were given the choice of likely spending several more years in prison until they were finally acquitted, or taking a deal allowing them to maintain innocence.

            And in order to blackmail Baldwin, the prosecutor demanded all 3 agree, otherwise no deal, keeping Echols under inhuman conditions of death row for another year or two.

            BTW, maybe the WM3 are guilty, or maybe YOU murdered those boys; I am agnostic on actual guilt of the WM3. What anyone with an ounce of conscience and half a brain would recognize, however, is that the WM3 did not get fair trials. The prosecutors know this, ergo the blackmail through the plea deals.

          6. Thank you for making me realise what a wacko I sound like, wow, those two words that you pulled out of my reply are really starting to make me think about where my senses have gone.
            Let me take my tin foil hat off for a moment to reply.

            See Tangier, I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking Joey. I’ve avoided talking to you for this long, because, to be honest I figured you were a troll. Sure, you might just be a 14 year old or maybe just a good ol’ fucking idiot, but I don’t dig on bullying idiots or teenagers, I’ll feely too guilty about it years from now.

            Your inane posts are so cringeworthy they force my nuts into ascension. Straw man after straw man, loaded questions and mindless insults, there’s really nothing of value that you bring to the discussion at all, not that
            you ever intended to anyway, you fucking useless windbag.

            I have family and friends who believe that the WM3 are innocent and that’s fine. I understand and don’t even think that’s a dumb idea, I consider their innocence from time to time too. Maybe fringe theory isn’t the right term since it’s such a popular opinion, but I stand by my assertion that it is YOUR theory that is the conspiracy theory by it’s very definition. You believe there was a fucking conspiracy! End of story!

            There are dolts on both sides of the argument and if you want to believe that everyone but you has their head up their ass then go ahead you smug bastard. Try to make a war out of a differing of opinion, it’s a real unhealthy way to discuss something. Be reasonable.

            Bring on your inevitable insults in reply, I know nobody likes to leave an argument without the last word so I’ll be gracious enough to give it to you since I called you a clown in the first place. Your attitude got one reply out of me and that’s it. I won’t be speaking with you again until you’ve grown thicker hair on your lip.

          7. Spengler, cool down your mullet. You’ve got rage issues; are you a member of the Hobb’s family?

            I realized when I ventured onto this site I was going to run into idiots like you, but I’m actually startled at the ignorance level of the truthers; and you are the worst. You are a fringe wacko. Luckily, you are now in the minority outside of your trailer park meth lab.

      3. Joey:
        Just saw your post. Speaking only for myself, of course, I can honestly tell you the following:
        1) Like you, apparently, I believe the WM3 are guilty of these murders;
        2) I am not expecting Misskelley to make another confession;
        3) While I think him capable of killing again, I think it unlikely that
        Echols will. If he lived in your neighborhood and you had young children
        I think that you would be concerned about the possibility;
        4) I do not expect the Second Coming (hard for a non-believer to);
        5) I believe in global warming;
        6) I believe in evolution;
        7) I do not believ all Muslims are terrorists;
        8) I do not believe that 9/11 was “a controlled demolition”;
        9) I do not believe the McMartin childrens’ claims;
        10) I do not think Johnny Depp’s friendship with the WM3
        is any indication of either their guilt or innocence;
        11) You are not nearly as bright as you apparently think you are.
        Have a nice day.

        1. If this is indeed Mike Blatty, thank you so much for making your opinions known. I fear for your safety of every citizen of Salem, especially the children. And please tell your father thank you for giving me nightmares for my entire life :).

      4. Joey, just by your statement alone ” those who believe the WM3 are guilty, will always believe they’re guilty”… you have demonstrated the illegitimacy of that logic.

    2. Unless the real killers have already been caught and set free? You don’t know the truth any better than anyone else….or, didn’t you just say that about someone else? Thought so. Applies to you as well.

  6. I’m guessing they aren’t convinced about the President’s birth certificate, either, Joey.

    wm3truth has a good opening paragraph on this site. Then he follows with: “They were arrested because they did the crime. The police caught the murderers through solid police work, and prosecutors built an honest case against them. Two juries unanimously found them guilty because they were obviously guilty.” Wow. “Solid police work”. That’s right there with “Rick Perry ran a great campaign” or “Sara Palin blows me away with her thoughtful insight”. Enough politics (hey, maybe it is a right-wing thing). “Honest case”? Another wow. Those sentiments are way, way in the minority as more people tune in to the facts of the case and see the shoddy police work and ghastly court proceedings themselves.

    That said, this case may remain unsolved. Yes, I know, truthers, the wm3 technically plead guilty, but they also maintained their innocence. You get the sense the state knows that, too. Absent a break – like new information from David Jacoby – the real killer may take his horrible secret to his grave.

  7. Can we please stop talking about OJ? It was a grisly murder, there were allegations of police misconduct, and yielded a controversial result. But in the end of the day, it’s not the same case. While we’re at it, let’s also keep Obama, Palin and Perry out of it too. Obama’s from Illinois, Perry’s from Texas, and Palin’s from Alaska. Far far away from Arkansas. And I had to Google the McMartin case. Please, let’s stick to the facts of the Moore, Branch, and Byers murder case.

  8. The insecurity in these “supporters” is amazing..

    Anyone that turns to cheap shots at someone they don’t agree with, obviously has issues and has to turn to other means to try to belittle those they are arguing with, it is very telling.. What does politics have to do with this or religion? I believe this crosses all boundaries, if you take the time to read everything out there anyone is capable of coming up with the same opinion.. that all 3 are guilty.

    I love how people can just say multiple confessions mean nothing, the fact that the one guy who wears his heart on his shoulder (Jessie) who confessed multiple times to the crimes and had his own documented issues with violence, was having night terrors and crying multiple times in the night after the murders, oh it all means nothing. Don’t pay any attention to him, he is retarded.

    My sweeping generalization is this… Anyone that sees the Paradise Lost movie #1 and believes in Damien Echols innocence on that movie alone, these type of people are self centered douche bags. No other type of person could be capable of seeing that movie and feeling sorry for Damien Echols based on his behavior in that movie.

  9. What I find disturbing about this whole damn thing is that whoever believes, even for one second, that if the state of Arkansas really believed that the WM3 really commited this horrible tragic crime they would ever let them walk out of prison I think are mistaken. Why would you let someone you beleive is even capable of doing this out of prison is beyond me, IDC how many famous peo[ple support them.

      1. Brado, they haven’t served their time. They were sentanced to LIFE +40, LIFE without parole, and DEATH. How is that serving their time? And why would they be let out after 18 years, for no good reason?

    1. That’s the most ignorant and naive thing i’ve ever heard. Pleas happen EVERY DAY, all kinds of pleas, alford pleas, no contest pleas, etc. It’s what state governments do to avoid costly and time consuming trails. Murderers have plead down to a lot less time than the WM3. And what about people who were part of murders/crime syndicates who testify and trail against their cohorts? They’re not doing it just to look cool.

          1. I think you’re confusing me for someone who actually gives a shit about you. Your insults would be laughable if they weren’t so embarassingly ineffective.

            I said I wouldn’t feed the troll, but since you accused me of taking your name I thought I’d try to clear my own, not that you’d ever believe me. I see you prefer to imagine your own people behind the avatars. They must be all related to Hobbs, they must be rednecks, nobody could ever possibly have a different opinion to me! I am Tangier! The smartest 8th grader in the world!

            You’ve probably assumed I come from the same country as you. This may be a confusing concept to grasp, but the internet is global and people from all around the world (including myself) can see you making a dick of yourself. God bless anonymity huh?

            Tangier, I’ve already spent more time than I’d like to on an anal fissure like you. The copycat’s not me. But I’d let him speak for you if I were you, he had more humility in that one sentence than you’ve shown in every one of your numerous, asinine posts.

            Good day.

          2. Besides inane posts like this, have you ever said anything of substance? Is this all you have? You’re some fucking worthless lurker ; wtf, are you the king of the wm3 non’s club? The recording secretary? I can picture you spilling you patty melt on your expansive belly while taking notes.

  10. “Pled guilty” now equals “unsolved.”

    WM3 supporters/murder groupies, defining stupidity and ignorance down with each worthless breath they take.

    1. Tangier, I dispute that – the lack of blood was because the injuries were inflicted post mortem by animals. Hence no blood. Makes sense.

      1. Are you implying the mutilation done to the Byers boy’s genitals was done by an animal? There is no way that makes sense… hate to break it to you.

  11. I´m sorry, but when the worlds elite within forensics etc saying: This cannot be marks from a knife, but from animals post mortem (turtles), are you guys in favor of WM3 guilt still claiming that the work of Gitchell, Fogerman, Peretti stands out as proper police work? And that so called occult-expert dude makes me laugh, because he is nothing more than a superstitious fool with a home made degree. I agree that we can never really know for sure, but for each stone that is turned, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. Throughout the world this case stands out as the prime example of amateur police work, mass hysteria leading to the “occult” and seemingly deliberate manipulation from the police to make the WM3 look guilty.

    At best you can absolutely doubt the question of in fact guilt, but I do not understand for a second how people can look away from the massive investigation the last 10 years and go: Noooo, they got the right men.. Unbelievable.

    If 100 smart guys tells me this and that and provides their view through logic reason, I would rather believe them than just sitting there like a little child that won´t lend you his toy. This is what this “debate” over guilt or not seems like to me. Overwhelming arguments pointing in other directions. Someone wrote something about where there´s smoke there´s usually fire.. That argument definitely goes in both directions. This case is sheer madness.. The Alford Plea made is the meer declaration of “we fucked up”.

    1. You make a good point Jan. Many experts can make compelling claims that the injuries were caused by animal predation and that the Miskelley confession was coerced. But here’s the problem – none of those opinions were challenged in court. Those experts would have to testify their opinions to the jury and been cross-examined by the opposing side. And before they can do that, they would need to convince a judge that they are indeed an expert and that the evidence should be presented to the jury, again with cross-examination from the other side. And after the trial, the inclusion of their testimony would be challenged in appeals court, with rebuttal from the other side.

      Maybe new experts can provide new and better opinions than what was offered in the trials, but until the experts and their opinions are vetted in a court of law, it’s just speculation. A PhD does not give you clairvoyance. And the prosecution will not waste taxpayer money to hire rebuttal experts to dispute the defenses’ claims on a closed case, that’s why prosecutors rarely fight battles in the court of public opinion after a conviction is obtained. The families of the victims will not provide rebuttals because they do not have the money to hire experts nor the influence to present them to the public.

      Whenever I hear an expert make a compelling claim that animal predation caused the injuries or that Miskelley’s confession is coerced, my thought is, “Interesting, I wonder how that would have played out in court?” Same thing with the jury misconduct allegation. Neither the jury foreman or his accuser have commented on the matter; all we have is an affidavit submitted by the defense (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that). I wonder what would have happened if the hearing took place?

      By choosing to plead guilty instead of presenting this at their scheduled hearing, the WM3 ended any chance of these experts testifying.

      1. Correction – I said the Miskelley coercion theory was not challenged in court, what I meant was not challenged in court since Miskelley’s trial. An expert (Richard Ofshe) did in fact testify that the interrogation showed signs of coercion. The jury didn’t buy it.

      2. Well said John.

        Furthermore, if our justice system has proved anything….it is that “experts” will say just about anything when someone has a checkbook open.

        1. Does that include their bogus occult “expert” with the mail order degree who took part in no classes to obtain said “degree”?

      3. John, I see what you are saying, but you are being idealistic. The fact is that the police and the judiciary don’t want to confess to the glaringly obvious mistakes made in the first trial – so the WM3 are never going to get this evidence looked at – the system isn’t fair or ideal.

        It doesn’t mean for a second that the reason it wasn’t heard is because it isn’t good enough.

    2. Just for a little reference, in 1993, forensic pathologits Dr. Peretti was and still is an M.D. I tend to trust these kinds of people’s analysis. ESPECIALLY considering Peretti examined the actual bodies. Werner Spitz simply looked at pictures 17 years later. (p.s. Spitz was paid handsomly by the defense)

  12. Great article by Mr. Blatty. For anyone who knows about the case casually, which i suspect is the majority of the public, this will be quite illuminating.

  13. I’ve read many of the opinions listed here and found many to be enlightening. This is my first post on any site regarding the WM3. I’m a scientist and a degreed chemist. I’ve worked professionally in quantitative, qualitative and organic chemistry. Many of the kids in my grade school classes at Maddox Elementary School were science nuts, so it’s not surprising a few of us ended up in the field. Growing up in WM, I played on the bayou with many of the cops that were involved in this case and attended undergraduate school with one of the prosecutors. It’s fair to say that I have knowledge of this case–there’s not much available for reading that my eyes haven’t seen.

    I was in West Memphis the night of the murders. My mother had prepared what was to be my last birthday cake from her and I made a special trip to see her. The next morning before leaving town, I thought I’d take a drive through the old neighbor just to get a view of the changes. It was 10:00 am. Driving west on Barton beyond Maddox was Weaver Elementary (it wasn’t opened when I was there) where I saw people, police and children. I knew immediately that something was terribly wrong; eight year old kids come home at night; they didn’t. We all know the rest.

    If you think you know exactly what went down that night; you don’t and neither do I. There are details about this case that made the papers and documents that never made print much less saw office lights. For instance, the concentration of surfactants (soap/detergent)in the bayou from the effluent at the Blue Beacon Truck Stop was adequate to wash blood and tissue from clothing and the ditch bank. Had the boys inhaled this water, it would have and should have been seen during the autopsies. It’s small things like this that are perplexing.

    I’m not sure anyone was or ever has been privy to all the details of this case and perhaps never will. However, there is an inner and other circle around a crime of this magnitude and believe the lead investigator was an inner circle member of the first order. Perhaps there were details excluded from court that were seized outside the scope of the search warrant of even more telling, an illegal wiretap. Gitchell and Fogleman weren’t my favorite people in the world, but they were above reproach when it came to prosecuting kids for killing kids. They had kids of their own, felt empathy and believed in the their guilt beyond doubt.

    I’ve waited many years to say this so I’ll say it now: If you’re here to get justice for Michael Moore, Stevey Branch or Christopher Byers, you can leave now. Justice died that night and was never seen again. Justice delayed is justice denied. If you’re here because you KNOW they are guilty or you KNOW they are innocent, then place your bets. Just don’t expect justice; it’s died on my 39th birthday when I went back to my old hometown.

    1. Good points on excluded evidence their having children of their own. While the case was not as strong as they would have liked, leaving those three to roam the W.M. and Marion streets would have been a far greater injustice than any perceived injustice resulting from the trials.
      Do you know who the kid was that Garrett Schwarting called Proffitt? He said Proffitts’s dad owned Delta Ice House.
      Some working the case thought there were a couple of more people involved. Several clearly lied when interviewed. Maybe they were just in on the alibi fix. Some were never interviewed despite attempts to locate them. For instance: http://billingsgazette.com/entertainment/music/new-billings-band-not-shy-about-making-pro-marijuana-statement/article_e490ccd9-daab-57c3-a3f0-4d3593fe6c7e.html. Nice studded wrist band.

  14. I remember watching the first two films and walking away as a supporter for the WM3’s innocence. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that talk of a new hearing peaked an interest in me to revisit the case. This time however I was able to utilize internet for additonal information and discovered there was a host of information films never presented. After pouring through the case, thanks to the wonderful collection at Callahan, I came to the only conclusion that made any sense. The WM3 are guilty and that the few dollars I spent on the case helped release them.

  15. You know what I find kinda fucked up, David? Your FB page has every supporter blocked who has a viewpoint. Why is that?

  16. Full moon tonight. Got a black t-shirt on and reading Steven King. Oooohhhhh. Turn on some Mettalica and we got us a regular Satanic hootenanny!

  17. I suppose you all know that Mike Blatty is Salem’s resident kook, right? An over- caffeinated blowhard known for being able to carry on a conversation with himself?

    1. I don’t know that about him at all.

      I think he’s an intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate man.

      BTW, are you ever going to apologize to him re the Georgetown incident?

  18. Don’t want to leave my name but only want to say guilty or not they were denied a fair trial so therefore justice could not and wasn’t served. Everyone one is entirely capable of having their own opinion, it may or may not be the right one. Please grow up and stop calling childish names. If you are able to back your opinion using facts then let your word’s stand for you, if you feel the need to belittle then no one in there right mind will take you seriously. I believe they are innocent of this crime but see valid reasons why people may think they are not. All the best to Damien, Jason and Jessie hope adapting to this life gets easier.

  19. What a stupid piece of shit website, clearly set up by an in-bred moron without a brain and far too much time on his hands.

  20. Go to google maps and zoom in on street view where the famous dead-end road is leading in the bayou murder site. Scroll down a couple of blocks and you will see three kids on bicycles heading towards the dead-end – at twilight….. chilling

  21. On another note:

    This is a crazy world we live in. Either truth is possible.

    I have seen on many occasions, even on little daily micro-levels, how easily “a group” goes after the wrong guy. Behavioral studies show that people see an “outcome” and will consciously and subconsciously work towards it no matter what contrary information is presented.

    Follow your gut and use your people intelligence and watch all the Jason Baldwin footage you can and forget about that silly Metallica t-shirt image or the darker more confusing characters of Damien and Jesse. Jason is an open book – my character reading tells me he was not a teenage ritualistic child murderer. And even if he was, he would of cracked at the truth years ago. My opinion is, if he didn’t do it, then we no the other “creepy” two didn’t either. That’s where I see the truth – Jason. He was a good kid and today is a good man. I can really see him when I gather all the footage and consider his writings. Maybe this direction would be interesting for others to take when considering this mess.

    1. I’m impressed you can tell Jason is innocent by looking at him. The rest of us saw his Metallica T-Shirt and just figured he was probably guilty.

      No exaggeration at all. There were probably about a million kids over the United States in the early 1990s listening and wearing Metallica T-shirts (including more than one I was friends with).

      The (only reason people think they are guilty is because of Metallica T-shirt defense) is patently absurd and a disgustingly stupid propaganda from the murder groupies.

  22. There are simply bizzare things in this case. The only conclusion I come to is that I am not sure. The evidence wouldn’t be enough to convince me of wm3 guilt. The handling of crime scene was a.mess so was losing potential evidence. On the other hand, documentaries seem one sided as well. It seems both supporters follow same logic for example – supporters dismiss initial witnesses but accept those who implicate Hobbs and nons do vice versa. Considering Echols, yes his personality and medical record can point to him, he is a liar, he does seek attention maybe he even liked to be thought of as someone terrible enough to do that. I had a period in my life when I wanted tobe considered dangerous because I felt helpless about my situation. But then there is Hobbes whose history might be even worse. We have some fibers and some blood but that is not enough, its a push-pull situation.
    What I do think has happened is that the slain boys were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t think it was premeditated and certainly was not ritualistic. Killers were most probably drunk or high. Maybe they just wanted to scare children or teach them lesson. But if kids kicked back, rage kicked in then hitting and then total loss of control. Someone had major vent out.
    It saddens me that not much thought, or media space or anything, is devoted to murdered boys. I just can’t shake the thought of how scared they must’ve been, and how horrible it was to face full blow of human evil at the age of 8. This makes me very sad.

  23. I watched all three HBO documentaries, twice actually (about a year apart). I thought they were really well done, and I was enraged by how obvious it was that the West Memphis Three were innocent, the victims of a town’s witch-hunt at the hands of an overzealous police department. I couldn’t believe that bald sheriff was still saying he was sure of their guilt as late as 2011! What an idiot, right?

    But then, after this most recent time I watched all three Paradise Lost films, just out of curiosity I decided I would listen to Jessie Misskelley’s confession online. About halfway through his first confession (I remember it was during his “1st confession, part 2” on youtube) I just suddenly realized they were guilty. I know that false confessions happen, that under long and intense questioning people just say what they think the police department wants to hear. But that is not what happened in this case. I would plead with the supporters to listen to at least his full first confession (and maybe at least read about his later confession that he gave against his lawyer’s advice because he “wanted something to be done.”)

    It was a crazy moment, when all of my relating-to-Damien-Echols and sympathizing with the just-a-little-kid Jason Baldwin, suddenly burst, deflated, as I listened to those tapes. But the bizarre truth, the final twist of the Paradise Lost documentaries, is that they make you feel like they are exposing the truth when in fact they are obscuring it. Now I am enraged at them, the filmmakers, in the way I used to be enraged at the West Memphis police department and prosecution team.

    1. I watched the movies and came away with the same feeling. After a long illness that made me sit on the Internet reading the evidence all of my feelings changed. It is easy to pick apart evidence, harder to build it. You can have a defense for everything but it doesn’t mean the defense is accurate. Each individual bit of evidence could be dismantled if you’re an excellent lawyer. Heck, a good enough lawyer could argue against evolution and win just by finding the places in the theory they haven’t come up with answers for YET simply by convincing people it is an all or nothing argument, which nothing in life seldom is. Put together the entirety of the evidence and there is quite a lot.

      I also look at “who” they are since being released. Three years ago Echols was not a raging narcissist because he wanted out of jail. Today you’d think he accomplished something other than being released from prison, that he wrote Mozart’s catalog or was a founding member of the Manhattan project. For a man whose past confessions of enjoying Crowley led to being a suspect in a satanic ritual murder, his satanic tattoos seem a very strange and ironic branding of himself.

      The fact that no one seems to find his behavior at all strange or look at the entirety of the evidence, only pieces already ripped through by lawyers seems a bit cultish. You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows and you don’t have to be a Christian to think that a bunch of kids got carried away after a lengthy fixation with the occult. It does happen. Not often, but it does happen. Considering the tattoos of the Process Church and Church of Satan on Echols figure I think its funny that people are still saying it’s just a bunch of hillbillies hysterical about shy Goth kids.

  24. I’m from West Memphis and I have followed this case from the beginning, If you live here then you know how corruption and non existent justice took Damien, Jason, and Jessie’s lives away!! I know Jessie and he was used and tricked into something he didn’t understand. Telling him (after countless hours off harassment and refusing to let him even call his dad as a minor) that if he “helped” them he would collect the $50,000 reward and buy his dad a new truck he needed and that he could go home and never be bothered again. How the hell can you say he confessed?? If I told my 8 year old he would get a wonderful toy if he admitted to something he didn’t do, f course he would “admit” t whatever I said just to get that toy!! The justice system is broken!!! Find the real killers of those little boys and let Damien,Jason, and Jessie try to live their lives the best they can!! Haven’t you done enough by making them innocent victims as well as Stevie, Christopher, and Michael?????????????

  25. Man oh man, noob here, I admit I am actually on the fence….Terry Hobbs was violent, Echolls was violent…..my opinion can be swayed but some of you are obviously entrenched in Republican vs. Democrat….as a Canadian it just pops out to me, sorry oot. I just don’t think calling people meth addicts and such adds anything. Living in Toronto, this case kinda reminds me of the late boxer Hurricane Carter. I do have concerns about Echolls confessing to some girls at a baseball game.

    1. Excellent point with the “name calling” stuff. It does get a bit ridiculous!

      The claims that Echols was overheard at a Soft Ball game by young girls is almost irrelevant. It is yet another example out of many where someone heard someone else say something, but later was accused of making up the story. There is so much of that kind of thing in this case that it has become surreal to me. Sometimes, I wonder if any of this actually happened. The discrepancies and false information are so overwhelming that I don’t know who is actually telling the truth about anything.

      Damien’s manipulative mind and eerie behavior suggest to me that he would be the kind of person to brag about something like that. However, would he say something that shocking because he truly was the killer or would he take credit for something horrific in an attempt to make himself look like a bad-ass spook and gain some attention (even though he was not involved)?

  26. Defendants in criminal cases get railroaded all the time in this country.That is a fact.
    It’s called prosecutorial misconduct. D.A.’s play to win. They are not interested in finding the truth. They are judged by win/loss records, just like boxers. The more you win, the better chances of advancing your career.
    Judges are supposed to be unbiased. But everyone knows they are not .Fact.

  27. Its assumed that the Arkansas state authorities know all about these “facts and documented evidence” that is sooo overwheleming. But, armed with this “knowledge”, they chose not to grant Damien & crew a new trial. They could of told the wm3;”Screw you, Damien & your Hollywood lawyers, BRING IT ON. You can ask for 10 new trials and we will still sink you.”
    But they did’nt. Ask yourself :why was that?
    No. They chickened out, lost thier backbone and came with an Alford plea.

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